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Mom & Dad

Today I was just reach home, and having a hard time on my way home. Everytime I felt tired like this, I always act bossy at home. “Mom give me a glass | Dad, my bag please| Dad get me that bottle over there| Can someone pick that plate for me?

Yeap something like that. And my Dad, he was okay with my 1st order, he gave me my bag hahaha, I’m lazy to move. But on my second order he was like “Aigoooo my queen“, and I was laughing my ass off hahaha, all of us burst in laugh. That was a little happiness for me. Even till now, if I remember how he said that, there’s a little smile in my lips. I know that one day, memories like this  will be the most make me cry.

My Mom knows me very well now, the day I’m having a hard time, my mood will be on the worst state, and she will avoid picking a fight with me. My mom doesn’t have a proper academic education. But she’s good in cooking foods or even sweets and deserts, every dish she cooks always delicious (despite of dish looks, sometimes it looks awful but still delicious). She’s good at sewing and taking care the house.

My Dad is the great Dad. He’s good at fishing (I always eat fish the one he got, and it was like the whole week with fish dishes 😐) and fixing things. I think my self-taught hormone was from him since He can fix anything, don’t know where he learn that. He can fix bike, motorcycle, roof, chair, television, everything except gadget and internet thingy (LOL).

I’m grateful to have them on my side. Though I’m busy with my life and gaming life. They always there. Now it’s only three of us living in the house. I don’t know how they feel if I’m moving out (for work, and my mom was totally oppose it ). To be truth, I don’t want to leave them. I want to spend more time with them. Maybe I should reconsider moving out maybe  until someone propose me?

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