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February 26th, 2011

It’s been a long time since the last time I fell off on the street. The memory of today’s incident(that I fell off on the street) keep repeating in my head, the worst isn’t how painful it is but how ashamed I was. There are so many people there. Well it’s because I fell in front of a Shopping Mall, and it was really crowded… And behind me, there’s a fine guy, seems he wants to help me, but he didn’t because I stood up immediately… Ukhh… I want to show him my charms but ended up I show him my worst part. I was really really ashamed of my self…
I hurt my arm, it’s pretty hurt, and also made my clothes dirty because it’s after rain, so the road it totally wet…
Well today’s experience, I think I wouldn’t forget it even if I’m a grandma lol…

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This year Valentine I’m going to make a list for my “Dream Man” (since it’s not going to be real anyway, let’s just make him a perfect person lol) and to-do list (like when I got one, what will I do with him) starts!

My Dream Man (for both boyfriend/husband lol):


A guy who is smart, using  his brain, and calmly thinking before talking.

2. Have a Killing Smile!
I know this is crazy, it’s okay even if he is not handsome, but he should have a killing smile! Nodding and smiling warmly when I make mistake, or when I’m doing silly things.

3. Romantic Sense
Yeah, I think this is too much drama, I want a man who even he didn’t watch any melodrama or any romantic drama, he still have a sense of romance thought hehehe (this one is kinda difficult lol), so he doing many romantic scene to makes me melt into him, yeah somekind like that. Like makes me surprised over something what he did or what he give, following me around when I walking alone (without me noticing it), suddenly pop up when I need him(voluntarily/without me asking him to come), silently watching me sleeping. Muahahaa since it’s a Dream Man, dream on!

4. Good Kisser
I think I don’t have to explain about this, you all already knew it right? Lol.

5. Royal & Loyal
I hate a guy who is stingy/petty about money, so he should be a very Royal Guy! And Loyal, of course, he’s someone who love me in the entire of his life! become his Priority, that would be nice.

6. 180cm++ Height
His height should be around 180 cm++
Because it’s one of my dream to use a 10 cm high heels. And I never did it because I don’t have much friends with that height, will be awkward if I’m taller than them right? So he should be 180++ cm man! And of course with such a height gap, I can kiss him by tip toeing ^^

7. Athletic Body!
Sixpacks? Of course, but I prefer a man when he wears suit, he looks normal, but when he wears t-shirt he has some muscles hehehe. And the important part is, he can lift me and piggy back me. (Lol too much drama)

8. His First Romance (from the 1st to the rest of his life)!
I always want to have a man who never had romance before, so I’ll become his first romance. But nowadays it’s just impossible thing maybe, since I’m also got many ex, I wouldn’t really mind if I’m not his first romance but he should the one who love me first, I’m totally not into him, so he try to get close to me and makes me fall into him, then when I fall for him, he really do take care of me as no one in this world he loves except me, and it’s not a slight crush but eternally, if this things happen I would marry him lol, without even any second thought!

9.The Way He Dressed Up
Suit! I love suit lol, especially the suit with waistcoat, I know it will be very hot if you wear this kind of cloth in summer, but it’ll be warm if autumn or winter. A man with waistcoat, jacket and trousers, will be get +60% good looking in my eyes (glasses will be +10% lol) . If a man using this kind of suit everyday, I wonder what kind of job he would be, I think he would be a rich guy or a fine man, yeah fine man would be great, and the best part he should be a good guy.

10. Parents Approval
Oh come on, who want to be little mermaid or any other story about rich guy love an average woman, then didn’t get any approval from their parents? And ended up into misery? Of course not, since this is my dream scenario, its great if there’s no obstacle like that. So we got his parent and my parent’s approval.

11. Happy Ending

What? The other part? Like what?
He’s snorky or not when he sleep, of course not!
His sense of humor, etc?
Yeah let’s put it short! Since he’s a perfect guy, so everything is perfect lol!
Let’s just imagine it ;D

For any male who hooked into this and reading this, please don’t be surprised or trying to be, well this is only the description of My Dream Man, since there’s “nobody’s perfect” so you shouldn’t get any anger or trying to be perfect, just be yourself.
This kind of Guy only happen in drama, that’s why woman likes drama, it’s normal because there’s nothing this kind of guy in real life, maybe one in a million, you’re lucky if yours is that one, so precious him!

I think I will write my To Do List later, since this one is already getting too long.
Thanks for reading, you can leave your comment if you think you need to put any other perfect side into him. Lol

If I had a son, I will shape him into this kind of Guy!! Muahahahaha
Happy Valentine!

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だからお願い。。。don’t mess with me、
I can turn into white just in a sec、
but can turn into black in a sec too。

The most I like is being in Grey, why? Because I’m not that holy to be White, and I’m not that evil to be Black, so its better for me to stay in Grey. But to keep stay in Grey also absorb too much energy. I don’t know how long I can struggle in Grey without become Black, because the possibility to be White is only 1% out of 100%.

Do you know what Mother Teresa said?
“Even tough 99% of your life is miserable, if 1% is happy, your life turns to be happy”

But even though 99% Black, if the 1% is White, the color cannot turn into White, perhaps it would be a Dark Grey…

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This is how I dealt with my life.
And today I learn something from it,
“When you gain something,
You should be prepare to loose something… ”
Touka Koukan no Gensoku da!
It’s the Law of Equivalent Trade
-Full Metal Alchemist-

Its seems people keep pushing me around, that I deserved to loose something after gain something, then I realize that phrase. So there’s no “Luck” in this life, because in the end, after you gain something then you will loose something too.

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My New Short Haircut

Today, I’m going to my hairdresser and told him to cut my hair shorter than before.
And after its done, I’m not dislikes the short haircut, but maybe I’m just not used to it.
I cut my hair shorter because of my hairfall, I wish after I cut my hair shorter, there won’t any hairfall anymore.
My previous long hair? Well, I keep it to seduce male, lol.
Since my long hair have been cutted, I can’t seduce any male anymore, so if I found someone who attracted with my short haircut, maybe I can marry him lol!

Oh my hair, I wish you grow asap !
I’m starting missing my long hair 😦

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Well at least for me, I think finding a soulmate or recently we could say “partner” or life partner, is not easy at all.


It’s start from liking someone, we can agree that the first thing come up, of course “Appearance”, how the way s/he looks and dressed up, etc.

Then the next step is “Habit”, how the way s/he talking, walking, etc.

And the most difficult thing to be matched up (for me) is “Interest”, the way s/he thinking, sense of humor, sense of music, what’s important for her/him, because sometimes we cannot value something that important for other people, we think that’s useless or zero needed, but for some people that’s the most precious things for her/him.
The skill to acknowledge something that our brain dislike to be matched up and consider it or trying to like it, its need something called “tolerate”、 and to have that tolerate(which is we need it for rest of our life) we need something strong named “Love”.

That’s why its not easy at all, we can say we have “Love”、 but does your “Love” contains “tolerate” in it? If yes, then congratulation!
You’ve been met your “Soulmate”

I am someone with less-tolerate, that’s why its hard to love someone and tolerate all of that person has…

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