I’m going to write my review here THIS CONTAIN SPOILER / SPOILER ALERT. This is the first french movie I ever watch. I’m learning french now. and After watch this movie, I think it’s really difficult hahah. But I will still learn it, it’s fun 🙂 I’m watching this is part of my self learning  xD

This movie is kinda dark romantic. or even not romantic at all, it’s more to a sad tragedy movie. The title is Jeux d’enfant, which is means Child’s Game, another English title is “Love me if you dare” with “La Vie en Rose” as the soundtrack. La vie en rose means “The life in pink“, it’s really a nice old love song in french. You can find many music box with this song lately, Christmas is coming to town.


The story start with the friendship between a young girl and young boy, through a dare game. So the rule is passing a cute can and say the thing you ask the person you pass the can, do they dare or not doing specific things, “cap ou pas cap?“, which literally means “are youimages capable or are you not capable?“, then if you take the challenge you will answer “GAME!“, then you will do the exact thing mentioned.

SO those little kids, are playing that game until they growing up without noticing that actually both of them are falling for each other, but too much ego to even realize their own feelings.


There are 2 time jump in this story. One is 4 years, and then 10 years.


Teenage Love

The girl is the one who realize her feeling first, but afraid to say. She couldn’t keep it and tell him, they share some kiss but he treat her like a game. The guy loses his chance once on their teenage time. He should be running and grab the girl when she walks away. They put the game 4 years not gonna see each other again, cap ou pas cap, and they game it. This is the part that I don’t actually understand, the really determined the game, 4 years mentioned and they really wait for 4 years… geez…


Image3After 4 years passed, the guy come to the girl. the girl  who still in love with him even after 4 years. Then again another childishness, he put another game to hurt her, just exactly like what she said 4 years ago. He actually show her that he could hurt her. And she revenge him by ruining his marriage on the church by passing the can to him right in front of the altar, “to say no, on the church

after the wedding incident, they put the 10 years not seeing each other again, and game it. (and they did not see each other for 10 years geez… what a waste of time.)


So the time jump to another 10 years later. Both of them are married to another person, the guy has 2 little kids and a beautiful wife. Living a normal life. But he doesn’t look happy. There’s no excitement in his life.

And the girl is married to a national football player, have a big house, rich and lovely husband, but just same as him. She doesn’t look happy either. Something is just missing in their normal life.

And she started the childish game again. The ending was kinda confusing because, in the end both of them ditching their own spouse just to get to be together and buried themselves in a cement for an eternal love.

It’s a weird ending indeed. In the end, they show us the probability of happiness if only they choose to throw their ego away, once is when they’re teenager, when she told him that she loves him. Another one when he showed up after 4 years, it could be a nice closure, if he didn’t childish put a proposing joke to her. But after 10 years, and all of them already married, it’s just too late to adjust anything.



This movie is showing us that we should cherish the right moment in this life. That your ego won’t do anything good. Be honest to your feelings is maybe the best thing, even if maybe it’s just an unrequited love.

I’m not on the shoes to say this because I actually a fox in sheep costume. I don’t want to ended up miserable like in the movie.


I wonder which part of this movie that goes wrong?

Maybe she shouldn’t tell him that she loves him? or maybe she shouldn’t fall for him in the first place? (as if she can undo it) But what can she do? Falling for him is against her own will too…

Haha It’s been a long time since the last time I translate a song, I’m back!!Recently I’m back to jdorama world because I’ve been hooked up real bad into this new Jdorama currently airing on FujiTV (Next Monday is the 7th episode) starring Yamapi and Ishihara Satomi, both of them got the chemistry sizzling in the air like awesome OTP. It’s actually from a manga, but it’s not the live action because the story is totally different (you don’t know how I hate the female lead in the manga) but this drama is totally brand new story with same character, and more pleasant to watch. Actually I feel bad to my pillow everytime I watch this drama because I squeeze them so hard xD~

It’s a story about a Monk who’s in love with this girl name Junko, and see his effort to gain her love. Why monk chasing a girl? Because actually some Buddhist allow their Monk/Priest to get married. (Did I ever tell you? I am a Nichiren Buddhist when I was kid, following my mom before I turned into deist when I grow up 😀 Nichiren Buddhism also allow their monk to get married and have kids ;). And OF COURSE the monk outfit just fit him right, oh my… I love him in that outfit!!! xD~ *fangirlingalloveragain* And currently this song is actually linger on my head from time to time


クリスマスソング (Christmas Song)
By : Back Number

OST of 5時から9時まで : 私に恋したイケメンすぎるお坊さん
(5-ji Kara 9-ji Made : Watashi ni Koi Shita Ikemen Sugiru Obousan)

This track been released on iTunes at Nov 19th 2015,
so you can buy the song to support the artist.


らしくない言葉が浮かんで 寒さが心地よくて
あれ なんで恋なんかしてんだろう

いいよ そんなこと自分で分かってるよ

いや 羨ましくなんてないけど
星に願いをなんてさ 柄じゃないけど

出会って ただそれだけで



Lyrics Romanization

Capo on 2nd Fret

Intro :
D    A/C#     C     Bm       E     A
D    E            G     D/F#    E     A
D    E            G     D/F#    E     A

G                                          D
Doko ka de kane ga natte
G                                        D
Rashikunai kotoba ga ukande
G                                            D    E
Samusa ga kokochiyokute
G                          A                          D
Are nande koi nanka shitendarou

Bm                   A          G                 D
Seiyada nanda to kurikaesu uta to
Bm                     E            G                           A      N.C
Wazato rashiku kirameku machi no sei kana

Aitai to omou kaisuu ga
Aenai to itai kono mune ga
Bm                                                   E
Kimi no koto dou omou ga oshieyou to shiteru
G                                            D             E
Iiyo sonna koto jibun de wakatteruyo
G                                                     A
santa to yara ni tanonde mo shikatanai yo na
Dekireba yoko ni ite hoshikute
Doko ni mo ittemo hoshikunakute
BM                                                       E
Boku no koto dake wo zutto kangaeteite hoshii
G                                                D                           E
Demo konna koto tsutaetara kakkou warui shi
Nagaku naru dake dakara matomeruyo
Kimi ga suki da

D     E     G     D/F#     E     A

G                                   D
hashagu koibitotachi wa
G                                               D
Tonakai no tsuno nanka hayashite
G                            D              E
Yoku hitomae de dekiru naa
G                                 A                        D
Iya urayamashikute nante nai kedo
Bm                    A             G                        D
Kimi ga yorokobu purezento tte nandarou
Bm                E               G         A                 N.C
Boku dake ga agerareru mono tte nandarou
Daisuki da to itta henji ga
Omotte ita no to wa chigatte mo
Bm E
Sore dakede kirai nante nareyashinai kara
G                                              D              E
Hoshi ni negai wo nante sa gara janai kedo
Kekkyoku kimi janai to iya nandatte
A                      D


Bm                             E
Ano toki kimi ni deatte tada sore dakede
G                                                               A                         G D/F# E
Jibun no shiranakatta jibun ga tsugi kara tsugi ni
Aitai to mainichi omottete
Sore wo kimi ni shitte hoshikute
Bm                                                 E
sure chigau hitogomi ni kimi wo sagashiteiru
G                                                   D                       E
Konna hi mo hoka no dareka to waratteru kana
G                                 A                               N.C
Mune no oku no oku ga kurushiku naru

Dekireba yoko ni ite hoshikute
Doko ni mo itte mo hoshikunakute
Bm                                                        E
Boku no koto dake wo zutto kangaeteite hoshii
G                                                      D                        E
Yappari konna koto tsutaetara kakkou waruishi
Nagakunaru dake dakara matomeruyo
A                      Bm      E
Kimi ga suki da
Kikoeru made nando datte iu yo
A                                 N.C
Kimi ga suki da

D      E    G     D/F#       E    A
D      E    G     D/F#       E    A

English Translation

There’s a ringing bell somewhere
Unfamiliar words was floating around
The cold breeze is somehow feels good
Huh? Is this what a “Love” can do

Christmas eve song was repeated all over
Everything is strangely sparkling, is it because of the town?

Keep missing you
This heart is hurt when I cant see you
I want to tell you how I feel about you
But it’s okay, I know myself
Even I ask Santa, it can’t be help
I want you to be by my side
I don’t want you to be anywhere else
I want you to keep thinking only about me
But if I tell you something like this, it’s not cool at all
It’ll be long so I’ll sum it up
I love you

The playful couples
Wearing a red nose reindeer just too soon
They surely can do it in public
Well, it’s not that I’m jealous
I wonder what present will make you glad
The present that only I can give you
Even your answer when I say “I really love you” is…
Different from what I think it would be
I wont hate you just because of that
It’s just my wish upon a star, I’m not that kind of person (who wishing upon a star) though
But in the end, I can’t if it’s not you
Looking up

That day when I met you was just like that
I didn’t realized it myself until then
I miss you everyday
And I want to know more about you
And looking for you out of many people
On a day like this wonder if you’re laughing with somebody else
My heart keep getting hurts

If I could I want you to be by my side
I don’t want you to be anywhere else
I want you to keep thinking only about me
As I thought to tell you something like this is not cool at all.
It’ll be long so I’ll sum it up
I love you
I can repeat it until you hear it
I love you

Lyrics Romanization & English Translation by aikawaringo
QC : ハトさん
For detail Guitar Chord please visit : http://www.ufret.jp/song.php?data=27678

Please give a proper credit if you going to used it anywhere.
Thanks for jumping into my page!

My Dear Friend Vee

Today I found out that God took my friend away again. And the most things makes me feel miserable is that I found it out after 40 days… I received a message through his whatsapp but actually was sent by his family, broadcast about the praying schedule 40 days after death.

He’s a very good friend of mine. His name is Vee, I used to call him Vee-kun. We met through a mailing list for japan-anime fans when we’re still very young, around 18 yo or so, and we use to go to a lot of Japanese Cosplay and anime event in town. I still remember the last time we were talk, he said that he wants to go to japan with me someday. Never thought that, that word would never accomplish anymore. I didn’t even know that he was sick… I feel truly bad… I feel empty.

Dear God, please take a good care of him

Bad news for me, today I got a call from my mom telling me that her refrigerator is deceased (maybe due to the blackout we had yesterday, sigh… God damn electricity!!) which is means that I should buy a new one. Well we can’t life without one, my mom use to cook a lot of food, making many dessert also juice for us, yeap she need it. And I’m just trying to fulfill my bucket list number 2. 😉

I ask my brother to borrow his card because his card got more discount on a specific dept store. But he’s working until 8pm. I told him I’ll go looking around for pros and cons of the refrigerator, so that when he arrive, he can just use the card to pay, so there’s no wasting of time.

My old Toshiba refrigerator is deceased after 4 years I bought it exactly at November 2011. I write it down on my blog, how sad I am at that time hahaha I use all my bonus for that :(. 4 years means that only 1 year after the warranty. But this time, I bought a 10 year warranty Samsung refrigerator. Well I really hope it would last that long.

But something terrible happen… He went to a wrong location of the dept store (LOL they got many branches). It’s really funny because I already get the invoice so he won’t waste times to look around. The problem solve by me took picture of the invoice and told him to get the same item on that dept store, Since it’s still in a same branch they got the same item.

And then I went to that dept store to get the receipt from him (I need this receipt when they send the item to my house), and he said “what a day,I’m traveling all over the place just to bought this refrigerator” hahaha. Yes we are. I’m glad that even after he married and has a cute daughter, he still my brother whom also like a best friend to me. It’s always a pleasure to be able to have a chit chat with him.

I should forget about wanting to buy a new smartphone for myself. I think I need to use this phone for a few more couple of years until I’m financially stable. Well I can’t ask my bro to be part of it since he already had his own household to take care.

Sometimes I think God maybe just pinch me a bit, to remind me that

Hey! You’re playing too much hahahah.

Dear my phone Notu, please be nice! I love you! mwachhh!! (I bought Notu a new tempered glass, he looks awesome now  :D) Yesh his name is Notu, my 3yo Smartphone,he’s not as old as Pablo though…!!

Gotham Season 1

This is what I’m doing these day, watching Gotham Season 1 (they currently airing the 2nd season), improving my french and working for my craft collaboration project with my friend, out of our hobby.

Honestly I enjoy Gotham  more than I enjoy Daredevil. It’s surprisingly great, I was underestimated it at first. Well both of them has their own pros and cons, Daredevil has a good action vibe, and Gotham got less action, just bang bang the gun – got shot then bleeding. But I like how Gotham developing each of their character in every episode, and they got so many interesting character to be developed. I’m looking forward to it. And how they turn that handsome guy to be PENGUIN!!! Arghhh, but it’s okay, he’s still handsome in everyway even if he’s psychotic hahaha. And that enigma, I like him, been wondering why people around him treat him badly like that arghhhh,I can’t stand it!!! =.= (please ignore my rant hahah).

You know that a film is good when you want to press next button before the credits even ended hahaha, means that you want to see more and more, you got curious about what is going to happen in the next episode. So you just find yourself can’t stop watching it haha.

And the eye-candy in this series is….

david-mazouz-gotham-bruce-wayneHe’s David Mazouz the cast of Little Bruce Wayne in Gotham. I swoon over him, I think I caught some pedophile syndrome muahahahah I feel real bad :)). And I really like his scene, I love how they insert his scene here and there anywhere in the series hehehe…

How can I love to see his scene than the male lead Jim Gordon?!!!

I hope to see him more in the future, he will grow up handsomely. 😉

People Come And Go

Ever heard about this phrase, that people come and go? Yes, that’s right that people come and go.

You just need to grab their hand before they go.

Try stay in touch with your friend is not a bad thing to do. Perhaps sending a text saying “Hey how are you doing?” is also good. And if they didn’t grab back your hand, It’s okay, at least you have been reaching out your hand for them, life is go on. Make new friends. Make yourself available when they’re hangout. If they don’t ask you to hangout, why don’t you ask them to? by saying “hey there are midnight sale, let’s go shopping” or perhaps there’s a new restaurant open, ask them “Hey, let’s try the new restaurant near that corner street! Ladies night!”

I used to be alone, been single for 7 years, single for 7 years but not lonely because of them. I always try to be available when they asking for hangout, even I’m late. sitting down and chit chat with coffee or have a drink/two is fine. Even I don’t like gossiping, was trying so hard to listen to their gossip, and try laughing along with them, well I can keep it up, not everyday though. In fact, their presence are precious to me.

And remember don’t ditch your friend away once you hook with a guy. You’re dating and breakup. but friends always there. I’ve been through it, and me who can stay happy as I am right now is thanks to them. So make yourself equally available, so you don’t feel empty once you break up with your bf, because you still have your friend around, hugging you and said “It’s okay! Let’s have some fun.”. Life is not over yet, indeed.

Have a nice day!

When this society is sick and all the sincerity is going to vanish.


Suddenly I remember one of my friend when I read this. She said that she only remember all the people who gave her wedding money (in red envelope) with a huge amount and judge people who gave less.

I didn’t say the person who had $200 but only give $20 means they didn’t sincere. But please to see even a $10 as a sincerity, and don’t look down on them.

When did such amount of money become a measure for people’s sincerity? I hope this society can be healed someday. And I hope this diary can slap me hard if I turn into one of them.

Have a nice day! 😀