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비춰줄께 (Bichwojulkke | Shine)
Sung By : 길구봉구  (Gilgu Bonggu)
OST 옥탑방 왕세자 | Rooftop Prince
Release date : 12.04.27

Hangeul Lyrics

이상해 자꾸만 보여 네 얼굴이 늘 함께 있는 것 같아
태연한 척 해봐도 어느새 널 보며 웃고 있어
궁금해 네 마음도 나를 보면 조금이라도 떨리는지
온종일 바보처럼 너만 기다리고 있는데

내 곁에만 있어줘 지금처럼 웃고 있어줘
아무 것도 내게 없다해도 이젠 너만 있으면 돼
날 한번만 안아 줄래
늘 언제나 그 자리에서 비춰줄께
널 사랑해

어떻게 생각할까 내 마음은 너도 나처럼 설레는지
너 하루만 바라보며
너만 기다리고 있는데

Back to Reff*

아직 우린 서로 아무것도 모르지만
오늘은 너에게 꼭 말할거야
내 사랑은 오직 너란 걸

아무것도 내게 없다해도 이젠 너만 있으면 돼
날 한번만 안아줄래
늘 언제나 그 자리에서 비춰줄께
널 사랑해
wow~ wow~ wow~

Lyric Romanization

isanghae jakkuman boyeo ne eolguri neul hamkke inneun geot gata
Taeyeonhan cheok haebwado oneusae neol bomyeo utgoisseo
gunggeumhae ne maeum do nareul bomyeon jogeum irado tteollineunji
onjongil babocheoreom neoman gidarigo inneunde

nae gyeoteman isseojwo jigeum cheoreom utgo isseojwo
amugeotdo naege eobtahaedo ijen neoman isseumyeon dwae
nal hanbeonman anajullae
neul eonjena geu jarieso bichwojulkke
neol saranghae

eotteohke saenggakhalkka nae maeumeun neo do na cheoreom seollaeneunji
neo haruman barabomyeon neoman gidarigo inneunde

back to reff*

ajik uri seoro amugeotdo moreujiman
oneureun neoege kkok marhalgeoya
nae sarangeun ojik neoran geol~

amugeotdo naege eobtahaedo ije neoman isseumyeon dwae
na hanbeonman annajullae
neul eonjena geu jarieseo bichwojulkke
neol saranghae

wow~ wow~ wow~

English Translation

It’s strange, I keep seeing your face as if I’m always be with you
Even I pretend to be unconcerned; looking at you suddenly I’m smiling
I wonder if your heart is also racing even a bit when you look at me
Like a fool I’m waiting for you all day

Stay by my side, keep smiling just like now
Even I don’t have anything, now having you is enough
Will you hold me once?
Whenever you will always shining on that place
I love you

How do I know that your heart is excited just like mine?
if one day you ever looked, I only waiting for you.

back to reff*

We still haven’t notice is yet.
Today, I will definitely tell you
That my love is only you

Even I don’t have anything, now having you is enough
Will you hold me once?
Whenever you will always shining on that place
I love you

wow~ wow~ wow~
Will shining~

Hangeul, Romanization & English Translation : aikawaringo
since it’s depend on my hearing ability, it may not 100% accurate due to my lack.

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Today, April 21th, Audrey is a 1 year 3 months 1 weeks 3 days baby  (WTH?! ROFL xD). Okay just ignored this crazy Gomo’s counting her niece’s age.

She can eat Spaghetti now!!! (but without the sauce :|)

Poor Audrey she eat the spaghetti without sauce (that must be tasteless), but she seems really like it hahaha xD

Okay, I’ll blame the doctor for preventing her to eat sweet and salty things. The doctor said that its better to eat the sweet at 2 years age. But that’s still a long way to go, another 9 months.

Her mom said that, that’s not a big deal to eat the sweet now or later, in the end she will be able eat anything, but just not now. Hehe what a wise Mom 🙂 So I think we will just stick to what doctor said, not to give her any salt, sweet or salty food now. The Doctor sure know it better than us hehe.

Actually today we ate here for the celebration of Nee-san’s birthday at April 12th a week ago. I gave her a blouse as the birthday gift. I hope she like it.

Happy birthday nee-san, wish you all the best. And…
You’re the best Mom for Audrey. 😉

PS : Ukhh, I know I should put my Nee-san pic here, but can’t find any since she doesn’t like to be pictured huhuhu…. so I will just put an old picture when Audrey around 8-9 months hehee 😀

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This happen in virtual world in Eden Eternal on Sapphire between guildmates.

This conversation started when I bump one of my guild senpai in a town named Aven, so I greet him.

Aika  : Hi, senpai
Lil      : Aika, did you call me “senpai”?
Aika  : yes, senpai. Why? You don’t want to be called senpai?

Lil      : Ah, ofc, you can call me senpai.
Aika  : All of you are senpai to me except Pain.

Lil      : LOL, why Pain is an exeption?
Aika  : Because he’s my lovely kohai

Pain  : LOL, since when I’m your Kohai.

Aika  : You don’t want to be called Kohai? Ok then how bout dongseng?
Neoneun naeui dongseng I nikka.

Pain  : Don’t want that one either,
and stop talking with korean since I dont understand.

Aika : but you know it’s korean ;p
Lil     : maybe because of the “dongseng”?

Pain  : I watch their reality show, running man, it’s funny.

Aika  : Oh… I know that reality show it’s pretty popular though I dont watch it.
Then, how about oppa?

Lil      : What is oppa?
Aika  : onii-chan?

Lil      : oh, aika you can call me oppa too if you want.
Aika  : okay, Lil oppa.
Pain  : don’t call me that, you creep me out

Aika  : Pain oppa~

Btw, normally guy likes to be called “oppa”.
Lil      : Pain is special
Aika  : extraordinary

Pain  : well, you know being called “oppa” by someone older than you feels weird.
Aika  : I know I’m old ;_;
Lil   : LOL, old?
Aika  : How old are you lil btw?

Lil      : I’m 17
Aika  : lmao

Lil      : you?
Aika  : 20++++

Lil      : 24 then?
Pain  : close

Aika  : 20+++++

Lil      : 25?
Aika  : all of you should call me noona!

Pain  : okay, I’ll call you noona then

Lil      : Aika noona.
Aika  : okay, let’s stop this, *goosebumps* LOL

Actually I addressed them “senpai” because even they’re younger than me, they have more experience in this game, so I think “senior” will be perfect to addressed them. Not related to their age. Even I’m older, well I’m a noob in the game.

Pain is a “senpai” exception because for me he’s my best friend, and was like my master hahaha, and yet he’s younger 5 years old than me ;_;

This is a miracle things in playing online games, to be friends with people we don’t know each other, the age, which country they’re came from, their real names, everything is just mysterious. But even we don’t know each other, we can be friends, and sometimes it even feels better because we be friends just the way we are (imo). 😉

And today 2 person compliment me by saying that I’m a good healer. We are in a dungeon named crooked, Pulp is the tanker (she tanking with her warrior), and Mice is using his engineer.

Pulp : Aika, you’re really a good healer.
Aika : Why? D:
Pulp : I supposed to dead back then.
Mice : Ikr! You makes this dungeon run smooth.

All I want to say that I’m so happy and flattered ! (even it’s just a game, compliment is a compliment right? xD).

Thank you!

열심히 하겠습니다!

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Everything about myth was started when I’m starting to play squaresoft’s game “Final Fantasy”, if you likes to play any games you will find so many names that actually related to the myth (even it’s the Norse Myth or Greek Myth). Like Yggdrasil (The Tree of Life), Gaia (Mother of Earth), Leviathan, and many more. It grows my curiosity and started to learn about Myth. (currently I make a novel with a bit Norse Myth essence, but it still remain unfinished).

And recently it was brought into many movies nowadays, such as Percy Jackson, Thor, Clash of The Titans, Immortals and Wrath of The Titans, and many more even with a small twist of the story if you compare to the real myth, but that small twist was made so the movie will become more awesome 😉

Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief

Percy was named under the shortcut of Perseus, who actually the son of Zeus, he’s a demi-god (half human, half God). But in this movie, he was the son of Poseidon. And some of my friends wrongly think that Perseus is son of Poseidon because of this movie.


Thor is the God of Thunder/Sky in Norse Myth, the son of Odin The Godfather. Thor was compared to be same as Zeus in Greek Myth, probably because of the weapon he brings a lightning hammer named “Mjolnir”, which same with the weapon Zeus brings, and both are also the God of Sky with thunder as their element..


Bifrost is the bridge that makes way from Asgard (God’s realm) to Midgard (human’s realm). For some people it was portrayed as rainbow, so people believe that when rainbow appears in the sky, it means that the Gods come down to visit the earth. That’s why when it’s BC (Before Christ) we will see so many Gods come down to earth, but then one day Bifrost was damaged by incident of Ragnarok, so after that time, people believe that God’s can’t come down to earth anymore. Maybe that’s why we never seen any sight of Gods in earth anymore.

Clash of The Titans

So the story was started by the heredity of rebellious kids to their parents. Chronos join up with his mother Gaia with the other siblings to kill their own father Uranus. The things are being repeated over the generation. Zeus, the youngest son of Chronos and Rhea, team up with the other 5 siblings (Poseidon, Hades, Hera, Demeter & Hestia) to bring Chronos down from the throne.

The other :

Io is actually a beautiful nymph who cast away down to earth by the jealousy of Hera because Zeus so in love with her (Hera is the sister and spouse of Zeus). But in this movie, it was told that Poseidon is the one who wants her, I think it was for the good image of Zeus xD.

Gorgon Medusa
Medusa is a beautiful young lady who tempted Poseidon to rape her. She was running to Athena temple for help, but the Goddess closed her eyes (since Poseidon is her uncle). She was being raped in the temple and got cursed by Athena who put her on blame for seduction, everything will turn into stone if watch directly into her eyes, and turn her beautiful hair to be snakes. This one is also wasn’t told in the movie, since it’s not that important anyway, and also to keep the good image of Poseidon.

The Kraken
Kraken is actually come from Norse Myth. Well it can be considered as a sea monster. So when the queen Cassiopeia boast about her daughter Andromeda that she’s even more beautiful that Nereids (sea nymph). Poseidon, the God of Sea gets angry, and make a deal by releasing the sea monster, and ask for the sacrifice of Andromeda to be eat by the sea monster. But in this movie, it was Hades who released the Kraken.

Danae – The mother of Perseus
So Danae is not the wife of The King Acrisius of Argos like what has been told in the movie. In the myth she is his daughter. There’s a prophecy that he will be killed by his grandson, so he lock up his daughter, but still Zeus impregnated her. Danae and her son cast into the sea by Acrisius in a wooden chest, but was saved (so his mom didn’t die in the wooden chest like in the movie, and his mom is the reason for him to go slay the gorgon medusa). He eventually killed his Grandfather, Acrisius, and the prophecy was right.


Hmm, too much twist in this movie, the one I know right is Theseus slaying the Minotour, he slayed the Minotaur to save a Kingdom. And I think everything about Hyperion was made up.

Wrath of The Titans

If you watch the movie, you will see that Perseus and Io married and have a son named Helius. But in the myth, Helius is actually the son of Hyperion (one of the twelve first generation of titans) son of Gaia and Uranus.

Actually I got a bit shocked when I watch the movie, when they makes Io married to Perseus, while I know that Andromeda is the one marry him after the sea monster incident. But in the end of the movie, they make them ended up together so it was a relieved xD

Hephaestus is the son that was created by Hera herself (because Zeus created Athena himself). But it was failed by the ugly looks of Haephaesteus compared to the other gods, so that he was cast away by Hera. Even he was cast away he stil obedient to her, he take his mother side when Zeus quarreled with her,  he offended Zeus, his leg got seized and being thrown from Olympus. He’s the God of Blacksmith, forging the God’s weapon. He married with Aphrodite, but Aphrodite having affair with his brother Ares who looks manlier than him.

In the movie, he doesn’t look ugly, but lame just like the myth. But it seems he has a good term of marriage with Aphrodite.

The Jealousy of Ares
So in the movie Ares (The God of War), is jealous to Perseus over the affection from Zeus. While in the Greek Myth, Ares did become traitor by defending the Trojan (he was convinced to defend Trojan by Aphrodite), but the one that become his enemy is Athena. Athena is the God of Intelligence, so she’s good on strategy for the less sacrifice on the battle in the other words less victim, in the other hands Ares is a hotblood, he likes to fight on battle. The Gods prefer Athena which makes Ares angry.


They got Tree of Soul, which for me it was like Yggdrasil, the tree of 9 realms in Norse Myth.

As I said before, all the twist was made to make the movie more fun to watch, so actually no offense about that, I’m just writing about this, so people doesn’t get misunderstood about the real myth and still can enjoy the movie to the fullest. 😉

All of the movie was perfectly made, and become one of my favorite movies of the year.

 Learning myth is so much fun for me! 😀

PS : my perception of the myth might not 100% accurate since it was my self-learning mythology due to my hobby.

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Whoa, in the next 2 days, Audrey will become a 1 year 3 months baby~ YAY~ *clap clap clap*

Time goes so fast sigh… she can walk now *giggle*, and of course running on the bed :p

Today is my 1st Easter with Audrey, My bro and his wife come to visit us  (Mom, Dad, and me). Audrey got her HelloKittop (Hello Kitty Laptop) lol, it’s just a talking toy hehehe. she likes it so much. After playing all day at her Grandpa-Grandma house. We heading to the church, isn’t it Easter? hheehee (I’m not that religious since I’m a deist, I only go Church when it’s Easter and Christmas), or maybe so that I can play with Audrey 😉 )

The Church is really crowded (It’s Easter after all). Audrey likes to play with water bottle, so to keep her calm I let her play with my water bottle (she likes to scream, it will be bad if she scream there) but then she accidentally dropped the bottle and crack it to the ground, the water splash on the church floor~ Omoooo~ Audrey! Dx I was pretend like nothing happen~LOL *culprit*

She start to screaming (well actually it’s kind of talking, but no one knows the meaning), so my bro took her out of the Church and play with her outside, me and nee-san continue pray.

Ah, and It’s Easter, we light up the candle and singing some song. Audrey doesn’t want to hold the candle, so I hold the candle for her ;p And since it was in the Church, I didn’t take any pic there 😦

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The World in A Game

Sometimes I wish that I live in a game world.

A place where everything is still green, so many trees and forest, the house was built with a stone, shaped uniquely and dressed uniquely. Living in a peaceful town, not killing each other but protecting each other. If we need money, we can just go to the forest and hunt some beasts, then sell the loot to the market. At the market, we can buy some food, clothes, armor, weapon to hunt. When we sick of hunting, we can just sit on the side of river, hearing the water sound bumping the small rock, having a good chat with our colleagues. Everything will just so peaceful and perfect.

If I have to compare it to my real world, it was totally boring, Wake up in the morning and go work. Sitting in front of PC looking at numbers, counting somebody else money, all day 9 hours. I’m seriously sick doing this, haha Do I sounds like hating my job? But it’s true, I don’t love my job. You should be really grateful if you can work on something you really like. I’m not one of them.

I need a break sometimes, and the only thing helping me on this nastiness is only the cloud on the sky and some classic music. If I get bored doing those things, I will just look at the cloud outside the window. They always differently shaped, sometimes it’s fluffy like a cotton candy, makes me really want to eat that cloud. Sometimes the shape is cute like pretend to be something, and sometimes it’s dark, like the sky had a heavy problem and wants to cry, just like the sky today. It was so dark. I want to go home…

Now, after the dark cloud, the storm is coming, It’s really dark, I can only see the nearest building in front of me, and the rest all foggy. This is the worst rain with heavy wind I ever saw through this window. I can’t go home for now. Hopefully, the sky will be clear soon. Please don’t cry… my sky…

PS: The world in the game usually around BC- Middle Age, depend on what kind of game you play. I like the fashion on that era. I hope I can time slipping to go there LOL.

The History of Fashion >> you can just click “enter” and then “next” until the newest era xD.

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