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Pardon my ugly handwriting.

Here I want to introduce you the art of washitape. Well, my hobby is crafting something from paper, but not really art thingy. I’m doing it time to time only for my close friend and bf as a greeting card.

So it’s basically doing some art with washitape. You can find many pattern of washitape on a bookstore or hobby store.

To make this one I’m using an A5 art paper with pattern, a pencil also colored pencil, 5 patterns of washitape, and of course a design cutter to make nice detailed cuttings.

I made this for Valentine’s day this year (last 14 feb). with some letters behind the picture 🙂

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History prefers legends to men. It prefers nobility to brutality, soaring speeches to wild deeds. History remembers the battle, but forgets the blood. However history remembers me before I was a President, it shall only remember a fraction of the truth.” This story devotes itself to telling us the rest of “the truth.

Okay, I’m hooked on another Tim Burton’s Movie (again!). This time it’s a fiction of Abraham Lincoln, “Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter”.

Actually when the 1st time I saw the trailer of this movie, I was like…

“is he Benedict Cumberbacth???”

I mean the guy who cast, because in the trailer that I watched the movie doesn’t really show his face, and the hair was like Benedict Cumberbacth’s hair in Sherlock Holmes TV Series (LOL). After saw the poster I was convinced that it wasn’t Benedict Cumberbatch. 😀

Then I was like…

wait…wait… Abraham Lincoln?!  isn’t he… … … Mr. President??” :O

I’m so excited how they gonna twist the story. And today I was amazed about what they have done, this movie is GREAT! (for me, haha personal taste~).

They twist the story, but still go along with the history. They just inserted some part, the twist part of course to make the movie more excited to be watched, especially the action part. I’m crazy over the action part, LOL they’re all OVERPOWER human!! And the train-fight part! Gosh he’s 50 already! Since it’s a fiction, I’ll just let it slide and enjoy the ride. I love the bloody action, especially Tim Burton’s bloody action hahaha, the way the blood spread everywhere and how the part of body getting slashed… OH I REALLY LOVE that!!!

The Fact and The Twist

For example “Henry” (maybe) doesn’t really exist (since he’s vampire).  And of course the other vampire.

Nancy Lincoln

Abraham’s mother is really died at 1818 (you can see it on the tomb), but of course she died not because getting bite by vampire, but disease (milk sickness).


Abraham Lincoln is married with Mary Todd and having a child (the third one) named Willie who died at his 11 are still according the history. They twist the way Willie died by getting bite by the female vampire, in fact he was died because of typhoid fever.

Last Scene

The last part of the movie when he going to attend the theater with his wife, Mary. Henry offered him immortality but he refuses it. The fact that Abraham Lincoln got assassinated by getting shot at the head in an extremely close range, point blank, at the theater. But in the movie, they only show that he get in the cab going to theater. I wonder if  it’s on that day…

The Negative Review

I’m sure the negative review is come from old-fashioned people, okay no offense. But Oh come on? It’s just a movie, a fiction movie with a slightest twist about historical character. Do you realize how many people want to know about the real history of Abraham Lincoln after watching this movie? I think you can ask Wikipedia, how many the viewers hit the page after the movie was released. They wonder about the true history, of course they won’t believe that he’s actually a vampire hunter, it’s too ridiculous. That’s why it was rated “R” (Restricted).

A movie can be a good or a bad one depend on your angle seeing those things.

I don’t understand why there’s a news compare these two movies, since both of them got a difference genre. But how can a “BRAVE” hit box office more than this movie? I was burst up in laugh when I read the news.

For example BRAVE, I admit it, that it’s quite a good 3D animation movie with a great amount of positive things to be learn, the bond of the family, trust, and many things.

If there’s a light there will a shadow

But if you saw it from another angle, it was like bewitched your Mother with some spell and turn her into a bear (it’s sure a amusing part in the movie, we all laughing when see the bear mommy act and running), but wonder if a 5 years old children who don’t really understand complicated things and watch that movie, they would probably don’t catch the real meaning, they will took the simple just as “turning mom into a bear then she can be a strong bear to pick a fight with another bear and win the fight! Wow Bear Mommy so cool”, Since It’s a movie of course everything turned into happy ending, the mom got back to be human and etc. But still I prefer adult is beside the kid when they watch this movie, BRAVE is not really a kid movie (I think it’s should be PG-rated).

My fave Quotes from the Movie :

A wise man once told me, always have a contingency plan.’

‘Until everyone is free, we are all slaves.’

‘Plant your feet and stand firm. ‘

‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.’ – this one is real quote from Monsieur Abraham Lincoln.

PS :

  1. too bad he’s getting old so fast in the movie… I want to see his action more in younger shape 😦 ~LOL
  2. When I saw the old shape of Abe, I think his face is soo familiar to me, but there’s no way I ever met someone like Abraham Lincoln before, then I realize that, I saw him… almost everyday on… five bucks! LOL~
  3. Even it’s a fiction movie with historical element, they really portrayed  Abraham Lincoln as a nice guy. There’s no adultery part like usually on the other movie, only a kiss on the cheek and peck with his wife on the wedding. I think they trying to keep his wise image, and it’s well done! 😉

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I think this will be the 1st drama I’m dying for…

The magical thing is happening!

I think it will be unfair for my blog if I didn’t write anything about this drama. So … This is the 1st drama I’m dying for, I’m never being in this state before, I was like re-watching whole episode more than 5 times including the saeguk part! (sounds like freak huhuhuhu, as if I have nothing to do, in fact that I have a lot thing to do), and repeat more than 100 times for remarkable scenes hahaha, I’m so desperately waiting for the next episode each week, I also canceled all my appointment at Wednesday-Thursday to watch this drama at TvN. The other drama was just normal fangirling but this one is just so fantastic. I’m glad I’m jumping into this drama, and I’m officially dropped all currently airing drama right now. It was like the other drama is become so middle-average (hahaha…) and I have no desire to watch them, I’m stuck on this OTP so bad teehee~.

I’m sure I was under spelled of the talisman,
the talisman cast a spell on me, hahahaha hooked so bad ~x)

The Plus Point

Hey, don’t be startled when you watch this drama and find it’s saeguk,
because this drama is halfly saeguk, halfly modern!! xD

I’m glad that this drama didn’t treat as if the audience is a stupid viewers, they explain each scene in a logic way (except the talisman since it’s a magic thingy hehehee). It’s a time-traveling drama, but they keep the balance of the joseon time and modern time, that’s why this drama is so unique. They did bring us to joseon era with so many political thingy happen about the reinstatement of the Queen, and more breath taking action of fighting, but they make us have many breath taking lovely moment in modern era.

I’m a fan of Writer Song now, she really make an extraordinary story, with a fabulous cinematography of the PD-nim (if  you catch up the BTS scene, the PD-nim is really cute! 😉) and super chemistry of the OTP, plus the great supporting cast, they pack this drama together and turn it into a super-addictive drama in my life. Even their behind the scene is really pleasant to watch, they really filled this drama with happiness, maybe that’s why the drama is so lovely to watch. 😉

They do have some flaws if you watch the drama more detailed, but the amazing content make us don’t mind the flaw at all, let it all slide away~ nobody’s perfect xD


The First Encounter

I like how the fact that Choi Hee Jin is a nice girl who willing to talk to a stranger, she start a conversation with Kim Boong Do when he step on to this era (2012), she also offer him a donuts!

Welcome to 2012 Kim Boong Do!

The 2nd Encounter

Is this fate?

The most important part/thing in this drama, the talisman that act as time machine.

The True OTP

Tight your seat belt!

Because the chemistry between the main lead is sizzling all over the episodes (even if you count it, their meeting is not that much). I feel the love, the blushes, the embraces, the giggles, Oh I think love is really in the air, or I might just get OTP delusion hahahaha xD

Kim Boong Do & Choi Hee Jin

Kim Boong Do appears to be such a calm and smart guy, he also good in fighting. He’s a fast learner and a thinking kind of guy, it’s rare to see such a calm and lovely guy like this in dramas, most of them likes to yelling over something with ridiculously behavior hahaha while he will only turn his head down and smiling (uhuhuhuuu~ I love that gesture).

Choi Hee Jin appears to be a cute girl (for me), she’s brave (since she’s the one who start a conversation with stranger guy like Boong Do hehehe), honest, talkative and quite sassy, ah, she also naughty because she keeps teaching him weird things hahahaha, she doesn’t like complicated things, not really smart but not a stupid female lead either. She follows her heart, that’s the sweetest thing about her.

Both of them turning to be a great couple and the most perfect OTP I ever met.  They can turn us into muddle poo, or even melt me into unshaped liquid (LOL -exaggerated).

People call this couple In-Hyun couple (from the middle name of both main leads), or In Gwa Couple (since they keep talking about InGwa – cause effect) hehehe. Many fans also name their kiss like earplug kiss, library kiss, car kiss, tip toeing kiss. (so far the tip toeing kiss is my favourite one…xD)


asdlasjdalksdjalkjaflqwekrjlef lsdflKJFlfksdfjljgslfkslfjepfjwlkfmaldfams…

I have no word to say, so just watch it… It’s so amazing that no word can describe it… xD (I didnt’ put any screen shot about the kiss here, since I’m afraid anyone will faint LOL so just watch the drama ;p)

Out Of Topic…. (~.^) ~❤

From now on, Boong Do’s character is standing on “No. 1” on my Dream Guy in my Kdrama-Land:

  1. Kim Boong Do (Queen in Hyun’s Man)
  2. Yoon Hyong Chul (All About Eve Kdrama year 2000)
  3. Kim Do Yoon (Feast of The Gods)

Omo, why there’s a lot of “Kim” here? xD
All of them is a smart, less talk , corny and calm guy  <<  totally my type hahaa :))
but OH man, you beat them all up  Boong Do~~ ❤ :))

The Supporting Character

Ja Soo

He appears in joseon era same with Kim Boong Do, and I love how his character developed in each episode. He’s a loyal henchman (assassin) of Min Am. He’s a bad guy but I like this character so much hahaha.

Yoon Wol

The actress who cast this role looks really beautiful in hanbook, better than in the modern dress (She was one of the waiter in 49 Days if you watch). She has more charisma in hanbook hehehe. Yoon Wol is a slave who turn into gisaeng. She really good playing gayageum and a loyal to her master Kim Boong Do. She is one of important role for me since she was the one who gave him that magical talisman. I also love how her character developed in each episode.

She’s lovely, isn’t it? ^^

The King & The Queen

Hey I won’t forget about them! I think they’re the most great King & Queen figure in any sageuk I ever watch.  I’m glad this King Suk Jong and Queen In Hyun portrayed to be smart and have faith on their fellows! Because most of sageuk I ever watch, the king is easy to be controlled by other faction and kinda dumb. But this one just upright, and investigate through all events.

Han Dong Min

I like his childish character, and how honest he is. I never really hate him, but kinda disappointed a bit in later episode. But so far, I quite enjoy watching his scene hehehe. He’s an S-level actor (halyu star?), a bit arrogant, and he loves Hee Jin. He would be a rival of Kim Boong Do, but what should I say? He can never count as rival because Boong Do way too good hahaha..
(Oh, gosh here I go spazzing again xD)

Jo Soo Kyung

She’s the manager of the raising star Hee Jin, also her best friend and room mate. I love her voice, the intonation when she talk, and her body gesture 😀 she’s funny, and actually a good manager for Hee Jin.

Yoon Na Jung

At first due to some incident, I was kind of dislike her. But later I find her really funny. She’s not that bad, but sure her expression is really something. I think she’s a perfect match for Han Dong Min, but oh well, it’s all up to the Writer Song 😀

The Soundtrack

The song played in each scene was perfectly fit, perfectly made and perfectly sung by the singer. I just have no more words to describe this except “perfect” hahaha. I’m so in love with this drama. How they mix the traditional gayageum instrument into a nice background song that fit each scene, I’m really looking forward for the official OST CD/DVD both of the drama and OST!!


The Magic Spread #1 : Queen In Hyun’s Man

The Telephone Booth

I find this writer (Song Jae Jung) use telephone booth as a special property (in my opinion), even on her previous drama (Coffee House) she gave us a memorable kiss scene there *giggle*, and this phone booth will also be the prove of their love here~ (kyaaaa~). I think if I find the phone booth, I will remember this drama from now on, hahaha. They turn a normal phonebooth to be a magical lovely place. And if I find that phone booth (which used in the drama) I will take pics like this!!!  😀

Haha if i had to choose, I’ll be the one on the top !!

The Railways

Again, they turn a common railways into a lovely place, such a peaceful picture. Almost everyday I passed a railways like this and sometimes getting sick of it. BUT now, it’s not that bad anymore hahaha.  I’ll make sure to put this pose into my list wedding photography’s poses 🙂

The Symptom

Prepare yourself!!!

This drama is more than WORTH to watch! I can simply say that there are not many dramas with this kind of quality around. So you must watch it!! xD

You know so well the symptom you will get once you watch this drama; squealing around like crazy when the main lead being together, giggle ear to ear when something sweet happened between them (as if it happen to me…), screaming like crazy when something about the main lead happening, and river cry when the main lead in pain.

If you feel like you also getting this syndrome,

welcome to “Queen In Hyun’s Man” World!! hahaha
You should get treatment every Wednesday-Thursday 23:00 at TvN  😉


I really hope this drama have a happy ending… 😉

뭐?! Am I done spazzing here?
UH OH no wayy! I will continue the spazz on my twitter puahahaha~ :p

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Everything about myth was started when I’m starting to play squaresoft’s game “Final Fantasy”, if you likes to play any games you will find so many names that actually related to the myth (even it’s the Norse Myth or Greek Myth). Like Yggdrasil (The Tree of Life), Gaia (Mother of Earth), Leviathan, and many more. It grows my curiosity and started to learn about Myth. (currently I make a novel with a bit Norse Myth essence, but it still remain unfinished).

And recently it was brought into many movies nowadays, such as Percy Jackson, Thor, Clash of The Titans, Immortals and Wrath of The Titans, and many more even with a small twist of the story if you compare to the real myth, but that small twist was made so the movie will become more awesome 😉

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Percy was named under the shortcut of Perseus, who actually the son of Zeus, he’s a demi-god (half human, half God). But in this movie, he was the son of Poseidon. And some of my friends wrongly think that Perseus is son of Poseidon because of this movie.


Thor is the God of Thunder/Sky in Norse Myth, the son of Odin The Godfather. Thor was compared to be same as Zeus in Greek Myth, probably because of the weapon he brings a lightning hammer named “Mjolnir”, which same with the weapon Zeus brings, and both are also the God of Sky with thunder as their element..


Bifrost is the bridge that makes way from Asgard (God’s realm) to Midgard (human’s realm). For some people it was portrayed as rainbow, so people believe that when rainbow appears in the sky, it means that the Gods come down to visit the earth. That’s why when it’s BC (Before Christ) we will see so many Gods come down to earth, but then one day Bifrost was damaged by incident of Ragnarok, so after that time, people believe that God’s can’t come down to earth anymore. Maybe that’s why we never seen any sight of Gods in earth anymore.

Clash of The Titans

So the story was started by the heredity of rebellious kids to their parents. Chronos join up with his mother Gaia with the other siblings to kill their own father Uranus. The things are being repeated over the generation. Zeus, the youngest son of Chronos and Rhea, team up with the other 5 siblings (Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter & Hestia) to bring Chronos down from the throne.

The other :

Io is actually a beautiful nymph who cast away down to earth by the jealousy of Hera because Zeus so in love with her (Hera is the sister and spouse of Zeus). But in this movie, it was told that Poseidon is the one who wants her, I think it was for the good image of Zeus xD.

Gorgon Medusa
Medusa is a beautiful young lady who tempted Poseidon to rape her. She was running to Athena temple for help, but the Goddess closed her eyes (since Poseidon is her uncle). She was being raped in the temple and got cursed by Athena who put her on blame for seduction, everything will turn into stone if watch directly into her eyes, and turn her beautiful hair to be snakes. This one is also wasn’t told in the movie, since it’s not that important anyway, and also to keep the good image of Poseidon.

The Kraken
Kraken is actually come from Norse Myth. Well it can be considered as a sea monster. So when the queen Cassiopeia boast about her daughter Andromeda that she’s even more beautiful that Nereids (sea nymph). Poseidon, the God of Sea gets angry, and make a deal by releasing the sea monster, and ask for the sacrifice of Andromeda to be eat by the sea monster. But in this movie, it was Hades who released the Kraken.

Danae – The mother of Perseus
So Danae is not the wife of The King Acrisius of Argos like what has been told in the movie. In the myth she is his daughter. There’s a prophecy that he will be killed by his grandson, so he lock up his daughter, but still Zeus impregnated her. Danae and her son cast into the sea by Acrisius in a wooden chest, but was saved (so his mom didn’t die in the wooden chest like in the movie, and his mom is the reason for him to go slay the gorgon medusa). He eventually killed his Grandfather, Acrisius, and the prophecy was right.


Hmm, too much twist in this movie, the one I know right is Theseus slaying the Minotour, he slayed the Minotaur to save a Kingdom. And I think everything about Hyperion was made up.

Wrath of The Titans

If you watch the movie, you will see that Perseus and Io married and have a son named Helius. But in the myth, Helius is actually the son of Hyperion (one of the twelve first generation of titans) son of Gaia and Uranus.

Actually I got a bit shocked when I watch the movie, when they makes Io married to Perseus, while I know that Andromeda is the one marry him after the sea monster incident. But in the end of the movie, they make them ended up together so it was a relieved xD

Hephaestus is the son that was created by Hera herself (because Zeus created Athena himself). But it was failed by the ugly looks of Haephaesteus compared to the other gods, so that he was cast away by Hera. Even he was cast away he stil obedient to her, he take his mother side when Zeus quarreled with her,  he offended Zeus, his leg got seized and being thrown from Olympus. He’s the God of Blacksmith, forging the God’s weapon. He married with Aphrodite, but Aphrodite having affair with his brother Ares who looks manlier than him.

In the movie, he doesn’t look ugly, but lame just like the myth. But it seems he has a good term of marriage with Aphrodite.

The Jealousy of Ares
So in the movie Ares (The God of War), is jealous to Perseus over the affection from Zeus. While in the Greek Myth, Ares did become traitor by defending the Trojan (he was convinced to defend Trojan by Aphrodite), but the one that become his enemy is Athena. Athena is the God of Intelligence, so she’s good on strategy for the less sacrifice on the battle in the other words less victim, in the other hands Ares is a hotblood, he likes to fight on battle. The Gods prefer Athena which makes Ares angry.


They got Tree of Soul, which for me it was like Yggdrasil, the tree of 9 realms in Norse Myth.

As I said before, all the twist was made to make the movie more fun to watch, so actually no offense about that, I’m just writing about this, so people doesn’t get misunderstood about the real myth and still can enjoy the movie to the fullest. 😉

All of the movie was perfectly made, and become one of my favorite movies of the year.

 Learning myth is so much fun for me! 😀

PS : my perception of the myth might not 100% accurate since it was my self-learning mythology due to my hobby.

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These song are the insert song (insert song are songs or musical pieces that occur within the body of drama/movie)  in the Episode 9 of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop which I currently really really hooked into so badly!!!!! It’s interesting how they mixed the old songs and new song into those character image in the drama, ahahaha… ^^ here you go~

1. Miss White Lily’s Random Song

아무것도 몰라요 (Amugeotdo Mollayo / I Don’t Know Anything) sung by 박지윤 (Park Ji Yoon), the song was released in year 1999.

2. Woo Hyun Woo’s Random Song

좋아좋아 (Joha Joha / I like you) sung by 일기예보 (Ilkiyebo / Weather Forecast), the song was released in year 1996.

3. Kim Ba Wool’s Random Song

교실 이데아 (Gyosil Idea/ Class Idea) sung by 서태지와 아이들 (Seotaiji Aideul / Seotaiji and boys III), the song was released in year 1994.

I know he’s the ex-hubby of Lee Ji Ah, but never know that he sings this kind of song. It’s kinda heavyyyyy!! 🙂

4. Choi Kang Hyuk’s Random Song

It’s Korean Children Song -LOL
Titled “나무야 나무야 ” (Namuya Namuya / The Tree)

♪ 나무야 나무야 서서 자는 나무야.
나무야 나무야 다리 아프지.
나무야 나무야 누워서 자거라 ♬

♪ namuya namuya seoseo janeun namuya.
namuya namuya dari apeuji.
namuya namuya nuwoseo jageora ♬

♪ Oh Tree, Oh Tree, the tree who stood there.
Oh Tree, Oh Tree’s leg is hurting.
Oh Tree, Oh The tree is laying down to sleep.♬

5. Yang Eun Bi’s Random Song

넌 내게 모욕감을 줬어 (Neon Naege Moyokkameul Jwosseo / You Offended Me) sung by Verbal Jint (버벌진트) ft. Koonta, the song was released in August 31 2011.

6. How about Cha Chi Soo’s Random Song??

Wait… wait… where’s the main male lead random song?
I think it’s Neoran Saram, the song played in the end of the episode is fit him on that scene… 😉

From all of the insert song in 9th Episode, I like the one Ms.White Lily’s Song “I Don’t Know Anything”, and Woo Hyun Woo’s Song most. How bout’ you?

Thanks for jump jump around here~ 😀

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I really love this song… the most I like from all of their song.

Fin.K.L is a legend in Korean Girl Band (year active 1998-2002), they are being loved by soooo many fans. You might know some of their member who still exist even now, It’s Lee Hyori, Ock Joo Hyun, Lee Jin (Man of Honor) and Sung Yu Ri (Maknae | Hong Gil Dong, Romance Town). Ock Joo Hyun is Fin.K.L member who is fat when their first debut (you can see their old video), but she lost her weight and become slim. She inspired many girls in Korea at that time, look at the video, Ock Joo Hyun is the one who has the strongest vocal, she’s slim now. 🙂

They are really shining at their era. After the unofficial breakup of the group at 2002, some of them go solo, and some of them go drama.

Somehow, for some reason, when I watch “The Greatest Love“, Gu Ae Jung’s girlband “Girl National Treasure” is so much likely Fin.K.L. The number of the member (it’s 4 person), the way they dressed up, their  MV,  the maknae (the youngest member) hairstyle, and also the dismissal of the group.

Too bad, they only last for 4 years, but the 4 years are really shining through the nation. Look at the video, even it’s a year 1999’s MV, they looks so fashionably, pure and not naughty, doesn’t looks fake too (I mean fake here is, trying to be cute or etc like whatever Korean girl band nowadays), I really love them. And the concert theme is so me, I love white!!! (maybe the theme is pure white love or something xD).

They are in their beginning of 20’s at that time, and now they all already on their 30’s. Makes me realize, human keep aging, and time keep flowing, but they’re still beautiful at their 30’s!!! +_+

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Recently I’m watching Japanese live-action “Ouran High School Host Club”, it’s kind of around 25 minutes drama per episode (it’s just 11 episodes), was made from famous manga with the same title, that’s why it’s called Live action.

At first I was a bit surprised because I think the character is quite exaggerated, especially Yamamoto Yusuke (the male lead), I never think that he can act like that (>_<) he was so cool in “Ninkyo Helper” (I think it means he can act so good that he can fit in any kind of role), the more I watch it, the more I feel they fit to act their character each another, It’s turn out to be GREAT, I find myself enjoy watching them to the end, and feel sad because it’s ended. But then I got happy again, because it seems next year (2012) they’re going to make the second season 😉 YAY~ 楽しみにしています!

This is my two cents.

The reason I still watch this kind of drama (which is maybe some people think it’s pretty ridiculous kind of drama) is because Japanese drama always took a fresh genre, and their comedian way is pretty different (very manga), and the actor even the actress could play even the very silly character. I salute them for that, especially “Arakawa Under The Bridge” (another live-action that hooked me up, I’ll review about it later), including this Ouran High School Host Club. In Japanese drama, almost every episode had some meaning of life to learn, they didn’t let you watched for nothing 😉

You can read the synopsis here =>> Ouran High School Host Club Live Action.

The Sweetest Scene after watched all of the 11 episodes

Here’s the story… (Hope this one isn’t count as a spoiler).

So Haruhi (the female lead) ‘s heart is thumping when she look into Tamaki-senpai (The male lead)’s eyes (she can’t look into his eyes LOL), then she was like trembling, then Tamaki-senpai ask what’s she eating, and tremblingly she said “It’s delicious, you want some?” and people staring at her saying that she’s such a commoner to behave so rude, feed people like that, she’s going to take back her hand, but the guy, grab her hand and eat the food!! mukyaaaaaa !!! *squealinggg*

Then the girl said that people are looking at them, but Tamaki-senpai said:

To me, Haruhi…
Even if the whole world is laughing at us, I don’t care.
The person I care about the most is only you.

LOL!! What a super cheesy line xD

But Haruhi is blushing after hearing he said that, and soon the other come up, looking at her face in red, they think she catching a cold.

Mori-senpai carry her going to take her to hospital *Lmao* kyaaa Mori-senpaii!!

Okay, here’s the character~~


He’s Ootori Kyoya, the 3rd son of Ootori Family.

How much should I say? I love nerd GUY!!! xD
So, from all of the Host in the Ouran High School Host Club, The most I like is Kyoya-senpai… !! o(≧▽≦)o

Mori-senpai & Honey-senpai

Mori-senpai is a silent man, he’s master of kendo and he’s 3rd year senpai. And so the Honey-senpai, even he’s looks so cute, always bring a doll, and like to eat sweets food like cakes, he’s a master of judo! (there’s an episode where he become Black Honey)  o(≧▽≦)o

The Twin – Kaoru & Hikaru

Identically Twin Kaoru & Hikaru, even after watching all of 11 episodes, I still can’t tell which one Kaoru and which one Hikaru ( > _ < )


He’s the heir of Nekozawa Family, just like the name “neko”, it’s something about Cat’s black magic LOL~ That’s why he always dressed up like that. He’s afraid of sun and light, but in fact he’s handsome!!! o(≧▽≦)o

You can watch this when you had so much free time, it’s good for fun!

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After my previous post about me wanting “Daddy Long Legs”, then fately I jump into a Korean Movie year 2005, starring Ha Ji Won, Yun Jung Hoon and Hyun Bin as cameo. The movie title is “Daddy Long Legs“. It’s a very sweet movie, and of course overflowing tears… I’m not going to do any spoiler here, you should just watch the movie weheheh 😉

List of Sweet Scene in This Movie

How could in this movie, almost every sweet moments are my dream scene of dating, it means I really want to experienced it when I had a boy friend wahaha xD

The guy in the movie is not really handsome, but he had a warm smile, I’m sure I was captivated by his character in this movie. (My criteria for guy is not difficult, the guy doesn’t have to be handsome or etc etc, at least he can moved my heart, and smiling only at me ;p) btw FYI he’s the husband of Han Ga In, they’re married at April 2005, and this movie released in January that year, it means he’s still unmarried when he filming this (that’s not really important to know tough -LOL-).

1st Scene – Met in a Lift

For this one actually I ever experienced this before,
but it turn out to be… err… bad ending…
He doesn’t even remember when our first met, fail…. *cries* 😦

2nd Scene – Fated Under The Rain

Yeah, It’s fated. Meeting in a such a place, and stuck because of rain. You must be really want to stop the time, or at least slow motion it!! *giggle ear-to-ear*

3rd Scene – Under The Same Umbrella

So the guy walk you home under the same umbrella…
I know it’s kinda old-fashioned, but it’s SWEET~~!! *melt*

4th Scene – Got A Super Huge Teddy Bear

I admit it, I love surprise, just like this one, suddenly got a huge teddy bear when she felt down. I think It’s sweet 🙂 I want  to try squeeze such a huge teddy bear at least once. Hope someone gimme one someday 😉

5th Scene -Walking Together

Walking together like this gotta be so sweet, riding a bicycle also great. Nowadays people tend to ride a car or motorcycle. Well, that’s not bad either, it’s just me, who likes outdoor activity, looking at the trees and sky, feel the air, so nature, feels great! 🙂

6th Scene -Received A Bucket of Roses

I ever got flower, actually it’s from my ex-bf  at Valentine’s Day 2009 (If I had to counted it, It’s a pair of white roses), that’s the 1st and only flower I ever got at my 24 ( =__= ). I never got a bucket of roses, and I still wish that someone could hand me one in a surprise xD (This is why I said that maybe I shouldn’t watch too many romantic movie or drama, I’ll get drag into dream world >_<)

7th Scene -Sudden Popped Up At Street

Here’s the story, so the girl is walking alone on the street, and suddenly the guy walking after her and stop his step, the girl startled because someone suddenly stopped, but when the guy turning his head to her and smile, she smiles back to him 😉

8th Scene – Another Sweet Scene

You should watch the drama for the details –LOL

9th Scene -Walking Together

Spending time together by walking, chit chat, and laughing together. It’s just a simple thing that every couple did, but I find it sweet.

10th Scene- Stargaze At Night

Sitting down on the grass, looking at the stars, ending the day by talking about the stars, and talking heart to heart.

Reward – Kiss On The Cheek

After all he did to you, I think he deserved a reward, kiss on the cheek or even more, It’s you girls who decided ^^ I think kiss on the lips is okay too xD

Kay, It’s done….
Hope someday I can experienced all of this, and filled my blog with it –LOL– 😉
Thanks for jump jump around here, have a nice day!

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Look at this Lovely Couple of “Kaichou wa Maid-sama”!!!!

I called them Umi-Couple (stands for Usui x Misaki)

It’s been such a very long time since the last time I watched an anime. And then again, I’m hooked into this comedy-romance kind of anime. I usually not really watching love-kind of anime, for love-kind of anime I watched it after it become drama, such as “Itazura na Kiss”, and “Hana Yori Dango”. But this time, It’s totally different!!

I found this anime coincidentally when I was being asked by my Aunt, she want to watch romance anime, so I was googling it, and I found this anime, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

The Story

It’s about a high school girl name Ayuzawa Misaki who is the Student Council President (a.k.a. kaichou)in a -80% boy and 20% girl- School named Seika High, this school surely lack of woman. And she seems to be a GUY-HATER. The school under her management is very strict, she wants to turn any guy to be looks like a nerd –lol-.

She’s an All Mighty Kaichou, but in real life she’s a poor, who is working a part-time job as a maid in a maid Café named “Maid Latte”. Even she’s working as a maid, she’s is the number one in study, smart, she’s a president with highest rank. She is a Hard Worker Freak.

Everything is okay, until one day, she bump each other with Usui Takumi, one of the Seika student. He’s the most handsome and smart guy in Seika, which is also a weird guy. His personality is kinda –don’t care about anything around him– makes him seems mysterious. And yes, everything starts here *giggle*.

After that day, the they the bump each other, he keep the secret and become the regular guest in the Café, He’s coming everyday, and looking at her with a strange face.

And even at school… he keep teasing her –LOL–

Usui starts getting interest to Misaki, she’s such a very hard worker freak, and very strong (she can do martial art Aikido). But in the other side, she’s also a soft-hearted, and kind.

Misaki : If all guys were like this, I might just acknowledge them
Usui : Like how?
Misaki : Like I said, being kind to girls, reliable, and gentlemanly.

I also have the sameway of thinking, mens nowadays is being in a poor quality >_< They’re unreliable, keep whining like shit, quarreling each other like girls, not gentleman at all, which adding up the minus point in woman point of view.

 For Misaki, who was left by his father and struggle in debt and being poor. Instead of whining, she’s working hard with his mother and sister to overcome this. But in the other side, her heart is hating all guys like her father, for being unreliable, and just left them three woman to survive and runaway don’t know where (hehehe, but Usui is not that kind of guy! *giggle*)

Usui is starting to like her, but Misaki such a ruthless girl, slow and kinda stupid (not in academic). She thinks he was only teasing her and make her confuse, since she don’t understand what her own true feelings. Usui didn’t force her to acknowledge his feeling, he just always take care of her by staying beside her, and popped-up whenever she needs help *kyaaaaa melt melt*

he kindly wait until she understand her feelings and come to him (maybe) ahahaha. This drama is not only about Love and Comedy, it’s also about friendship, and School Life. It’s good to get rid your stressed out. The anime is done for the Season 1 (26 Episodes), while the manga still ongoing (Volume 13 – Chapter 63). This is spoiler, but in the manga, there are more skinship –LOL- *pervert mode*. I’m sure there will be season 2. I will wait for it patiently 😉

The Character

This anime is very hilarious, with so many hilarious character.

 Usui Takumi (The Male Lead)

The Mysterious Guy in this story, got a special nickname for him from Misaki, she always called him変態宇宙人 (Hentai Uchuujin | Alien Pervert), because he always ask her to be his maid for one day.

His name, reminds me for somebody else, then finally I remember it was “Inui Takumi” the male lead of Kamen Rider Faiz –LOL–  Their name sound kinda alike. Well if you compare them, of course I will vote for Usui. 😉

He’s a mysterious guy because in the anime, even after watching the whole 26 episodes, you would never know who’s this guy, like what Misaki said before, maybe he’s a real alien from another planet,

  1. who even jumping from the roof of school he’s alright,
  2. he can arranged table manner for England kind of Evening Tea,
  3. he can play Chess perfectly,
  4. he even become the temporarily chef in Maid Latte because he can cooked very delicious and luxurious kind of food, and
  5. he’s very good on sports.

This is spoiler but all about himself was revealed in the manga Volume 10 Chapter 46. 😉

He’s someone who also have a bad background of family, he think dating or in a relationship is troublesome, I wonder how it would be, if the kaichou finally know her feelings towards him, but then find out that he’s someone who wants an open relationship, oh shittt!! >_<

Hinata Shintani

The other unique character, since this is a Comedy kind of anime, there are many interesting kind of character, including Shintani who is an eater. He likes to eat, easy to starve. And is the childhood friend of Misaki. Hehehe, Just like the other story, there will be always a Love Rival, or somekind of Love Triangle. This is the rival for Usui. But even I said so, he is no match to Usui… He has no chance since Misaki already fall for Usui before she realized it. Huhuhuhu.

The Three idiots (San Baka)

Haha, this story wouldn’t be perfect without the Three Idiots, contains :

  1. Naoya Shirakawa (nickname “Shiroyan“)
  2. Ikuto Sarashina (nickname “Ikkun”)
  3. Ryuunosuke Kurosaki (nickname “Kurotatsu“)

At first they are the Kaichou Hater. But then after they find out about the Maid thingy, they become her big fans and regular guest of Maid Latte –LOL

Sakura & Shizuko

They are the female lead best friends. Typically high school kind of anime, there will always be a nerd friend, and cute friend. 😉
Sakura is a big fan of  Umemishi

Umemishi is a indie high school band, Sakura is fall for the vocalist.

There are many other character like Yukimura, the Vice President Council, Aoi (the boy who always dressed up as a very cute young lady), Igarashii Kaichou (the President Council of Miyabigaoka Academy), and the maid friends in Maid Latte.

This anime is hilarious! 🙂

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I’m really glad that recently I found out that people still root in Classic music.

These pics are the faces of the famous composer classical music, look at their face, they are so handsome and charismatic xD

Today, while I’m walking on a Shopping Mall, they play Classic Instrumental Music “Symphony No. 25 in G minor” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (click here to listen). This piece always being powerful piece for me, I will notice this piece only by once hearing this piece 🙂

Not only in a Shopping Mall, any Public event, wedding and advertising, but also in a drama!! I’m totally glad hehehe… I like listen to this music, those piece are perfectly composed, and match in any special occasion.

The female lead of currently airing SBS drama “Protect The Boss“, No Eun Seol, is also using one of classic instrumental kind of ringtone when she received a call from her boss. Well, since I’m a fan of Ludwig Van Beethoven and this piece is also one of my fave piece, so I knew it right away that It’s one of the famous Beethoven’s Piece “Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67: I. Allegro con brio” (in piano version), this piece usually only being called “Symphony No. 5” (click here to listen). This piece have been used in many drama and movie, usually for a tragic comedy kind of situation -LOL-

Do you know?

That without you realize it, you have been heard many classical music. Then one day. if you listen to the classical music, you will be “Oh! This song…!!” hehehehe… Many people doesn’t like classical music, saying that it’s sleepy, lullaby etc, but it’s not true, classical music is easy listening music and really good for health, that’s why when a woman pregnant, the doctor recommend her to listen classical music for the baby, it’s good for brain! Well, for adult it’s good for brain therapy and relaxes -lol-

The other piece I like, maybe you will like it too 😉 they’re lovely and easy listening pieces :

  • Violin Sonata No.5 in F major Op.24 “Spring” Part 1.Allegro by Ludwig Van Beethoven (click here to listen). This piece was also used in the musical drama “Nodame Cantabile“, in this drama there are so many other classic music, but this one is the most I like compare to the other pieces 😉
  • Fur Elise by Ludwig Van Beethoven, this piece actually means “For Elise” in english, and actually is a piece for Elise, the one he loved, but unfortunately, everytime I listen to this song, somehow I feel creepy, maybe because they’re too many movie, anime, or drama who using this piece for a creepy scene like a piano on the school which is suddenly playing in midnight =_= (click here to listen).
  • Reverie by Claude Debussy, this one is the most I like, Reverie means “Daydreaming” in english, so when I hear the song, at first, feels like I got such a good dream, but then suddenly turn into a bad dream -lol-, well this is my own description xD (click here to listen). This piece also being used in Jdrama “Koishite Akuma“, in that drama this piece is the favorite piece of the main lead.
  • Chopin Etudes Op. 10 No. 3 Tristesse by Frédéric François Chopin, this is my personal description, but when I hear this song, I feel sad, like I’m losing someone 😦 (click here to listen). This song is used in year 1991 Jdrama “101 Proposal“, this piece was the favorite piece of the female lead’s fiancee who died in an accident.
  • Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel (This is his best piece), I think everyone know this piece, this piece have been using in many song, and many times being remix and added into a pop song, also become many drama’s  and movie’s soundtrack (click here to listen).
  • Many more, I’m going to sleep now, going to add it later >_<

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