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History prefers legends to men. It prefers nobility to brutality, soaring speeches to wild deeds. History remembers the battle, but forgets the blood. However history remembers me before I was a President, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth.” This story devotes itself to telling us the rest of “the truth.

Okay, I’m hooked on another Tim Burton’s Movie (again!). This time it’s a fiction of Abraham Lincoln, “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter”.

Actually when the 1st time I saw the trailer of this movie, I was like…

“is he Benedict Cumberbacth???”

I mean the guy who cast, because in the trailer that I watched the movie doesn’t really show his face, and the hair was like Benedict Cumberbacth’s hair in Sherlock Holmes TV Series (LOL). After saw the poster I was convinced that it wasn’t Benedict Cumberbatch. 😀

Then I was like…

wait…wait… Abraham Lincoln?!  isn’t he… … … Mr. President??” :O

I’m so excited how they gonna twist the story. And today I was amazed about what they have done, this movie is GREAT! (for me, haha personal taste~).

They twist the story, but still go along with the history. They just inserted some part, the twist part of course to make the movie more excited to be watched, especially the action part. I’m crazy over the action part, LOL they’re all OVERPOWER human!! And the train-fight part! Gosh he’s 50 already! Since it’s a fiction, I’ll just let it slide and enjoy the ride. I love the bloody action, especially Tim Burton’s bloody action hahaha, the way the blood spread everywhere and how the part of body getting slashed… OH I REALLY LOVE that!!!

The Fact and The Twist

For example “Henry” (maybe) doesn’t really exist (since he’s vampire).  And of course the other vampire.

Nancy Lincoln

Abraham’s mother is really died at 1818 (you can see it on the tomb), but of course she died not because getting bite by vampire, but disease (milk sickness).


Abraham Lincoln is married with Mary Todd and having a child (the third one) named Willie who died at his 11 are still according the history. They twist the way Willie died by getting bite by the female vampire, in fact he was died because of typhoid fever.

Last Scene

The last part of the movie when he going to attend the theater with his wife, Mary. Henry offered him immortality but he refuses it. The fact that Abraham Lincoln got assassinated by getting shot at the head in an extremely close range, point blank, at the theater. But in the movie, they only show that he get in the cab going to theater. I wonder if  it’s on that day…

The Negative Review

I’m sure the negative review is come from old-fashioned people, okay no offense. But Oh come on? It’s just a movie, a fiction movie with a slightest twist about historical character. Do you realize how many people want to know about the real history of Abraham Lincoln after watching this movie? I think you can ask Wikipedia, how many the viewers hit the page after the movie was released. They wonder about the true history, of course they won’t believe that he’s actually a vampire hunter, it’s too ridiculous. That’s why it was rated “R” (Restricted).

A movie can be a good or a bad one depend on your angle seeing those things.

I don’t understand why there’s a news compare these two movies, since both of them got a difference genre. But how can a “BRAVE” hit box office more than this movie? I was burst up in laugh when I read the news.

For example BRAVE, I admit it, that it’s quite a good 3D animation movie with a great amount of positive things to be learn, the bond of the family, trust, and many things.

If there’s a light there will a shadow

But if you saw it from another angle, it was like bewitched your Mother with some spell and turn her into a bear (it’s sure a amusing part in the movie, we all laughing when see the bear mommy act and running), but wonder if a 5 years old children who don’t really understand complicated things and watch that movie, they would probably don’t catch the real meaning, they will took the simple just as “turning mom into a bear then she can be a strong bear to pick a fight with another bear and win the fight! Wow Bear Mommy so cool”, Since It’s a movie of course everything turned into happy ending, the mom got back to be human and etc. But still I prefer adult is beside the kid when they watch this movie, BRAVE is not really a kid movie (I think it’s should be PG-rated).

My fave Quotes from the Movie :

A wise man once told me, always have a contingency plan.’

‘Until everyone is free, we are all slaves.’

‘Plant your feet and stand firm. ‘

‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.’ – this one is real quote from Monsieur Abraham Lincoln.

PS :

  1. too bad he’s getting old so fast in the movie… I want to see his action more in younger shape 😦 ~LOL
  2. When I saw the old shape of Abe, I think his face is soo familiar to me, but there’s no way I ever met someone like Abraham Lincoln before, then I realize that, I saw him… almost everyday on… five bucks! LOL~
  3. Even it’s a fiction movie with historical element, they really portrayed  Abraham Lincoln as a nice guy. There’s no adultery part like usually on the other movie, only a kiss on the cheek and peck with his wife on the wedding. I think they trying to keep his wise image, and it’s well done! 😉

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내 귀여운 오드리, 너무 사랑스러워~
오드리 와 함께 하루종일, 너무 즐거웠어 ^^
앞으로, 자주 자주 같이 놀고 좋겠네요

今日は17ヶ月の赤ちゃんになります! ;)

Spent All Day With Audrey 😉

Today, I’m going to a bookstore with Audrey. Just like always when I was arrived, she’s sleeping on her father’s arm. When she wakes up, we go find some logic toy for her, a ball with so many shaped hole (like square, triangle, circle, pentagon, etc), to train her brain about shape hehe. But she gone wild and keep taking many books LOL my Audrey, she feels so excited!

After that we go for drink and have some snack while chatting at Dunkin Donuts (This place reminds me of Queen In Hyun’s Man when the female lead give the male lead a dunkin’s donut LOL). I screwed their schedule, usually they go to Church at Saturday, but because of me they cancelled it (OMG! I’m so sorry, God!  >_< I feel so bad 😦 ). They playing with me until night all day long hehe, I’m having such a great time, I miss Audrey so much, it’s been 2 weeks I didn’t meet her.

Omoooo~ She Calls Me “Gomo”!!!

“Oh!, Hello again, Pooh!” 😉 -Audrey is a big fan of Elmo & Pooh!

I ever told her several times by pointing my finger on my face and said “Gomo!” loooong time ago, but what I got is being ignored by her! But then suddenly a week ago when my mom and dad go visit her, my bro told them that she knows Gomo! When my bro said “Gomo”, she took her Ipad (Audrey got an Ipad from a diaper’s contest =..= Such a lucky baby huhuhu), and with fingers she found me on the picture, and pointing it by saying “Gomo~”!!!!

Oh my God, who the heck telling her that I am Gomo? I thought her mom train her with that picture, but she didn’t! So actually she don’t really ignored me, she did ignored me but she remember what I said? xD

And today, ehem… she calls me “Gomo” kyaaaaaaaaa~ *squeezeeee herrrr* xD

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It’s Japanese-6-episodes-drama that aired in NHK that I watch it back at 2009. Suddenly I remember this when I was typing about “Love” on my previous post.

It’s a drama about a guy who traveling to the past through a time machine that he created (he’s a professor). He traveled back to 10 years ago the time when he met his wife at the 1st time, in order to prevent her meeting him, because in his present (future), he is going through a divorce, instead of creating a sad memories like that to his wife, he think it would be better if she didn’t met him at that time, didn’t date him, and didn’t got married with him, he really loves her.

He try to block her meeting him, but after all they were fated, he block her so she didn’t met him inside the bus, but she met him outside and fall for him, and so the way his past fall for her. He told her, that after 10 years she will facing divorce and ask her not to date him. But she can’t resist him, she falls for his past just the way it is. She even wonder what happen in that 10 years later, because she was really certain her feeling right now, that she wants to be with him. huhuhu… what a lovely drama (for me).

SPOILER : it’s happy ending 😉

My Best Part of the 1st episode

The song played on the video above is “Time of Love” by Crystal Kay, it’s the 1st song I ever translated 🙂 The song is really meaningful and suit the guy’s theme, he want to start over with his wife.

I really recommended this drama to be watched by people who facing a divorce paper. So they can think back, back at that time, when they are met, how they’re falling in love, how they treasure their feelings, and what they are thinking when they choose to get married.

PS :
I really love how they’re falling in love, it was like fascinated in a charm way, hope I can experience this kind of love too :p
And I almost forget how meaningful and lovely J-dorama back then, now that I was only mesmerized by the fan services of K-drama.

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There’s nothing can satisfy all of the peoples,
Even your own self, sometimes didn’t satisfy yourself, how can the other be?
Human is indeed a complicated creatures.


When the Election comes (if you’re in a country which having a Mr. President to manage), people should choosing who gotta run the country. So all people are coming, and vote. Then another Mr. President will be up. In the end, Mr. President is also a human. Something bad happen, and all the peoples disappointed, disappointed to someone who being chosen by themself. So the people instead of putting faith on him, they clingy, want everything instantly, as if a President is a superman who can do everything in second. Then when what they want didn’t granted, they are raging, regretting, and even trying to pull him down from the throne despite of keep encouraging him to do better.

Sometimes if he appear on the news, I’m don’t think that all his fault, his henchmen do the sh*t, and all people blame him, when he’s was like only an icon. Ah poor you Mr. President, you got trashy people to manage hahaha.

To be honest, I like kingdom more. The place where all of the people respect The King for something that I don’t really understand, it was like respect, nobility, grateful, obligation, loyalty, faith, trust and many things, that even they willing spend their precious time to watch the prince marriage hehehe, I think it’s really beautiful. I like that kind of kingdom. Okay this what we cal;

The grass is always greener on the neighbor’s yard.


Several months ago, I step into Fandom world, a forum where people are talking and sharing about movie, drama or actor & actress they like. But I really don’t understand them. It’s confusing and complicated. Well for me it’s rather a simple.

At the beginning, they shipping the lead like crazy, and praise the writer to the cloud nine. And then when something didn’t come to what they want, they slash them with a sharp knife (bashing comment) that rather hurt in my ears. Okay let’s say that 19 episodes was a great episode, and 1 episode disappointing them, and they overreact it as if doom. It’s the ending they want, the ship they worship, but why? Just in a sec, the feeling is just become trashy like that? I will treasure the great episode, and try to accept the ending. You know, as a writer/actor/actress, being bash is really doesn’t feel good, even maybe they already getting used to it.


Do you know that Actually Sherlock Holmes should be dead in the end of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel, but then the readers was soooo disappointed. From that moment, as a good  writer, he make another sequel that explain how’s Sherlock Holmes is not dead with the brilliant brain of Sir Arthur, he brings Sherlock come back to life. So the chapter ended perfectly.

But it’s his masterpiece, as a writer, he choose to make Sherlock died. Maybe for him, The died of Sherlock will be his perfect ending, but it is not satisfying the readers.

Something that I get here is, surely in this world,

There’s nothing can satisfy all of the peoples.

One of My Dream

One of my dream is to be a writer (of a novel), which the story will remains in many people’s memories, I mean a good story hehehe. So somewhat I understand how the way thinking of a writer. But I think the reader should respect the writer too. I’m sure among the billions readers, some of them is having an “okay” for the death of Mr. Sherlock. Even I’m on the side happy that he’s alive, but I will try to respect the writer’s choice.


Do you believe in love?

Okay, that’s the question! What is love?

Is it the moment, your eyes bumped with another eyes, and you feel something sizzling in the air? Or is it a heart racing the moment you saw that person? Or when you think that

“Ah, I want to spend the rest of my entire life with this person.”

Here we go, the marriage bell is ringing. And the vow was uttered from their mouth. After several month, a gentle baby was born. After 2 years, a lovely baby was born.  After 5 years, another handsome baby was born, here the happy family was created. Then one day, the they act strange, another dream woman appears in his life, or another dream guy appears in her life.  Just because the slightest feeling that the another guy/woman appears that makes you feels like you’re become youthful again, blossom again. What do they think about that 10 years marriage? The Vow? They choose divorce part.

I said it’s complicated is the way they change their feeling instantly.

My question is “Why?” and “How could that be?”.

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Today my press friend Andy1076 reminds me of one song, that I almost completely forgot…

“二人の気持| Futari no Kimochi” (two people’s feelings), this is one of the most lovely 2 minutes instrumental song I ever heard and was the OST of a quite old anime “Inuyasha”, who also having a time travel love story huhuhu.

Somehow when I hear this song, suddenly some scene of Queen In Hyun’s Man popped up in my head!! Not only because the time travel’s Nuance, but also the song which somekind sounds so peaceful, sad at the same time, wondering, and I think suit the drama hahaha.

I’m a big fan of Inuyasha, even until now, the poster Inuyasha still hanging on my bedroom wall! (I put it on my wall when I was junior high school…).

I’m watching the whole anime is really pain in ass, I spent my entire childhood to watch this anime every week! And there’s no sign of any closure to the end until (okay I admit it) I dropped it when I was graduated. But then year 2009 they make “InuYasha: The Final Act“, which ended at 26th episode!



I never watch it until it’s ending, but today I have just watched it. So it’s the girl, Kagome has finished her mission (to collect all pieces of the Shikon no Tama), so she has no reason to be there anymore and should go home. But the path she choose is leaving her modern world and living in the past, building a family with Inuyasha. She try to adapt herself there in the past.  Such a sweet story of the two of them. Actually I thought Takahashi sensei gonna make Inuyasha reincarnate or else hahaha, thank’s God it didn’t happen!

I hope Queen In Hyun’s Man will also have this kind of ending… of course the reverse version! *giggle*

PS : Sorry for jumping into my nonsense!!! xD

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