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Back to the Myth!

Out of many Mythology I ever read, Greek Myth, Roman Myth, Egypt Myth, Norse Myth is the most I love one. And this time I’m going to tell you about Bifrost.  😉


In Norse Mythology, there are 9 realms on Yggdrasil (The World Tree), they believe that the root will lead you to the Svaltarheim the realm of dwarves and dark elves, down to Niflhel the realm of the dead, then Niflheim the realm of Ice and Muspellheim the realm of Fire. The horizontal branch will lead you to the Midgard the realm of man, Jotunheim the realm of Giant. The vertical branch will lead you to Alfheim the realm of Elves, Vanaheim the realm of Vanir, Asgard the realm of God.


So here the story goes, Loki was blamed for the dead of Baldr, the God of Light, over a mistletoe incident. And Skadi, the God of forest put him locked under a serpent mouth which poison keep dripping off. However he able to escape. The day Loki escape from Asgard, the battle to catch him broke the bifrost. (You can see this scene on the Movie Thor too, but in a twist story)

Thats why if in the past you keep hearing that the God come here and there, and you never ever heard about it anymore now. Because the bridge was broken due to that incident, so God unable to come down and say hi to us anymore. If you believe so hahahahah.

And the description of bifrost is similiar to the description of Rainbow. Old people believe that when the rainbow appear in the sky it means that God is having a walk down here visiting us. 😉


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Actually it was just some part of a movie which for me it’s simply romantic. I dont really recommend the movie since it’s a comedy romance, but the comedy is rather not funny. And the romance is quite dry too. But I really like this one scene.

The daugther ask her father,
how do you tell mom that you love her?
I just came to her and said “I see love all over your face” (LOL- WTF)
then what did she said?
Nothing, she just throw her lips on me. *he-grins*

Hearing that, the daughter run to the guy she finally realized that she loved him, the guy who keep telling her that he like her, but she never think so. She biking along the road and he was there at the park, she’s fall from her bike, she gets up and said

I like you, I see love all over your face.

then before she even finished her line, the guy came closer and kiss her.

ahahaha, Isn’t it sweet enough? xD

But that only happens if the guy like you the way you do hahahaha. It would be awkward if he didnt love you, and everything will turn into and a sad love story. Rofl.

PS : I forgot the movie’s title, but it’s Thai Movie I watched long time ago.

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