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The Proof of Happiness

There are a lot of things that I want to know, especially about human. Their character is very unique each another. I would like to study about it, maybe I should just go take a psychology department, I’m quite enjoying learning about human (sounds like I’m not human hahahah just kidding!).

There are 3 kind of people I know, and maybe there are more but I haven’t discovered all yet.

Those who trying to convince people that they’re happy.

Many people trying to convince people by justify their happiness so that people think they really happy. And lately there’s a place to prove your happiness named Path/Facebook or many other socmed apps. So you can just show off your happiness there (people using a kind version of word “share” instead of show-off).

For example there’s one of my friend “sharing” about his friend’s story on Path, that his friend (a woman) upload a photo of a car key and cool license plate with description “Thank you very much my hubby for this early birth present”.

They said there are 3 gates before something come out from your mouth;
1. is it true? Maybe yes, she did have a wonderful rich and royal husband, halelujah!
2. is it kind? This kind of act only risen up jealousy upon other house-wife in her friendlist who maybe doesn’t have a richie-royale-hubby like her so I find it’s not a kind act.
3. is it necessary? Nope, who gonna give a shit about that? And what would you get? hail? compliment? Oh, come on!

I wonder the true motive of that woman sharing a picture like that? something that come out from my mind it was the act of bragging. And What for? I just really don’t get it.

Then one day, I have a conversation about this with my friend, not the-richie-royale-hubby one (she isn’t my friend anyway), most of my friend are single so, we talk about the other things but the same content. She answer me that her act isn’t for bragging but sharing. Then I ask her, what would people get by that something she share about? I thought “Sharing” here means something informative and useful for others, but people nowadays just twist it like sh*t. Then she answer me that she upload it for her personal diary. She get what I meant already, she actually getting slapped by my words. So I told her, if she did really want a personal diary, she can start do blogging like me. No one gonna come to your blog unless people google it, so even you put thousands story bragging about anything you got, people who read it will be people who doesn’t know you, and drop by your site by their own wish. It’s avoiding the jealousy rise upon other people who do not wish to know anything about you.

There are other netizen who said something like “it’s my path!! my facebook!! it’s up to me to post what i want!! and you can just don’t have to see it if you don’t want to” And then they’re talking about the freedom of speech, geez…

Yes, you’re right, there’s nothing wrong about that, did I mention any right or wrong above? Nope.

I’m just asking you to give some consideration of living together on the same planet under the same galaxy for the sake of peace.

2. Those who trying to convince themselves that they’re happy

This one means that, they actually trying to justify that they have doing the right thing, that they have chosen the right one. This one still remain mystery for me, I still don’t understand…

For example, there’s a woman who marrying a guy, who she thinks a good guy, but then, after married, she found out that this guy is not as good as she think he was. Disappointed but she trying to convince herself that she’s in the right lane, and act like she’s really happy in front of the others will just attract people to talk behind her back. So she bragging about her hubby being out of town every weekend, people will just frown when they hear about that right? But then she said, that she was okay, that she get used to it, and trying to convince the others that her hubby is actually treat her right, just to prove that “Hey, I’m choosing the right one.”

On the other side, Me, really don’t understand why?
Why do they pretend to be happy when they’re not?
Why do they trying to prove their happiness to other people? Mostly because they don’t want to be pitied or being look down upon the society, so they getting on their defense mode, growing their thorn and fang, and start to make up things.
Does it even necessary?
Is happiness something the other people measures? Not yourself?

To be honest, did you or didn’t you, people don’t give a shit. people don’t know whether you tell lies or truth anyway? It doesn’t matter for them. So why bother about that? You can just be you in front of those peoples instead of being fake.

We are all living in this world for the first time, there’s always first time for everything, including living in this life, so I think making mistake is inevitable. We all did it, struggle it, and overcome it. That’s how life going.

3. Those who remained unseen

Mostly this kind of people is out of society, it’s still a mystery if they have a happiness life or they fall down to the misery, no one knows since they’d like to remain unseen. They don’t have path nor facebook when other people so hype about those socmed kind of thingy.

For example, one of my friend who just like this one, she was my high school friend, we ganged up around 6-7 girls, and spend so many times together. But one day, after graduation, she’s gone nowhere to be found. There are times when I hangout with her I acknowledge that she had inferiority complex. Perhaps, she just remain with us on that old days, just so she can finished the school smoothly without being left out, but in fact she actually not comfortable around us.

Maybe, she didn’t find herself clicked with us, so she disappear and maybe now she already have many other friend who clicked with her. I personally think she was one of my best friend in the old days, and so sad that our friendship just ended after graduation.

Well sometimes, someone you think your friend didn’t think the same way about you, did you really their friend? or did you just someone to fill their freetime?

So, Do you have to prove your happiness? I think Happiness it’s not something to be proven but to be felt. 😉

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