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Spending a day with Audrey at the Book store at weekend…

Today, Audrey is a 1 year 9 months 11 days toddler, she likes books, especially the one with a big butterfly on the cover. She can speak a lot of words now, such as “no way”, even calling me 😀 I feel so happy to hear that. She can also recite one to ten nicely. 😉

She fall asleep after running around the bookstore for several hours, I think her battery dropped and need charged hahah 😀 She wakes up after sleeping around one hour. Look what I’m doing while she sleeping, taking her pics secretly  muahahahhahaa >:)


They sell  A cheap 5 bucks capo there at the bookstore, so I bought one for Pablo 😉

Now I can play the song I want to learn with this capo, I already can do the intro, though the rest still kinda hard, especially F Chord gaaaaahhhhh I hate barre chords!!! ~xO

My index finger is not long enough to hold one fret, and not strong enough to push the whole 6th strings, some of them become mute 😦 I’m gonna pwned this barre chord in 2 weeks, wish me luck! Yoshhh Ganbarouuuuu~ xD

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This is the 1st time I broke a string.

And it’s not even pass 2 weeks after it was installed. (ง’̀⌣’́)ง

(Oh well actually it’s not something to be proud of…)

To tell the truth… It’s actually broke due to my stupidity.
So I was tuning the guitar with guitar tuner, no matter how many times I twisted it, nothing happen with the tuner, still on the “red” means that not tuned yet. Then the E 1st string is broken and my right hand index finger got bleeding. Then I realize that I twist a wrong tuning keys OTL *hopeless*

The next day, Dad bought me the new E 1st string (for free) hahaha,

Thank you so much, Dad! I love you~ 😉

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So that I can start playing Pablo I need to tune him, I bought this  Guitar tuner for 15 bucks. How to use it is really easy, just put the clipper  on the edge of the neck near the tuning keys, and start to tune it. It works great for me 🙂

Dunlop Tortex 1.14 Picks, less than 2 bucks for 2 picks.

I never thought that I would ever want to own an expensive guitar or maybe a nice capo. But suddenly, the willing to buy the stuff come, when I start playing guitar. Congratulation, you have just unlock a new category in your life -LOL-

The guitar Takamine D series (dragon series) that I want to own (of course the “made in Japan” one if I could)

 Takamine ED51C for 319$ or Takamine ED50C N for 300$

And the nice capo I want to own is the G7th Capo (for 40$) +_+

You can tell just by the look of it, it’s really looks nice, and I’m planning to buy this capo when I got a nice guitar (Pablo’s next generation) ahhahaha  xD

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Do It Myself

My today’s achievement is …
Put on guitar strings on my own guitar

Today I get my daddy to bring me to a music shop, of course to repair my Pablo (my 12 years old guitar). I named it Pablo from the Pablo Picasso (that great oldman artist). Pablo’s tuning keys is rusted so bad and so the string, people called it “dead strings”.

But too bad, the music shop near my house is not doing any repairing job, they only sell instrument 😦 So I bought a new set of tuning keys (it cost only 3 bucks) and a set of acoustic guitar strings (I bought the cheap one only 2 bucks). The shopkeeper said that Pablo is a good guitar and ask me why I’m buying a cheap strings and tuning keys, he told me to go to another bigger shop to buy a good string and good tuning keys for Pablo (the more it’s good the more expensive it would be). He said “poor Pablo” for having such a cheap string OTL

Actually I have decided myself that if I could play 10 songs with Pablo nicely, I would buy a brand new good guitar as a reward, or maybe put a great strings and great tuning keys (the expensive one) on Pablo so he would look more gorgeous. I hope that day will come soon. 😉

Dad says that he will help me with the new tuning keys and it was done marvelously well.

The tuning keys is done with the brand new one, but my dad can’t help me with the strings. So I had to do it myself. I thought it was hard to do but it’s not at all, it’s quite easy. All you have to do is open your Youtube 😀 there are a lot of good people who willing to teach you how to put on guitar strings. It was done very well, though I haven’t cut the unnecessary string left.

I didn’t cut the unnecessary string left because I’m not sure yet. I will tune Pablo with guitar tuner first then I will cut it with 1 inch left. And Hey! Pablo looks nice with the brand new tuning keys and strings!!  🙂

So the lesson today might be “put your effort on it and nothing impossible”. You go girl! 😉

Ps. Thanks to activemelody’s video on youtube, I can get myself putting the strings on. 😀

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