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내 스물넷 선물!

어제의 3월18일는 내 생일이다!
그리고 오늘은 나 스물넷 선물 받다!

이 담요 진짜로 따뜻한다!!

이건는 가방이다! 너무 좋아서요!

고마워요 친구들! 그 선물 너무 좋아요!
올해 도 난 열심히 하게습니다!
내 생일을 기억해 주셔서 고맙다!

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March 20th 2011

Today I got a strange dream, it’s pretty strange because I didn’t remember about that dream when I woke up, and it’s a lovely dream since it makes me feel happy.
If I wrote this dream now, it means I remember the dream now hehehe…

It’s a dream about me getting a tax course in a college, it’s a short tax course held by college for anyone to gain a certificate.(I attend this class in real life lol~)
But I ended up attend a wrong class, I attend college class, where so many students attend the class, it was so huge class with so many student in it, maybe we could say it’s a Hall. So many new face (even I’m not clearly remember their face but their face isn’t my any acquaintances) there are so many 멋진 남자 ㅎㅎㅎ.

I haven’t clearly remember all the dream, but I feel like I’m getting a long with them, and makes friends with them, I feel like “Ohh… This is how it feels for getting into college, we could make many friends here and experience our youth together”, since I didn’t attend college and two days ago is my 24th birthday… It was like my life is missing some parts.

I’m eating noodle with them (some of student who is 멋진 남자 ㅎㅎ) in the food court and hilariously joking with them. It was really fun, I’m not the one who wrong attended the class, and we know that what we’ve done isn’t a good thing, but yet we still sneaking into that class again, since it’s all new student of year 1, they all new faces so its a common thing if they didn’t recognize us.

There’s one guy whose pretty close to me, he’s a good guy (but I don’t remember his face at all) this is the second dream that I didn’t remember the face of a guy in my dream (he’s the male lead in my dream lol, and I always come with this conclusion, that his face will be my future husband lmao~ *stupidly giggling*).

There are some sweet moment that I can’t clearly remember, pretty much lovely moment that makes me happy since I didn’t remember, I will write it down when I remember xD…

This one is the moment I remember, that I received an envelope from him, there are 2 tickets in it (I think it’s a ticket for a Dolphin Show tonight), I was surprisingly happy, and then my dream to be continued dunno when ( ̄ー ̄)
I always wishing before I sleep that maybe tonight I can continue this dream,
Will I attend the dolphin show with him?
Will I have a good time with him?
Is he the same guy with the guy in my previous dream whose the face suddenly blurred after I woke up?
Or Am I a dreamer freak? Lmao

Sorry for memories jumping, I just trying to recall my lost memories xD~ since it’s a nice dream for me I want to memorize it here 🙂

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今日は私の誕生日だ !
今年はもう24歳ですね 。
大人の感じは少し分かる (笑)。
お ~ 神様、力を下さい ~ xD

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From the previous blog about “no looting”,
I had some words for my Country…

To think of it, why my country cannot do that?
I think my Country should learn from japanese with how makes more “Human Drama” than a “Romance Soap Drama” with a thousands episodes ( ̄ー ̄), just make it short like J-Drama which only 11 episodes, but contains many humanity and moral about life. So the people who watch it can learn something from it.

Let’s just learn from a very little thing like:
Be patient in queue over a cashier of convenience store, ATM or even a toilet.
Throwing your trash into the trash can.
Walking on a pedestrian crossing.
Not to spit on the street (this is kinda disgusting)
This all, we (all of this nation) already learn it when we’re in playgroup but yet still did it even they already pass 50 years old, I wonder why?!

I always have this kind of thought :
“If s/he can, why I can’t ?”
“If they can, why we can’t ?”
It’s a simple but strong words for me.
And gave a big will to do.

It’s simple like this for me:
She can speak English. Why I can’t ?
“I have no money to take a course”
That’s just a excuse to spoil yourself!
You should be:
“I can do it!”
because I have the will to learn!
Don’t need to take any course!
Remember the idiom :
“There’s so many ways lead to Rome”
Not only by taking a course.
You can learn it by watching TV series, reading, and now browsing is quite popular.
You can even learn from foreigner in Twitter, find a friend there and learn together.
If you had the will, you sure can overcome this.

Why that can’t be simple for you?
They can throw the trash into the trash can.
Why we can’t ?
They can lining up in order to queue in a toilet without disturbing each other.
Why we can’t ?
They can make a plane?
Why we can’t ?

Just first put this question into your mind…
And don’t spoil yourself with an excuse.
Please be mature!

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Do u know about this article?
“Why is there no looting in Japan?

Suddenly I remember this phrase :
which is means “One for all, All for One”
I got this phrase from anime named 「 鋼の錬金術師」 or well-known with “Full Metal Alchemist”
I think this phrase is fit perfectly with Japan.
That’s why there’s no looting there.
I’m not a Japanese but yet I’m so proud of them. I’m a really big fan of this country.
I think my country should learn a lot thing from Japan.

I hope Japan can overcome this disaster,
No, not only hope, I’m sure Japan can overcome this!
They had a strong personality.
I will always pray for Japan.
If only I can, I will flew there and offer help with my hands (>_<)

Good Luck Japan!
You can do it!!! Fight!

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Look at her, she’s two months now.
how cute she is xD~

우리 오드리, 누구 딸이야??
얼마나 이쁜데 도 참 ㅎㅎ!
잘 먹고 잘 살아 해야 돼~
우리 오드리 너무 사랑한다~

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March 3rd, 2011

I don’t want to get any delusion.
It’s been along time since the last time I got affection from a guy (I can’t even say that it was an affection lol).

It’s happened when I was going to lunch, I even bring my 도시락, but he asked me to lunch out with him, because he had meeting around my workplace, so we ended up eat lunch together.

He’s the 3rd guy that say I’m better with my new short haircut, and the first person who said I’m cute with my new short haircut. I’m not gonna lie, I’m happy getting praised lol. But its a common feeling I think, no more or less.

And then, when we lunch, he put some vegetables on my plate. After 2 years since I broke up with my ex, he’s the first person who put food on my plate (sometimes it means cares).

I got a strange feeling, but I’m not going to any delusion. I took it as he is a guy who have just broke up with his gf, feeling really down, and as his friend, I did gave him some advices, try to cheer him up, and that’s only his appreciation for my friendly welcome.

Watching him eating 2 plate food…
friends, I’m happy seeing you like this, since I know when you’re very down, even for eating you seems don’t have any appetite, even for smile you seems don’t have any energy, your world’s seems collapsed in front of your eyes.
But now, you’re getting better, It’s good. Keep it up!

그사람들를 남자 아니야, 그냥 친구, 이상한 상상 안됀다! 그 사람은 사랑해주 도 안됀다 , 맞다! 그냥 친구다! 정신 차려!

I wouldn’t get any delusion, because…
Sometimes, in this world,
Things doesn’t always work as we want it, Doesn’t always work as we imagine it.
When we find the right answer,
Then, its not Illusion nor Delusion.
That’s the Fact, standing there, Proudly…

*Delusion : [Definition]
A false belief that are firmly held
Something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated
A fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact.

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