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All you have to do is to grab my hand on the right timing.


Today my ex trying to reconcile,
out of so these 4 years that have been passed,
why it has to be today?

I never break up with someone without an option.
I never just walkaway, I’m never be that cruel.
I always give them chance to repair the relationship,
IF the person willing to take the chance, I won’t leave him and let him try.
I always give them option, to grab my hand or to lose me (forever?).
At that time, he’s the one who release my hand and letting me go.

One thing I’m sure at that moment…
that he didn’t love me enough to grab my hand and ask me to stay.

Now he came and offer me the old relationship?

Honestly, I’m stupid enough to have this thought,
thinking to reconsider him, if ever he ask me back,
Perhaps by saying that he truly love me,
and maybe doing some romantic action,
I might be melt into water and give him another chance

The most hurting for me is, he didn’t even say that he love me or he can’t get over me.
He just said it out of blue, like he never even repent himself.
He was like, “oh, so you’re single, and I’m single too, what if we get back together?
in at TEXT??? are you f*cking kidding me??

As I read that text, only one thing across my mind,
This guy is tired chasing out some girls and want an easy way to get a GF. (You know chasing some new girls sometimes  (maybe) more tiring than asking some ex to get back. )

He think everything will just be easy as it be?
You THINK I’m easy?? F*ck off!!
He should fight his blood out for me,
I’m not even love him since our last relationship.

I clearly said it to him when I agree to become his gf,
let’s try and makes me love you, treasure me, this might be work.
But its ended up like hell? Even till the end.
Instead of making me fall for him, his love faded time to time.
The point is, I’m willing to try. but he didn’t.

I would say that I’m easy to pleased, easy to fall in love.
Being loved by someone will makes me gradually love the person back in no time.
You just have to try and give your best shot.
If I ever marry someone, that person would be someone who love me dearly.
And I don’t think that person is you.

And the things I hate most is… this brat has the same name with my dearly friend from Vancouver *sigh*

PS : sorry to everyone who come across this page, this just a random raging page of mine… >_<

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