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I think my life is like a drama.
Not only my life, but everyone in this world are the main lead of their own life drama.
Since it’s our life drama, why don’t you make it interesting?

The Drama Title : My Life
Genre : Human Drama (because I’m a human lol)
Episodes : TBA ( To Be Announced – depend on rating, going to extend it if the story interesting, and will cut-off it if got a crappy story, how to cut-off it? Suicide maybe?-lol)
Me (of course I’m the female lead),
the male lead still unknown atm).
Extended Cast : people around me (lol)
Script writer : God
Synopsis :
This is a documentary movie of a woman who was born in a small family in a small house. Nothing special since the plot still undone lol…

PS: I think no one would watch this kind of drama :))

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It’s strangely but it’s truth, that the first song that I translated is Japanese Song Time of Love 』by Crystal Kay, and the first drama I working on subbing squad (as spot translator) is  『Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011, LOL, It’s all japanese xD Even if I counted it all, the number of korean song I translated is more than the Japanese ahahaha.

And this time I was assigned to be spot translator for lovely movie 『キミとボク』 (Kimi to Boku a.k.a You and I). This is why I love J-Movie and J-Drama, because they make an unusual story. It’s a movie about the pet (super cute cat) and the owner, no romance, no action, it’s purely about the pet and the master. We are going to provide the English subs for this 45 minutes Movie, the English subs is available now but the fansub’s site is currently down.

Lyrics & Translation of the ending song in the movie

Tegami / Letter (click here to listen)
Sung by Sakamoto Maaya

kimi to boku no suki datta mono popura to mikazuki
The things that you and I like is Poplar and crescent moon

natsu no kumo to ame agari no nioi
The Summer cloud and smells after rain

eien yori mo nagai aida
Longer than forever

futari wa soba ni ita
We were always together

tada hito koto kimi ni mata todoku no nara
If only this word still can reach you

ai wo arigatou
Thanks for the love

boku no kodoku ni sawattekureta hito
The person who moved my solitude

kimi to boku no suki datta mono poppera to mikazuki
The things that you and I like is Poplar and crescent moon

Kanji Lyrics, romanization & Translation : aikawaringo

PS: This lyric’s kanji and romanization was made by my hearing ability and my japanese knowledges, so it might not 100% accurate xD.

Here’s the cute cat, named “Gin’ougo”, he’s superrrrr cute, I’d like to squeeze my PC when I watch him on screen omygahhhh >_<

Mom, I want this cattttttt so badddd!!!
(my Mom didn’t allow me to raise kitten T__T)

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Today I saw an incredible things.
It’s not that incredible actually it’s a normal phenomenon, lol.

Today, at 12 AM, I look through the window.
And there’s a fox rain, falling slowly, with the sun still shining…
The road is all wet…
There are so many drop of water at the window and,
The cars parked down there is all wet,
There’s a fallen tree near the river, it might be the works of the strong wind.
Then later, the sun is hiding behind the clouds.

I get back to my seat for a moment.
And when I look at the window again.
Strangely but real, there are no sign it ever rain there…
The window is dry, there are nothing any drops of rain on it.
Even the car parked down there, all is dry.
The road too, it was dry like it never rain!

I was like dreaming…
Am I gone crazy?
I really saw the fox rain!
One thing that still remain is, the fallen tree beside the river…

Logical explanation :
The sun is shining strongly to this earth, so the wet road, the wet window, and the wet car parked there, get dry fast, it’s just take a moment for those things to get dried.
It’s GLOBAL WARMING!!! Muahahaha~

Aw… Sorry for jumping into my nonsense 😀

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Have you ever gambling?

It’s not about gamble by bet your money on it,
But gamble your life in order to pick a choice.
Actually, I’m only doing this if I’m kinda desperate (It ‘s my old habit -lol-)

For example:

While I’m waiting for a bus on the bus stop,
I was like running out of time or I’m in a hurry, then I’d like to gamble

If the bus come before the cab then I will take the bus,
But if the cab comes before the bus, I will take the cab.

Haha, in this case, I hope the bus comes before the cab,
So I don’t need to spend so much money for taxi fare -lol-

Another gamble is…

When I’m going to buy a pair of shoes,
Usually if they run out of stock they would sell the one on the display-.

If the shoes run out of stock then I wouldn’t buy it..
But if there’s a stock, I will buy it 😉

About this one, I wish the shoes is not running out of stock,
But if it did, then it means I’m not meant together with the shoes -LOL-

Another Happiness

But Today’s Gamble is…

If he appeared in front of me tonight, I will give him another chance to chase me,
But if he didn’t, I will stop, move forward, and forget about him… (It wouldn’t be easy)

Even I said it’s a gamble, in fact, I want to give him a chance, but I’m desperate. So I let God settle this.

I’m sitting on the bus stop,
I wish he really come…
(It’s randomly; we are not in an appointment)
If he didn’t appeared then I will just take the bus…and go home…it was around 9:30 PM,

But again, he appeared!
He said he was there for another appointment since evening…
(Is it coincidence?) Whatever it is, I’m happy 😉
He drives me home after having dinner with me…

I think it means that God wants me to give him another chance ahaha…
You wouldn’t know how happy I am…
It feels like God grant my wish again… 😉

Thanks for jump jump around here 😀

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Nobody’s Perfect

I know nobody’s perfect.

I’m such an idealist person, the world in my eyes can be so perfect, and so the human who live within it. I know that’s no good. But yeah I’m still hoping something like that, but in fact, everything just gone disappoint me in the end.

If you met a guy, and had a crush on him, then you definitely fall for his appearance, because you haven’t know his personality. So it’s about you had a crush on him and you want to know more about him.

I have a guy that I had crush on for a very long time. I will admit it that his appearance is my ideal type. I even wrote it on my blog, Wish to the God, so that Guy could be mine. Then the very kind hearted God grant my wish. God gave us a string.

But appearance is not everything.

We get close, but the more I know him, the more I doubt my self.
How come in the earth, he got the most I hate personalities in this world?
I keep asking myself, do I really like him in the first place?

I’m the one who had a crush on him first, if I truly love him, then I can accept all of his personalities, all of his bad habit. I’m still trying to. That here in this world, there’s no such a perfect guy I ever dreamed. That it’s all just my naïve way of thinking.

I hate every guy who likes a woman over her beauty.
(It’s not “hate” actually, just “dislikes”.) 😐

But my mom said,

“Every guy in this world likes beautiful woman.”

Even my mom said that, even my mom discouraged me, disappointed me…

If a guy likes me because my beauty or my slim body, I’m afraid, afraid that one day if my beauty is fading away, and my body becomes fat, then he would left me to another beautiful sexier woman. Just like Ondine’s Curse Story.


Ondine’s Curse

Ondine was a nymph, a water goddess. She was very beautiful and, like all nymphs, immortal. However, should she fall in love with a mortal man and bear his child, she will begin to age like a mortal woman,

Nonetheless, when Ondine saw the knight, Sir Lawrence, she was fall in love and began to watch for him on his daily walks. When the knight noticed her, he was taken by her incredible beauty and came back frequently to try to get a glimpse of her again.

Eventually they talked and fell in love. He broke his engagement with the young noblewoman Berta and, in time, convinced Ondine to marry him. When they exchanged their wedding oaths, he vowed that “My every waking breath shall be my pledge of love and faithfulness to you.”

But it was not to be.

The following year Ondine gave birth to their son. From that moment on, her beauty began to fade, her body suddenly susceptible to the effects of age. As her youthful attractiveness gave way to a more mature beauty, the knight’s eye began to wander to the younger women he met at court.

One fateful day Ondine was out walking on their estate when she heard the sound of  her husband familiar snoring. Planning to take him back home so he could finish his nap, the amused Ondine entered the stables to wake him.

The scene she encountered filled her with great sorrow. Discarded garments littered the floor and her beloved husband lay sleeping in the haystack, his arms wrapped around his former fianceé Berta. Having sacrificed her immortality for this man, she was filled with anger and regret.

Kicking her sleeping husband, she woke him and uttered her curse. “You pledged faithfulness to me with your every waking breath and I accepted that pledge. So be it. For as long as you are awake, you shall breathe. But should you ever fall into sleep, that breath will desert you.”

Ondine still retained some of her magic . . . enough to make the curse come true. And so it was. Her husband would never sleep again.

I don’t want to curse the guy I love like this… 😦


Can’t they think this way?

That if you got a wife, who becomes more beautiful each day, then it’s a jackpot, it’s a bonus! But if you got a wife who her beauty faded or gain more fat each day then it’s okay, because you love her not because she’s beautiful, you love her because the way she is, as a person.

This kind of think that makes me afraid to take one step forward, I’m stuck on my last step.

I know not every guy in this world are likely Ondine’s Hubby...
Envy Them

Whenever I walking on the street, and seeing a couple, with the woman so fat, or ugly duckling, but they still have someone who love her walking beside her, I’m so touched, isn’t it wonderful? They are lucky to have that kind of guy beside them isn’t it? I envy them.

And I’m asking myself,

Will he still love me if I turn to be fat and ugly?

*sighing* 😦

I’m just want to have a guy, who will think that I’m beautiful even I’m not beautiful, is that too much?

Do all women in this world having this kind of thought?

Sorry for jumping into this post 😦

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Story of Yue Yue…

Yue Yue is a little girl who got into accident in the middle road, being hit by 2 passing cars, and ignored by 18 people who just walked away like nothing happened. (More details about the accident : 1 | 2)

This below are one comment who is catching my eye, because yeah it’s true.

Just yesterday, My dad told me that when he was in the middle of road, he saw a guy jumping off from his motorcycle (he was on the back), trying to catch a gadget which was dropped from another guy who is riding motorcycle too. he jump-off and grab it, then he shouted “I got BLACKBERRY!!!”, Gosh I wonder what happen to this world. Idk what happen to the guy who dropped his gadget, maybe he’ll found out later =_=

This world is rotten…

Okay back to topic…
It was a very heartbreaking seeing those videos and reading all of the articles, I personally cry when I see this videos. I have a little baby niece, and I don’t think I could just walked away after seeing a bloody 2 years old little baby struggle in the middle of the road.  I show this video to my mom, she was  so shocked and said,

What happen to these people?! Why they didn’t helped her?!

Yes, you’re right mom, that’s the question. They may have their own reasons, that I (or maybe “We”) wouldn’t understand the way they’re thinking. Then my mom said,

Where’s God at that time…
Why God didn’t help her…
God can just blow those cars away so the car cannot hit her…

Okay, about this one, I don’t really know what the best answer. There are too many “maybe” if I answer it… means that’s all only a guess (not brand name).

My mom told me, never have your eyes run-off sight from your baby. Baby is just a baby, they have so many things to be curious about, and will just running around nowhere when they had a chance. So as the parent, we should always keep them in our sight. This accident happen to Yue Yue just around 6-10 minutes out off sight from her mother’s eyes.

If only…

If only her mom didn’t loose the sight of her, this accident might not be happened,
If only the 1st car driver jump-off from his car and help her, she could be saved…
If only the 1st person who passing help her, she might didn’t get hit twice…
There are too many “If”…

Can’t we just open our heart, It’s okay even we are got some trouble, but you could save a life… I really hope this kind of tragic accident won’t happen in any future. Yue Yue is enough to knock out our ice-heart, all for one, and one for all. We can live by holding hands together. Keep the bond, this life can be beautiful.

She’s just an innocent little baby, a little baby who doesn’t know anything about this world. I think this world is too rotten for her to stay…So Good took her away, and take a good care of her from now on.

Rest In Peace Yue Yue, God surely will give you a great life in your next life 😉

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공주의 남자 (The Princess’ Man) Quotes Collection

“정”이란 대체 뭐 아시냐?
세상을 향이 묻습니다
나는 대답 할 것입니다
우리를 하야금 아무런 망설임 도 없이
삼과 죽음을 서로 허락하는거
그것이 바로 “정” 이라고

Romanization :
“Jeong”-iran daeche mwo asinya?
Sesangeul hyang-i mudseumnida
Naneun daedabhalgeosimnida
Urireul hayageum amureon mangseorim do eobsi
Samgwa jugeumeul seoro heorakhaneungeo
Geugeosi baro “Jeong”-irago.
Translation :
What on earth is “Love”?
I ask the World.
And I will answer…
That which make us unhesitatingly
Grant life and death to each other
That is what “Love” is.
~Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 07 (00:20:25 Hanrel)~
Note: “Jeong” can be Affection / Love
김승유 : 어디로 가는지 묻지 도 안했어?
이세령 : 어디든 상관 없습니다.
Romanization :
Kim Seung Yoo : eodiro ganeunji mudji do anhaesseo?
Lee Se Ryung : eodideun sanggwan eobseumnida.
Translation :
Kim Seung Yoo : Why are you not even asking where we are going?
Lee Se Ryung : I will follow you, wherever you may go.
~Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 21 (00:34:33 Hanrel)~
김승요 : 날 따라 면, 더 어문 고생 길이요…
이세령 : 저승 길이어도… 좋습니다.
Romanization :
Kim Seung Yoo : nal ttara myeon, deo eomun gosaeng giriyo…
Lee Se Ryung : jeoseung girieodo… Johseumnida.
Translation :
Kim Seung Yoo : If you follow me, there will be an endless road of hardship…
Lee Se Ryung : Even if it’s a road to death… I will still follow you.
Quotes : 공주의 남자 Ep. 21 (00:37:29 Hanrel)~

PS :
This quotes was made according my hearing ability -LOL-
The “red word” means I’m not really sure. (Please tell me if you know the exact word) 😀

~To be continued~

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Hehe… for me The Song goes to….

Lee Seung Gi with his song “Will You Marry Me” 😀

I really want to be proposed with this song –LOL Dream on– xD~

I love how each lyrics of this song are very meaningful, including the rap lyrics and so how the cheerful melody. Sounds like the guy is really will love and take care of the woman very dearly… Even though maybe it’s sounds a bit filled with cheesy lines (woman likes cheesy lines ehehehe~), and too much promises, but still It’s a great song for me 😉

You don’t need to be cheesy when you’re dating, but you can be cheesy when you’re proposing muahahaha~

Well, It’s about life, It’s proposing, and The guy is going to do this once in a life time right? so it’s okay to be cheesy, and don’t be embarrassed. The Guy need to convince the woman, so a promise should be made. That’s why this song is a perfect song for this moment hehehe  😉

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It’s Still on 11-10-09 ,

There’s a sad and happy things happen today. The sad thing is, I cannot met my niece at her 9th month today. But the happy thing is, someone ask me out.

Without I realize it, every weekend I’m going out with him. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not. Actually I’m afraid, afraid that keep spending weekend with him will be my habit, then if one day we are not spending weekend together, I will feel empty or I loose something. I hope I wouldn’t be like that…

Like always, It’s Sunday. We are heading to Church. After the mass done. He took me to eat lunch, we talking so much and I get to know him more. Then he took me to a Bird Park. I think he remember what I said last night…

Last night is Saturday night, and I was with him too. I told him that instead walking inside the building, I like to walking outside, so I can see trees and sky.

“Is that why he took me to a Bird Park?”

(Okay, this is what Alex said in “He’s Just Not That Into You“, that woman build up stuff in their minds, take each little thing a guy does, and then twist it into something LOL), Oh I don’t want to get delusion 😦 I’ve noted that on my mind, but still…

I really like walking outside, there are so many trees there in the Bird Park, and of course so many kind of Birds there. He took some photos with his cellphone, and he ask me to took photo together too. I don’t know why he want’s to take photo with me, but because I don’t have enough courage to ask him to take some pic with me (I’m actually shy >_<) I was really happy. He keep taking my pics, when I’m not ready for being shot *crap* -LOL-, and it’s all turn out to be ugly photos T________T

I took some photos of the birds :

  1. -Introducing Philip-

    Actually a few days ago, I got into Hogwarts,and was sorted to be Gryffindor (Yayyy~!!!) And this is my owl named Philip, he is a distant relatives of Hedwig -LOL- (okay, okay, I’m not crazy yet…!!!)

  2. Kissing Bird *blussshhhhh*

    Even birds are lovely 😀

  3. Beautifull Parrot & Peacock

I was really having a good time today. Maybe that’s what people called “Happiness”. Even a really small thing that make us smile, it’s happiness.

My mom ever ask me, what I’m praying at the Church all the time, I ask God for “Happiness”. I know it’s unshaped, and easily tore apart. It’s not happiness if it’s not just a slight delight. You can easily be happy, but easily become sad and crying too, then a small things makes you smile again. It’s repeated again and again, that’s happiness for me…

I’m just hoping that this kind of happiness can be eternally, so that I can keep feel this way 😉

There’s a song “Eternally” sung by Utada Hikaru

The song is a lovely song, it’s a song that wishing the time when their eyes staring each other can be stop and eternally, what a lovely song…

English Translation

In front of me, you’re shining
I can’t see around me
Where are we?

Among the noisy landscape,
which not disappear yet.
I can’t hear anything.
But I can feel your breath

Due to this surprising outcome,
oh oh I still hope.

I wanna be here eternally
Like this, I want to stare at you.
I can feel you close to me
I can’t be without forever.
Only this moment , please be eternally.

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What a day… Today is… Err…

It’s Sunday, on 2011 October 9th (it’s 11-10-09!!)

1. The 9th Month Audrey

She’s 9 months now… She become more cute each day…

Look at her smile, I feel like to squeeze her everytime I saw this pic!!! >_<

2. My Blog Anniversary

Yeah, that’s right, the day I create this blog is today but one year ago on October 9th. The reason I make this blog is, where I can put down all my mind and memories that remains in me. Because in fact, I got a pretty bad memories, so in every happy, sad or any other precious moment to be remember, I would like to write it down each scene that I’ve been through. I don’t want to forget it, I want to remember all of them, that’s why this blog was made. And I’m glad, that I still writing this blog even now and it’s been one year. 😉

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