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Today I feel so guilty for my wallet…
I spent a lot of money just for cosmetics thingy… *sigh*

My Excuse

It’s something that I need (something that -maybe- every women needs xD). Don’t have many logical reason, a woman even just go for a walk, they need to put some make-up on their face, even it’s just a moisturizer/lotion. I don’t know why, I don’t even wear any heavy make-up like eye shadow, mascara (I don’t really know how to put it on my eyelashes), eye-liner (this one I’m still learning how to put it on my eye, it’s terribly hard.).
I only put bb-cream, a bit powder, blush on (sometimes), and lip tint. Most of them is Etude, except the powder, I use Missha, and Revlon for eye shadow.

It was on sale, the last sale day. I only bought a toner, bb-cream and eye liner, I got a freebie cosmetic bag (got this if you bought a certain amount), and some sample of products. It’s worth it, so I just grab it without thinking. If Mom know about this, she will definitely scold me >_< (I hide it on my bag, and run towards my room, I hide it on my closet xD).


I will restrain myself from any event until the next payday (Oh noooo, there’s Valentine’s Day next month >_<). I should keep it strict, if I’ want to survive this month *super-exaggerated*.

I hope I can find a part-time job.  T____T Anything would do…

This month I had so much expenses. I need to fulfill  my bucket list. I’m going to buy a concert ticket of the only band I loved (it cost a lot, too bad I can’t aim for VIP ticket, I’m so hell broke T____T). But I’m really happy, I wish I can grab the ticket!

The Most Needed?

Of course cosmetics is not the most needed for woman, I think the most needed is clothes, because woman cannot bare-chest like guy, right? -LOL

Yeah, at least without make-up, woman can still walking around here and there. But they cannot walk around here and there without clothes (except on their own home xD)


In the end, I’m just a woman… ( =..= )
so much temptation… *LOL*

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Today, I watched Sherlock Holmes.
I rewatch the 1st season so I can catch up with the 2nd season.
When I rewatched it then I’ve just realized that the gay boyfriend of Molly Hooper (in the 3rd eps of 1st season), is Moriarty o(≧▽≦)o I’m so late Ouchhh~

And I really love the scene (The 3rd episode of 1st season “The Great Game”) when Sherlock said :

Heroes don’t exist, and if they did I wouldn’t be one of them.

The 1st episode of the 2nd season “A Scandal in Belgravia”

Mr. Watson’s blog gets more hits than Sherlock’s blog “The science of deduction”  (I think maybe his blog is way too heavy xD).

I can’t believe I did this…
I did opened up both Mr. Watson’s blog & The Science of Deduction,
and It did really exist!

I read all of the funny comment of them ahahaha o(≧▽≦)o

The Science of Deduction

Dr. John H. Watson’s Blog

“A Scandal in Belgravia” is such a very good episode. I like how he dealt with Irene Adler (I wish he didn’t fall for her). She reminds me of Milady (The Three Musketeers), both of them was so likely a double agent, and both of them is gonna beheaded. Although, Irene Adler was saved by Sherlock Holmes.

I’m glad Sherlock is a weird man on some aspect, I mean how he didn’t attracted at all to a naked woman xD (and he loved Mrs. Hudson so much).

Aw… aw… aww *melt*… too bad it’s only kiss on the cheek  xD~

And of course, the Christmas’ scene, when Molly Hooper come with a gorgeous dress (tried to attract Mr. Holmes), the gift she brought for him, when Sherlock apologize to her (after being quite rude, typical of Sherlock) and the kiss her on the cheek (kyaaa~). I really hope he can ended up with her (they’re so sweet, aren’t they?). I think Molly Hooper doesn’t exist in the novel.

Okay, I know it’s not a romantic drama xD~

The 2nd episode of the 2nd season “The Hounds of Baskerville”

Someday, I wanna take a pic like that too xD looks cool~

But the 2nd episode is not really good for me, because it was kinda thriller for me. I’m glad it doesn’t turn into horror in the end of the episode. Thanks God, Sherlock can explain it with more logical reason.

I love Sherlock so much, and the way he apologize to Watson, they’re such a cute o(≧▽≦)o

Ooh, It’s one more episode to go, so sad why they only released 3 episodes each year. I really enjoy this brain-thinking kind of series. I know to film this, need hardwork. And the way Benedict Cumberbatch recite his script, it’s not easy at all D: I need to pause it sometimes (>_<) they really did a great job!


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Today I watch another movie (seems all my live was cycling around movie -LOL). It’s Paradise Kiss based on manga with the same name, an awesome J-Movie 2011 about catching dream and love, such a meaningful movie for me, and has a sweet ending. Starring Kitagawa Keiko, Osamu Mukai (I watching this movie because of them) and Yamamoto Yusuke (I was surprised that he was here too xD a happy surprise!).

Okay, please don’t get pervert (*slap my forehead-LOL), even the title is Paradise Kiss, it’s not a kiss-kisses kind of movie (the movie do have some kisses … *blushhh*), but “Paradise Kiss” is a brand name in the movie. So it’s a story about a group of designer from an art university, they’re looking for  a person to be their model (for their last Fashion Show Graduation). Nice movie about catching their dream.

The Scene That Touch My Heart

(Erhmmm… the scene that actually, slap my cheek…)

Actually, several days (around 1 week from last Thursday), I’m struggling around this problem. When all the peoples are walking towards their dream, I’m stuck on the place where I’m standing right now, wondering what my dream is (Gaaahhhhh~ I’m a woman without dream…>_<), how to grab my dream. I’m quite down for it, and somehow lose my energy (super exaggerated xD). But this movie has some line which slaps me pretty hard, opened up my mind, and also give me more guts. It was like a sweet coincidence, when I really need an answer, the male lead gives me the answer through this movie.

The Encouragement

Quoted from the movie (we can learn japanese from movie~ 😉)

Yukari (The female lead) said;
(This is what I always ask myself…)

私なんかなれると思う? | Watashi nanka nareru to omou?
Do you think I can make it?
才能 あるかな? | Sainou aru ka na?
Do I have talent?

And this is the encouraging answer from Koizumi George (The male lead);
(This line is really slapped me, and also encourage me at the same time…)

だからお前は分かってないんだ。| Dakara omae wa wakattenainda.
You don’t get it, do you?
夢を掴むのは才能じゃない、 想いだ。| Yume wo tsukamu no wa sainou janai, omoi da.
To grab your dream, it’s not about talent, it’s desire.
お前の想いは本物なら、必ずなれる。| Omae no omoi wa honmono nara, kanarazu nareru.
If that’s what you really want, you can definitely do it.
自分の可能性失きゃ、何も始まらないよ。| Jibun no kanosei ushinakya, nanimo hajimaranai yo.
Nothing happen unless you believe in yourself.
何とかなる! | Nantoka naru!
It’ll work out somehow!

And then Yukari said;

ここから一人で頑張る。 | Koko kara hitori de ganbaru.
From now on, I’ll do my best alone.

(Yoshhhh~ I’ll do my best too, Yukari! xD 一緒に頑張ろう~!)

When I’m watching movies, sometimes I didn’t watched it only for fun. After I watched it, somehow I got something. I think that what a movie should have 😉

Now I’m thinking on a way to grab my dream, I want to take a step. A step towards my unknown dream.

でも… どこから始めればいいの?
But… Where should I start?

PS :
1. Wow, they’re filming in New York!! xD
2. This movie has 2 kissing scenes! (This is really not important at all, you can just ignore me xD~~)

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It’s a sweet romantic comedy Thai-movie,
with a very simple (or even way too simple) ending.

Today I’m watching this movie with my friend. Just like the title it’s the story about decent woman named Ing (Ploy) –a photographer who has her own studio–  in her 30’s getting dumped by her first boyfriend after dating around 7 years and looking for her soul mate. With the help of her 2 BFF: Mint (Jeab Pijitra) and Yee (Tukki), and also the fortune teller (who sells delicious pork satay) Jued (Pea). There are many hilarious scenes, I really recommended this movie to watch so people will think twice before they become picky.

Catch Out The Trailer


ALERT : This may contain spoiler

The Scene That Catch My Heart

1. When the female lead going to a temple to pray.

The female lead (Ing) going to a temple with the male lead (Jued) accompany her. She mention so many wish, for a very very handsome guy, rich, hard-worker, smart, etc many others. When the male lead only said,

Jued : I want a woman who loves me.
Ing : That’s all?
Jued : Yeah, simple, right?

Yeah in fact that almost all women was like that, and I was really moved by his simple line,
Is a guy like that only happen on movies? *Ask the staaaaars!!* +_+

Actually if people ask me, what kind of guy I want, then I always answer the same thing with the male lead,

The Guy who loves me.

It’s just as simple as that line. But many people said “Bullshit” after I said that line.  ( -____- )

Let me explain then,
If he loves me, he wouldn’t hurt me, right?
If he loves me, he will makes me happy, right?
If he loves me, he will trust me, right?
If he really loves me, then he wouldn’t be penny-pinching, right? (-LOL xD)

Just the way he is, that is how I will treat the guy I loved. That’s why when people ask me I will just answer with that simple line.

Out of Topic! (You can just ignore this -LOL)

In this world, there are some guys who choose a woman by reviewing it as if woman is a long-term-investment, especially when they said that people married and stay forever, it’s not because of love but loyalty (Geeesh, loyalty is happen to a customer and the bank, or a dog with the master!). If you find this kind of guy, believe me, he never really love anyone before. They will realize that their philosophy is wrong when they finally fall in a true love.

2. Is this Fate?

When the female lead ask the male lead, if she didn’t get dumped by her former boyfriend, if she didn’t come looking for the old fortune teller, and if she doesn’t want to eat pork satay, will she ever met him. He answered,

“We will still meet, because if you didn’t come, I would come to you…”

Aw… I know it’s a bit cheesy but… T__________T (too much watching romantic drama is not good for the health of your brain, really… muahahahaha)

3. The Quote From the Ending Part

When the female lead says,

I’m busy looking for a pen, when even a pencil can do.

Ahaha such a sweet parable. It’s just a simple parable, but if you watch the movie, you’ll understand it better. I took it as we are looking for the perfect one, when actually someone beside you is enough. 😉

The Way Too Simple Ending

I wonder why every Thai-Movie I ever watched always have this kind of ending, no skinship, I mean no hugs no kisses (LOL, Do I sound like a pervert? xD). For Example the other romantic comedy “Hello Stranger”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “Best of Time” (This one has a peck), my friend who watched “Loser Lover”, “Suck Seed” also said the same thing. But I salute Thai-movie for that things, they can keep us enjoy their movies, even without many fan-services, maybe that’s the charm 🙂

(But still I want skinshippp!!!) >_< >> Please nevermind this, really, I’m just out of my mind LOL~

But believe me, this movie is worth to watch!! xD

PS :
1. The male lead is really handsome!! (for me)
2. Both of me and my friend are 24+ Single On Sale (^^LOL).

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Lunar New Year celebration start on Monday January 23 2011. Actually I don’t really celebrate this, but it’s tradition.

And according old people, red envelope (contains money) is given only by married people to kids and the unmarried. And if the unmarried give money with red envelope, it will make them get misfortune all the way through the year *sigh*. So there’s no need for me to give my niece a red envelope. But they say, you can give the money with an envelope with any colors except “red”.

An Orange Envelope with Sakura !

So I make this “Orange Envelope”. It’s just part of my hobby 😀

This is how it looks

This is how it looks when it’s open

The Ingredients :

It’s a easy self-customized handicraft, so you can just add anything you like. You just need,

1. Fabric

2. Sewing Tools (Scissors, thread, sewing needles), Glue, Ribbon.

How to make :

Draw The Pattern
You should draw it on paper (some people who skillful, they can draw the pattern on the fabric) , how big you want the envelope, both side, also draw a sakura and sakura petal. Then you cut the fabric according to the pattern.

Sew them with sewing needle
I prefer sewing it by hand, glue just a helper. Glue only to make sure it stick rightly.

It’s really easy, took less than 1 hour to make it 😉

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Office Gath (January 14th~15th  2011)

Today I’m having Office Gath (like an office reunion, we are 4 companies in 1 building), we have this gath every year on January. It was like office party, 2 days 1 night in a far away place. The employees are allowed to bring their relatives, for example: wife, son, mother, mother, sister, uncle, aunt, they can also bring all the entire family (I bring myself). So many people bring their kids, and Julia (my colleague) brings her Mom, dad, 2 sisters, 1 nephew and 1 niece. Last year she brings her hubby and sister, but her hubby was died on may last year 😦

This time we are going to a mountain (It was always mountain xD). We are going to have some fun! We gathered in front of the office in the morning 7 o’clock, they rent 3 busses. It takes around 3-4 hours to reach the inn, we arrived there at 12.

It was a really nice inn with swimming pool, so green because the trees are around the inn, so many grass, and very cold (I wear jacket, scarf and sock there). 12 is lunch time. After having lunch, we are doing outdoor games.

Outdoors’ Games!

 We are playing pretty much outdoor games.

1. Human Knot

All of us were asked to make a human circle, and then when they said “2!”, then we should find a partner from across the circle where we stood, into 2 persons each. When they said “Traffic light!”, then we should find 3 persons formed into a human-stairs, and act like a traffic light (LOL). When the arbiter said “family!”, then we should make a group with 4 people. No winners and no losers, It’s just a fun game. 😉

2. Guess Who’?!

It’s a game to make you know each other better. So the team should be split into 2 teams, and you should remember the name of each member in the opposite team, they will put 1 person on every behind a piece of cloth (pretty large to cover 1 person), the arbiter will open the cloth to let you guess, the person should shout the other party member’s name in front of you, the faster is the winner. It was so fun, because of this games, I get to know more people in other companies 🙂

 3. Caterpillar Race

This was has the same team from the previous game. Actually it’s a bit different with caterpillar race, where all of team should lining up, this time the arbiter told us to make a human-roll, and tie us with a rope. We are having a race with that position, LOL. My team loses on this game.

 4. Sliding Ball on Pipes

All of team members get a piece of pipe (being cut vertically into 2 parts). And the 12 of us should build a bridge for the ball to slide until the finish line. Within 10 minutes, the team who got more balls is the winner. My team wins this game with 4:3.

 5. Foot Tower (Water Game)

I passed this game since it’s a water game, I don’t want to get wet in a cold place like that >_< So each team members are lie down on the grass, they ask them to take off the shoes and become barefoot and make a tower with their feet each other, then on the peak of those feet, they will put a bucket of water. Then they will ask you to put your shoes on, without make that bucket of water spill out, there are so many people get wet on this game -LOL.

 6. Water balloons Volleyball (Water Game)

It’s just like volleyball, but the ball used here is water balloon. So each team will get table cloth, and pass the water balloon with that table cloth, each table cloth contains 4 member of team. so there are 3 table cloth each team. You should catch the ball with those tablecloth, otherwise, it will hit your head, and you’ll get wet muahahhaha >:)

The Banquet Dinner

The banquet start at 6:30 PM, It’s all set into a buffet with so many round tables, the food served there are very delicious (I ate a lot here 😀). There are 2 MC’s entertain us with 1 singer and 1 keyboardist. Although they are only 4 peoples, but they sure know how to entertain peoples. They are so funny (I think those 2 MCs are gay!). There’s a magic show, and the singer sings Katy Perry’s Fireworks xD~ (Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon~ moon~moon~ ), Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor, and many other song.

The MC mention the door prize, I got the door prize twice in a row, the gadget I’m using now, a blackberry that I get on the gath year 2010, and a shopping voucher (worth for 230 USD) on the gath year 2011. Too bad this year, I didn’t get any door prize >_< (Mr. Christ got the door prize!)

Midnight at The Hot Spring (Onsen? –xD)

After done with the banquet at 11 PM, we’re heading to Hot Spring. It’s a bit different with Japanese Onsen, where people are nude and split the gender. We still wears swimwear or bikinis here, and they didn’t split the gender. So It’s all mixed up! I soaked all of my body into hot spring, It feels so good, so warm, feels like my tired all gone along with the steam. I was inside the water for 1 hour, until I realize my hands and feet get wrinkled, then I get out. I find out that Mr. Christ and some other people didn’t soaked on hot spring, I wonder why. Not long after get out, I get my body shivering because way too cold. we head back to the inn at 2 AM, and Sleep!

The night is so cold, I got my nose running, and my knees on pain (someone said that it sounds like bilateral arthritis of the knees, sounds really bad T___T), it’s really hard to sleep, I put some analgesic balm on my knees and some patch around my stomach, then get some sleep.

Wake up at 7 AM, thanks God there’s hot water for bath, I’m freezing. The air in the morning is fresh, the sun shining brightly, the tree and grass are sparkling. I’m walking through the grass for breakfast. I’m having a cup of coffee and fried rice for breakfast. The fried rice tasted awful =__=

Picking Strawberries

After done with the breakfast, We are walking to a strawberry farm.

Mr. Christ (the western guy from the previous post) is also come along with us to the strawberry farm . Since I’m totally feel stupid after ignore him two days ago. This time, I gather all my courage not to avoid him and try to talk to him. Here’s my conversation:

Me: Good morning, Mr. Christ! (I greet him)
Mr. Christ: Oh, good morning, beautiful girl! (I think I’m old enough to be called “girl”)
Me: So, you’re pilot school right? (I started to screwed the English >_<)
Mr. Christ: Yah. (I think he understand what I mean)
Me: Are you the student or the instructor, sir? (Okay, I was like doing an interview =.=)
Mr. Christ: Oh, I’m not a student; I’m a going-to-be-instructor (he smiles +_+)
Me: I thought you are student.
Mr. Christ: no, I’m not a student.
Me: It seems you can speak our language pretty good, huh?
Mr. Christ: Yeah, a bit. (he answer this with my mother language, LOL)
Me: Where did you learn that from?
Mr. Christ: Oh, my mom, she’s from here and my dad is from US. I was born here. (Then it means that he’s half.)
Me: Oh, so you were born here... are you fluent in English?
Mr. Christ: Yes, I am.
Me: Can you teach me English sir?
Mr. Christ: Sure, what do you want to learn? Grammar?
Me: Ukh, I screwed the grammar.
Mr. Christ: You screwed the grammar? (He is laughing)
Me: I want to learn pronunciation.
Mr. Christ: (he said something about pronunciation)
Me: I learn pronunciation from movies.
Mr. Christ: No, that’s not enough, because when you watch it you only hear it. (He said that I need to keep talking with English to improve my pronunciation.)
Me: it means that I should talk to you everyday then sir *giggle~*
Mr. Christ: Yeah, sure (he’s laughing).

Can this be considered as a good chat? -LOL
It’s not bad, really…
to gather all your strength and try 🙂

Picking strawberries is fun! I don’t pick too much since I should pay for it (Stingy Rinrin!!), I pick 7 strawberries. (I paid for it, it doesn’t even cost 1 buck!! muahaha) ;), I took some photos there and bought some snack for my parents. After done with the photo session and picking the strawberries, head back to the inn for check out. We got into bus around 10:30 AM for another destination (eat lunch – LOL). WE have lunch, and then watch a traditional show. Then we all go back to the city, arrived at the office at 7 PM. I reached my home at 8 PM. I feel so tired.

Time is not ticking, but running. It was so fast. the next day, I already sitting on the office desk, and doing my job like I usually do. Everything just like a dream, and slowly fade away. That’s the reason I shoot some photos and write this into my blog. Because when I’m writing this, I’m sure it’s not a dream. 😉

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Talking to A Foreigner

One day faithfully …  There’s a foreigner in my office.

Actually this building (the place where I’m working) contains 4 companies. The first company is a company who sells airport stuff, such as a lamp for the airplane traffic (for example, at night when the airplane gonna take off, they need some light on the ground to lead the airplane to take off safely (and many other airport stuff). The second company is a company who also sells airport stuff, this time it’s an X-ray baggage, etc. The third company is pilot school, a school where you learn how to flight an airplane. And the last one is the company where I’m working at is a construction company, our job is to build houses, offices, etc.

But among all of those companies, the 3 was working with many foreigner, since the stuff is imported from Germany, they also send their people to go to Europe for training there, once a year. I envy them so much (It’s not “the neighbor’s grass is greener than mine”, their grass is GOLD!!). Even they send them for 10 days training in Berlin – Europe, in fact they’re only training for 2 days, and the rest they are traveling around Europe!! >_<

Okay, back to topic,

I like foreigner, I really would like to talk with a foreigner. I even added it up on my bucket list. And there’s a foreigner there at my office. He’s working on the Pilot School, his name is Christian, let’s call him Mr. Christ.

And one day faithfully, there’s a package for me at the lobby. I’m going down to the lobby for the package, there are 5 students and Mr. Christ there (even he’s a foreigner, he can speak our language, but with a foreigner accent ;)). I got the package and about going back to work, until one of the student ask me to input their fingerprints (actually several weeks ago, they put a security access to the glass door, so they can pass with their fingerprint. But no one input their fingerprint to the access control.), including Mr. Christ!!!

I inputted their fingerprint one by one, until the last one is… Mr. Christ. He’s fluent in English, but he still trying to speak our languages, he’s a fun guy. After that he smile and said “Thank you very much, sweetie!”…you know what I’m doing? I’m doing nothing, I ignored him!! Oh my gahhh!!! T____________T

It’s hard for me to talk to a foreigner. I always being like this, I got a poor grammar, I screwed the grammar, and also instead of that, I’m very bad on pronunciation. I really really want to talk to a foreigner, but whenever I face them, I got so nervous, my head was like a blank white paper. I don’t know what to say, and ended up ignore him T__________T I really really want to talk to him… Feels like I want to cry and bang my head to a wall 😦

I hate myself to be like that, I also said a wrong sentences in my own mother language, he must be think that I’m weird …. T_________T

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네가 태어난 오늘은, 정말 소중한 날이란다.
태어나줘서 고맙다, 오드리!

Today, the day that you were born… is a precious day.
Thank you for being born, Audrey!

Today is January 9th 2012, Audrey is 1 year baby now (YAAAAAYYYYY~~~~!!!).

Time ticking so fast, I still remember clearly like it was yesterday, the day when I’m rushing to the hospital, to see Audrey on her 1st day in this world. Now, 1 year have been passed. She can walk now, 6 steps in a row maybe xD. She likes to walk using a little chair as her baby-walker. She’s so cute.

She got surprise party from her Grandpa-Grandma (mother’s side) this afternoon, they throw a birthday party with so many neighbor’s kids coming and celebrate her birthday. Aniki and me cannot attend since it’s afternoon, we all are working. She got so many presents, and I’m sure she’s having so much fun there.

Audrey’s Birthday Cake

Wow, Audrey actually got 2 birthday cake!! The 1st one on the 1st party at afternoon, and this one, another party with her dady, her Gomo (me) and Grandpa-Grandma (father’s side) at night!! I reached her home at 7 PM, it wasn’t rainy, until I arrived at her home.

My mom make a lot of Fried Noodles, it’s a tradition to eat noodles on birthday, people said for a long live (long like a noodles~) 😉

This noodle is really delicious!!

Birthday Present For Audrey

As her Gomo, of course I prepared a birthday present for her, I wrapped it nice for her to rip it apart muahahaha! (she likes to rip something like tissue, paper and plastic)  xD

It’s an electric organ, I hope she can be a baby musician with that -LOL ~~ 😀

Look at her, how she tore it apart to open up the present xD (Ukhhh, I got blurred here)

She reads the manual book first, haha good girl! (Oh Hello Pooh! How do you do?)

She’s now a baby musician!!

I’m really glad she was born between us, with her smile she can relieves our pain, give joy to us.

Happy Birthday, Audrey!
Wishing you a whole lot of Happiness,
May you become a good, healthy, and tough girl (just like your name “noble strength“),
Not only receiving happiness, but also bring happiness for everyone around you.

With Love,
Gomo Rinrin

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I Want Snow Here!

I always want to have snow here, wear a winter coat (fully equipped), and also build a snowman/angel snow. 😉

I’m living in a tropical country, so there’s no snow here. When I was a little girl, I always wish that someday, it will be snow here (now I know that it’s an impossible thing -LOL). And I keep asking people I knew who living in a far place, about snow. I even added it up on my bucket list, “To Touch Snow”, someday surely. 😉

Today I have a chat after long time with my friend Mr. Shue who lives in Wisconsin US. He said that this year there hasn’t snow at Wisconsin due to global warming (And I said that there’s no snow there at Wisconsin because the snow is moving here xD). I told him that “Touch Snow” is my new year resolution, and he answer me;

You want snow there? You have to shovel the snow off the sidewalks and out of the street. If we get some snow I’ll pack some into a jar and send it to you, and when you get it, It’ll be water. -LOL

Then I said to him that “I want to know how it feels to have snow falling all over my body”, and he answer me :

LOL, It’ll feel cold, is all it’ll feel.

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be only feel “cold” for me, It will be more than that. Probably… >_<

“Touch Snow” is my new year resolution (actually it’s kinda… hard to be true, since I’m quite broke now xD). If I wish to touch snow, then I must go to Japan or Korea in Winter, that’s gonna be very expensive traveling fee~~~~ I need to save up much money~~~~ but howww~~~*desperate*

My friend, Luc who lives in Europe also told me that it hasn’t snowed there so far this winter, he said last year was “Global Cooling” so he got snowed there (I hope I get Global Cooling too here xD). He also said that If it snowed a lot there was ice on the roads for many weeks causing big problems for traffic and trains.

Something about snow

Luc tells me something about snow ;):

It is nice to be outside when it is snowing.
But it’s cold so you have to be wrapped up warm.
And gloves are essential if you want to build a snowman,
otherwise your fingers will freeze.
Snow is soft and cold. Sometimes it is light, sometimes heavy.
It can fall slowly or fast. But it is always quiet, not noisy like rain.
(Unless its a dangerous blizzard).
Once it has snowed, the air is fresh and crisp and cool.
Snow is fun, but when it doesn’t melt it becomes a big problem.
And it is hard to drive when there’s snow,
and hard to walk too because it turns to ice and is very slippery.
Fresh snow makes a crunchy sound when you walk on it.

I’m glad, thanks to him I get to know more about snow today. When I read it, I was imagine it and without I realize, I was smiling :). And also get to know that snow isn’t only beautiful things to be said, but too much snow will also brings some problems.

Even so, I still wish there’s snow here.

Do you know this proverb?

隣の芝生は青く見える. | Tonari no shibafu wa aoku mieru. (in Japanese)
The grass is always greener on your neighbor’s yard. (in English)

l’herbe est toujours plus verte dans le pre du voisin. (in French)

Yap, that’s it 😉

Another friend who lived in Japan, Hiro-san, said that he”d like to live in a tropical country, because it’s warm (we’re talking when he’s in winter, so it’s kinda biased) maybe he felt so cold there, and having an illusion “If I was in tropical country uwahhhh~ xD When its winter he felt very cold, and lazy doing anything, he just want to sitting or sleeping with his feet under kotatsu -LOL. There are many other friends who also said the same thing, that they’re envy me for living in a tropical country.

The grass is indeed, always greener on our neighbor’s yarddddd~ 😀

It’s not just me who want to touch it, my friend, Joms who lives in Philippines (Philippines is also a tropical country 😀), said that he wants to eat snow! LOL, so we are making a plan to save up our money, and go eat snow at Korea this December. I hope my savings enough when the time comes… >_<

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For some reason,
There’s always a story behind the day I watched every Sherlock Holmes

An unforgettable story…

2010.01.01 – The Day I Watched Sherlock Holmes [2009]

New Year 2010 (January 1st),
I’m watching Sherlock Holmes with a bunch of friends after stayed up all night for New Year Eve Party. When we step into the cinema, and the movie about to start, they all sleep -LOL . I remember this because I watch it for the second time. I already watched it a week ago.

2011.12.23 – The Day I Watched Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows [2011]

I’ve been waiting for this day for years, and finally today I can watch Sherlock Holmes, I can’t describe how excited I am.

I was waiting for my friend who’s gonna pick me up at five. But no matter how long I wait, he didn’t show up. I called him and he said that his car was being borrowed by someone and the person has not come back yet.

After waiting for 1 hour, At 6 PM, me who is really don’t want late for Sherlock Holmes, I decided to go to the cinema by myself, the movie starts on 7 PM. I’m dashing and then took a bus. That day a heavy rain is falling, and got a hell traffic jam. I should took another bus to reach the cinema, I jump into the next bus, and hell yeah I was dropped by the buss in the middle of overpass; the reason is because the driver’s fuckin’ idea to switch the way to prevent traffic jam, he told me shortcut by walking down the stair on the side of river until I reach another highway.

The situation of the little path beside the river is dark without any lights, slippery because of rain, and I don’t know where that little path beside river will take me. So here’s a lost woman under a pouring rain, standing on the side in the middle of overpass, no taxi, no bus. I look at my watch, it’s already 7:30 PM, and I was so upset and cry, I’ve already late for 30 minutes. I don’t know what to do. Should I just give up on the movie, go home, and watch it another day, or I should thumb a ride. Why should it be today I struggle on these things, today is the day I’ve been waiting for years (I’m such a movie freak).

Kind People Are Still Out There

But today, I realize something, that out of numerous cars passing the overpass, no one gave a shit, they just staring at a woman under the pouring rain (heavy rain) with strange eyes, making their own conclusion for what happen to that woman.

And also, among those ignorant people, there will always 1 or 2 peoples who still give a shit. So while I’m depressed myself on the side of overpass, an old man with motorcycle offer me some help. He took me out of overpass to the way I can walk to the cinema. He thought I was slipped on slippery road or being robbed and was dropped there. He said that he has two little daughter, he help me because I remind him of his daughters. He is such a great daddy  (Sir, you got into my blog you know, thank you very much for helping me). Even I don’t know that old man’s name, I’m sure will never forget him. And do you know another miracle that happen, when I sit on the motorcycle, the heavy rain are stopped.

I reached the cinema at 7:40. and my friend who the car was being borrowed, reach the cinema on 8 PM, he was late 1 hour (Thanks God the movie was 2 hours, so we still can watch it for another 1 hour). Wait! There’s a friend of mine who also heading there, but the pouring rain hits him until he’s all wet (he’s riding a motorcycle), and he decided to go back home and gave up on the movie.

For a moment, when I was dropped on the overpass, there’s a slightest thought, that:

If I wait for my friend patiently, I might not having those experience,
I will sitting comfortably on his car, being late for 1 hour without hardships

So this life is all about choice. I’m not regret taking my choice. It’s true that it’s a bad experience, but also a good experience to know that… kind people are still out there. 😉

The question is…

Are we one of them?

PS : I curse the bus driver a lot, I hate him to my very coreeeee, if he didn’t change the destination, I will only late for 10 minutes… -piipp- -pippp- -pippp- >_<  *censored*

Thanks for jumping into my page. 😀

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