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The Wall Around Me

I recently realized that …

Actually I have been building a wall around me.

A wall to protect me from crashing.

I set a line not to be crossed, to protect me from anything that has possibility to harm me in the future.

I put glove on my hand, so the thorn won’t hurt me.

I put ear-bud in my ear, to prevent me from hearing anything that will tuck my curiosity.

I choose not to mind anything outside, as I sharpened my instinct.

To be able to know something better than anyone else before anything even revealed.

Even when I know, I choose to be not knowing it, so I can keep the peace.

The wall has been started to built when human getting darker, to be stay on grey, because there’s nothing good come out from being dark. This is how human supposed to live, building a wall to protect themselves. So they can survive.

Yesh! You’re  right! Just like Attack on Titan, they built the wall against the giant. Okay okay, It’s Attack on Titan Live action coming to cinema soon. So I’m  just fooling around. But what I wrote above is true hahahah. PEACE!! 😀

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