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My Brand New Refrigerator

Bad news for me, today I got a call from my mom telling me that her refrigerator is deceased (maybe due to the blackout we had yesterday, sigh… God damn electricity!!) which means that I should buy a new one. Well we can’t live without one, my mom use to cook a lot of food, making many dessert also juice for us, yeap she need it. And I’m just trying to fulfill my bucket list number 2. 😉

I ask my brother to borrow his card because his card got more discount on a specific dept store. But he’s working until 8pm. I told him I’ll go looking around for pros and cons of the refrigerator, so that when he arrive, he can just use the card to pay, so there’s no wasting of time.

My old Toshiba refrigerator is deceased after 4 years I bought it exactly at November 2011. I write it down on my blog, how sad I am at that time hahaha I use all my bonus for that :(. 4 years means that only 1 year after the warranty. But this time, I bought a 10 year warranty Samsung refrigerator. Well I really hope it would last that long.

But something terrible happen… He went to a wrong location of the dept store (LOL they got many branches). It’s really funny because I already get the invoice so he won’t waste times to look around. The problem solve by me took picture of the invoice and told him to get the same item on that dept store, Since it’s still in a same branch they got the same item.

And then I went to that dept store to get the receipt from him (I need this receipt when they send the item to my house), and he said “what a day,I’m traveling all over the place just to bought this refrigerator” hahaha. Yes we are. I’m glad that even after he married and has a cute daughter, he still my brother whom also like a best friend to me. It’s always a pleasure to be able to have a chit chat with him.

I should forget about wanting to buy a new smartphone for myself. I think I need to use this phone for a few more couple of years until I’m financially stable. Well I can’t ask my bro to be part of it since he already had his own household to take care.

Sometimes I think God maybe just pinch me a bit, to remind me that

Hey! You’re playing too much hahahah.

Dear my phone Notu, please be nice! I love you! mwachhh!! (I bought Notu a new tempered glass, he looks awesome now  :D) Yesh his name is Notu, my 3yo Smartphone,he’s not as old as Pablo though…!!

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Gotham Season 1

This is what I’m doing these day, watching Gotham Season 1 (they currently airing the 2nd season), improving my french and working for my craft collaboration project with my friend, out of our hobby.

Honestly I enjoy Gotham  more than I enjoy Daredevil. It’s surprisingly great, I was underestimated it at first. Well both of them has their own pros and cons, Daredevil has a good action vibe, and Gotham got less action, just bang bang the gun – got shot then bleeding. But I like how Gotham developing each of their character in every episode, and they got so many interesting character to be developed. I’m looking forward to it. And how they turn that handsome guy to be PENGUIN!!! Arghhh, but it’s okay, he’s still handsome in everyway even if he’s psychotic hahaha. And that enigma, I like him, been wondering why people around him treat him badly like that arghhhh,I can’t stand it!!! =.= (please ignore my rant hahah).

You know that a film is good when you want to press next button before the credits even ended hahaha, means that you want to see more and more, you got curious about what is going to happen in the next episode. So you just find yourself can’t stop watching it haha.

And the eye-candy in this series is….

david-mazouz-gotham-bruce-wayneHe’s David Mazouz the cast of Little Bruce Wayne in Gotham. I swoon over him, I think I caught some pedophile syndrome muahahahah I feel real bad :)). And I really like his scene, I love how they insert his scene here and there anywhere in the series hehehe…

How can I love to see his scene than the male lead Jim Gordon?!!!

I hope to see him more in the future, he will grow up handsomely. 😉

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