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First of all, I'm not Japanese nor Korean. I'm just someone who enjoy learning foreign language, it's kind of hobby because it's really fun. In this blog I translated songs, and even join a fansub to translate movie and drama in my freetime. But recently I'm no longer part of it. Well, I got busy and and things out of my hand . For the song translation, I'm not doing it anymore because there are so many new website for song lyrics, well they took some of mine also get rid the credit so I'm kinda feel sad. I'll let them translate it themselves. If you had any song (maybe old song), you want to know the meaning but it no where to be found on google, you can leave your comment at my site, I'll translate it for you if I had sparetime. I know exactly how it feels if you really like a song and desperately want to know the meaning but google-sama cannot help you either, I've been there!!! hehe I would gladly help you so feel free to ask. :D And also thank you so much for visiting my semi-hiatus personal blog ;)

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