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February 14th has come, yeah it’s Valentine’s day for our beloved persons.


OH! I got a Choco from Audrey’s Mom!! Thank you Nee-san!


It was a week before Valentine’s day come, when I bought Pororo for Audrey. But then, Shimatta! I should make an excuse because my mom shouldn’t know that I’ve bought this Pororo after that incident…

The Doll Prohibited Incident

So the incident happened on Last Christmas. My Dad and I, we gave Audrey dolls as Christmas Gift. I bought a little White Teddy Bear in Sweater, and my Dad bought a Santa. But Audrey seems doesn’t like them. She throw them away T_____T She was afraid of the Santa, and so my little white Teddy Bear. But my bro said, if the teddy bear nude (by undressing the sweater) she didn’t afraid of him. Gosh… poor Santa… we can’t undress Santa…

Mom scolds us (me and Dad), we are prohibited to buy any dolls for Audrey (since she seems doesn’t like it). So just like the lie I made last year about my gig bag (I bought it and lying that I borrowed it from a friend, even until now she never ask that).

The Lies

After bought the Pororo, I’m thinking so hard how to put Pororo as if I’m not buying this but I got this somewhere freely. Here I go tell lies, that someone in my office bought a lego on a kidshop for her nephew, and got a Russian Roulette doorprize “Pororo’s doll”, and that her nephew is a 6 years old boy who doesn’t play a doll so she gave me the Pororo. Wow, what a lies, but Mom believes it, ukhhh feel really terrible 😐
The reason I tell lies is simple just as I’m just trying to prevent any bickering among us, we are old enough for that, or maybe I’m just running away from the problem?

The Famous Little Penguin – PORORO !!

 I never knew that Pororo has become so famous, many children and even adults loves this penguin and his friends, Including Audrey.Pororo & Friends

Audrey likes the Pororo very much. The moment she saw Pororo sits there, she shout his name loudly and Hug Pororo hahaha, so cute, I’m so happy for that hehehe… (psssttt… Audrey can recite all of Pororo’s friend heheheh, maybe I should start looking for the others 😉)

Pororo for Audrey

My Valentine’s Day


This year just like another year without boyfriend, but this year maybe better than last year since I spend my Valentine’s Day with my friend who also a single fighter like me hehehhe. We are out for dinner. All over the table was filled with couples, but then we still enjoy our time by talking many things, well we both love dramas and many things in common. The two couples who sit next to us are barely talks, or maybe we’re talking too loudly and way too excited hahaha…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, hope you are enjoying this lovely day too!

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Spending a day with Audrey at the Book store at weekend…

Today, Audrey is a 1 year 9 months 11 days toddler, she likes books, especially the one with a big butterfly on the cover. She can speak a lot of words now, such as “no way”, even calling me 😀 I feel so happy to hear that. She can also recite one to ten nicely. 😉

She fall asleep after running around the bookstore for several hours, I think her battery dropped and need charged hahah 😀 She wakes up after sleeping around one hour. Look what I’m doing while she sleeping, taking her pics secretly  muahahahhahaa >:)


They sell  A cheap 5 bucks capo there at the bookstore, so I bought one for Pablo 😉

Now I can play the song I want to learn with this capo, I already can do the intro, though the rest still kinda hard, especially F Chord gaaaaahhhhh I hate barre chords!!! ~xO

My index finger is not long enough to hold one fret, and not strong enough to push the whole 6th strings, some of them become mute 😦 I’m gonna pwned this barre chord in 2 weeks, wish me luck! Yoshhh Ganbarouuuuu~ xD

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オードリーの色々活動 (Audrey’s Various Activity)

Audrey is at her 1 year 8th months now… Let’s see what she can do 😉

  1. She can sit on trolley

  2. She can make silly face

  3. She can do grocery

    I’m sure Audrey is gonna be a great mom, look at her, she already doing grocery at this age -LOL xD

  4. She can make calls

    Hello? I’m Audrey!

  5. She can take pictures

    My little niece is now a toddler, and today we’re spend a day together at the supermarket.

    PS : Actually, she’s not really make calls and taking pics, she just act as if she’s on the phone and taking pics, and the phone is her mom’s hehe  *squeeeezeeeee herrr!!!!* xD

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We are in the mid of summer, and the summer is going to ended soon. Summer will always fun for me, because every summer I always having so much fun. Two years ago I spend it by going to an amusement park, last year I spent it on Bali for 4 days, and this year I spend it with my cute -1 year 6 months- niece, Audrey! (Actually in the next 5 days she will be a 1 year 7 months toddler hehehehe – Oh noo time goes so fast :()

This photos is a bit scary isn’t it?
It’s actually my Dad’s hand Muahahahhahaa!! xD

I ask my friend who is good on taking pics (photography is his hobby) if he wants to help me taking my niece pics on the pool this Saturday, and thanks God, he agreed. And all pics posted here is his pieces.

August 2nd is my Aniki’s birthday, and when I congrats him, he ask me “Where’s my present?”, TADAAA!! This pool event is my birthday present for him. I bring my Mom, Dad, a Papparazi with a DSLR camera (my friend, Bryan!), Aniki, Nee-san and Audrey to enjoy this pool time together. Unlike my previous birthday present which is usually “a stuff”, this year my birthday present for him is “moment”. This is the 1st time (and also my Mom’s and Dad’s 1st time too) playing with Audrey on the pool, she really likes playing on the pool 😉

We are arrived a bit late, around 2:30 PM, but the sun is nice because it’s going to set soon, not too hot, it’s such a warm evening. My mom and Nee-san didn’t get into the pool. Audrey get into the pool and playing with her grandpa and Aniki. I also get into the pool with my friend, honestly I can’t swim, and forgot to do warming up, I cramped my feet (the right one), so I’m not stay in the pool for a long time.

Audrey having so much fun, she playing until the sun sets, and water become a bit cold. She trembled coldly, but unwilling to get out from the pool. But then we force her to get out, and we ended this pool time.

Ah, 2 days before today, I bought a bubble gun. It’s a gun that blow out many bubble with liquid soap. I want to show Audrey what is bubble 😀 So after we all dressed up and resting for a moment, I pull out my gun and spread the bubble all over the place. Such a beautiful bubbles !! And my friend, Bryan, catch the moment with his camera 😉

And as my thought, every kids would like bubbles (including me). Another little cute girl who sitting with her family beside our table, is very excited with those bubbles. Her name is Oriana, she’s there on the pic, behind Audrey 😉  They are so cute trying to catch the bubbles.

I never own any bubble gun in my childhood, I used to play with a straw, and make the liquid soap with my mom’s dish soap (LOL), I even talk about this with my aniki, and he also remembered it! I didn’t have a chance to play with this bubble gun, and never realized that at such this age, finally I can play with this stuff haha (one of my bucket list accomplished! xD).

After having some fun with bubbles until we are running out of soap. I can’t blow any bubbles anymore  😦 So we ended this soap blowing event too. Then we all go home.

I’m so happy I can spend this day together with my family. Actually I’d love to spend my each weekend like this, but it’s not easy to drag all of them out from house and attend outdoor activity. So even it’s just once in a while, it’s precious.

The next day is Sunday and I hibernate myself for sleeping for 16 hours. Maybe my body is old enough to take this kind of activity? because I feel so tired, and loved to sleep again and again. But my Mom and Dad already wake up early in the morning and going exercise by biking for 4 hours!! Omg, am I that weak? Dx what’s wrong with my body ?!?!?! 😦

PS : Thanks to my friend Bryan who willing to come play with my whole family, and memorized this all memories through his camera and photos. All photos that was posted here are credit to him.

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내 귀여운 오드리, 너무 사랑스러워~
오드리 와 함께 하루종일, 너무 즐거웠어 ^^
앞으로, 자주 자주 같이 놀고 좋겠네요

今日は17ヶ月の赤ちゃんになります! ;)

Spent All Day With Audrey 😉

Today, I’m going to a bookstore with Audrey. Just like always when I was arrived, she’s sleeping on her father’s arm. When she wakes up, we go find some logic toy for her, a ball with so many shaped hole (like square, triangle, circle, pentagon, etc), to train her brain about shape hehe. But she gone wild and keep taking many books LOL my Audrey, she feels so excited!

After that we go for drink and have some snack while chatting at Dunkin Donuts (This place reminds me of Queen In Hyun’s Man when the female lead give the male lead a dunkin’s donut LOL). I screwed their schedule, usually they go to Church at Saturday, but because of me they cancelled it (OMG! I’m so sorry, God!  >_< I feel so bad 😦 ). They playing with me until night all day long hehe, I’m having such a great time, I miss Audrey so much, it’s been 2 weeks I didn’t meet her.

Omoooo~ She Calls Me “Gomo”!!!

“Oh!, Hello again, Pooh!” 😉 -Audrey is a big fan of Elmo & Pooh!

I ever told her several times by pointing my finger on my face and said “Gomo!” loooong time ago, but what I got is being ignored by her! But then suddenly a week ago when my mom and dad go visit her, my bro told them that she knows Gomo! When my bro said “Gomo”, she took her Ipad (Audrey got an Ipad from a diaper’s contest =..= Such a lucky baby huhuhu), and with fingers she found me on the picture, and pointing it by saying “Gomo~”!!!!

Oh my God, who the heck telling her that I am Gomo? I thought her mom train her with that picture, but she didn’t! So actually she don’t really ignored me, she did ignored me but she remember what I said? xD

And today, ehem… she calls me “Gomo” kyaaaaaaaaa~ *squeezeeee herrrr* xD

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Today, April 21th, Audrey is a 1 year 3 months 1 weeks 3 days baby  (WTH?! ROFL xD). Okay just ignored this crazy Gomo’s counting her niece’s age.

She can eat Spaghetti now!!! (but without the sauce :|)

Poor Audrey she eat the spaghetti without sauce (that must be tasteless), but she seems really like it hahaha xD

Okay, I’ll blame the doctor for preventing her to eat sweet and salty things. The doctor said that its better to eat the sweet at 2 years age. But that’s still a long way to go, another 9 months.

Her mom said that, that’s not a big deal to eat the sweet now or later, in the end she will be able eat anything, but just not now. Hehe what a wise Mom 🙂 So I think we will just stick to what doctor said, not to give her any salt, sweet or salty food now. The Doctor sure know it better than us hehe.

Actually today we ate here for the celebration of Nee-san’s birthday at April 12th a week ago. I gave her a blouse as the birthday gift. I hope she like it.

Happy birthday nee-san, wish you all the best. And…
You’re the best Mom for Audrey. 😉

PS : Ukhh, I know I should put my Nee-san pic here, but can’t find any since she doesn’t like to be pictured huhuhu…. so I will just put an old picture when Audrey around 8-9 months hehee 😀

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Whoa, in the next 2 days, Audrey will become a 1 year 3 months baby~ YAY~ *clap clap clap*

Time goes so fast sigh… she can walk now *giggle*, and of course running on the bed :p

Today is my 1st Easter with Audrey, My bro and his wife come to visit us  (Mom, Dad, and me). Audrey got her HelloKittop (Hello Kitty Laptop) lol, it’s just a talking toy hehehe. she likes it so much. After playing all day at her Grandpa-Grandma house. We heading to the church, isn’t it Easter? hheehee (I’m not that religious since I’m a deist, I only go Church when it’s Easter and Christmas), or maybe so that I can play with Audrey 😉 )

The Church is really crowded (It’s Easter after all). Audrey likes to play with water bottle, so to keep her calm I let her play with my water bottle (she likes to scream, it will be bad if she scream there) but then she accidentally dropped the bottle and crack it to the ground, the water splash on the church floor~ Omoooo~ Audrey! Dx I was pretend like nothing happen~LOL *culprit*

She start to screaming (well actually it’s kind of talking, but no one knows the meaning), so my bro took her out of the Church and play with her outside, me and nee-san continue pray.

Ah, and It’s Easter, we light up the candle and singing some song. Audrey doesn’t want to hold the candle, so I hold the candle for her ;p And since it was in the Church, I didn’t take any pic there 😦

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Gosh, Time slip so fast! 

I still remember how I spend my last year Valentine’s day, by making a description of Dream Man. It’s almost 1 year passed, and there’s no trace of any Dream Man around me. xD~ (Hell yeah Dream Man = Dream on~ >_<)

Today is February 9th 2011, Audrey is 13 months baby now. She can talk “pa pa pa~”, and “ma ma ma~”, let’s considered it as she can called their parents now (LOL). Last Sunday, her parent took her to a dept store, and she seems so happy (super happy!). She can walks now 😉

I already prepared a Valentine’s Gift for her. I wrapped it nicely like always.

I put a dotted ribbon to make it looks a bit cute.

I also add a greeting card, a -mini- greeting card (LOL)

Peeking the stuff inside, Wohoo~ It’s a couple T-shirt for Audrey and Her Mom!!

Tomorrow my Mom will go to Aniki’s home, she will bring the gift with her, so it’s gonna be an ealier Valentine’s Gift for them. I hope they like it. 🙂

PS :
I’m sorry Aniki, there’s no Valentine’s gift for you,
the gift goes to Audrey and her Mom xD)

-= A Little Knowledge =- Do you know?

Do you know that in Irish Mythology, there’s a God named Dian?
It’s Dian Cecht, the “God of Healing” in Irish Mythology. He blessed a well which can heals any wound (except for those who beheaded). He ever saved Ireland once and he has a story behind the River Barrow (A beautiful place in Ireland, I want to go there once ;D)

He’s such a powerful God, right?
That’s why, don’t you ever underestimate a healer!
(He inspired me to be a healer)

And my sis in law has the same name with him 😉

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네가 태어난 오늘은, 정말 소중한 날이란다.
태어나줘서 고맙다, 오드리!

Today, the day that you were born… is a precious day.
Thank you for being born, Audrey!

Today is January 9th 2012, Audrey is 1 year baby now (YAAAAAYYYYY~~~~!!!).

Time ticking so fast, I still remember clearly like it was yesterday, the day when I’m rushing to the hospital, to see Audrey on her 1st day in this world. Now, 1 year have been passed. She can walk now, 6 steps in a row maybe xD. She likes to walk using a little chair as her baby-walker. She’s so cute.

She got surprise party from her Grandpa-Grandma (mother’s side) this afternoon, they throw a birthday party with so many neighbor’s kids coming and celebrate her birthday. Aniki and me cannot attend since it’s afternoon, we all are working. She got so many presents, and I’m sure she’s having so much fun there.

Audrey’s Birthday Cake

Wow, Audrey actually got 2 birthday cake!! The 1st one on the 1st party at afternoon, and this one, another party with her dady, her Gomo (me) and Grandpa-Grandma (father’s side) at night!! I reached her home at 7 PM, it wasn’t rainy, until I arrived at her home.

My mom make a lot of Fried Noodles, it’s a tradition to eat noodles on birthday, people said for a long live (long like a noodles~) 😉

This noodle is really delicious!!

Birthday Present For Audrey

As her Gomo, of course I prepared a birthday present for her, I wrapped it nice for her to rip it apart muahahaha! (she likes to rip something like tissue, paper and plastic)  xD

It’s an electric organ, I hope she can be a baby musician with that -LOL ~~ 😀

Look at her, how she tore it apart to open up the present xD (Ukhhh, I got blurred here)

She reads the manual book first, haha good girl! (Oh Hello Pooh! How do you do?)

She’s now a baby musician!!

I’m really glad she was born between us, with her smile she can relieves our pain, give joy to us.

Happy Birthday, Audrey!
Wishing you a whole lot of Happiness,
May you become a good, healthy, and tough girl (just like your name “noble strength“),
Not only receiving happiness, but also bring happiness for everyone around you.

With Love,
Gomo Rinrin

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New Year is coming, and today is the last day of 2011.

I don’t have any event with friends today, they all have family New Year Eve Party. So do I, I tend to spend my last day of year 2011 with Aniki, nee-san and Audrey.But how come out of 365 days of the year, I’m not feeling well today??! Geeeshhhh, I’m angry to myself.

Last Friday night (it’s not a song -LOL), I bought a gift for Audrey. Actually it’s for belated Christmas Gift, because this useless Aunt (me) haven’t gave her anything for Christmas Gift. And yeah, soon January 9th 2012 will be her 1st Birthday, so I’m looking for 2 gifts. I got a gift for Christmas (since it’s already over, let’s just call it New Year’s Gift -LOL).


Santa is not coming to town anymore, since it’s already December 30,
I’m sure Santa is heading back to his home ( >_< ).

This cute doll’s hand, there’s a “Press Here”, so if we press there, a song will be up, the song is “We Wish You Merry Christmas” (I prefer “Santa is Coming to Town” or “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer”, but no choice). And the song lyric contains “… and the happy new year”. So It’s not too late to call it a New Year’s Gift, wahahaha (trying to find some excuses, I’m such a bad Gomo xD).

So I bring the gift after wrapped it up nicely, then go to a Shopping Mall again. It’s year end SALE, Aniki bought some dress and shoes for Audrey. And we having dinner together. I don’t really have appetite, I’m not feeling well, It’s a meal that I used to love, I finished my meal and my stomach feel so full, unhealthy, my stomach is cramped, and my waist so painful, I also put some analgesic balm (It’s a painkiller balm for aches and pain).

We are going home after dinner, I ask them to open the gift, and I’m glad Audrey seems to like the gift 😉

9PM I reached my home. My stomach and waist in the worst state. I’m just laying on my bed. This is the worst New Year Eve, because I spend it by laying up on my bed with cramped stomach and painful waist. But it’s also a very great new year since I can spend it with Aniki, Nee-san and Audrey.

I think I might catch a cold, because I’m freezing too. I’m going to sleep. I hope tomorrow I get my body back to normal.

While I’m laying on my bed, the sound of Fireworks start to booming. At first I felt like I’m being shot with .44 magnum, but then later when it’s on the peak 00:00, the fireworks sounds make me feels like I’m being attack with machine gun, geeesshhhh It’s too noisy. I couldn’t even sleep. ~x(

So I’m just watching the fireworks through the window, but the sound is really creep me out.

Happy New Year for Everybody!! I hope you have a great time on New Year’s Eve Celebration, and I hope next year will be better than this year, fully blessed, and filled with love all over around the world! 😉

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