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February 14th has come, yeah it’s Valentine’s day for our beloved persons.


OH! I got a Choco from Audrey’s Mom!! Thank you Nee-san!


It was a week before Valentine’s day come, when I bought Pororo for Audrey. But then, Shimatta! I should make an excuse because my mom shouldn’t know that I’ve bought this Pororo after that incident…

The Doll Prohibited Incident

So the incident happened on Last Christmas. My Dad and I, we gave Audrey dolls as Christmas Gift. I bought a little White Teddy Bear in Sweater, and my Dad bought a Santa. But Audrey seems doesn’t like them. She throw them away T_____T She was afraid of the Santa, and so my little white Teddy Bear. But my bro said, if the teddy bear nude (by undressing the sweater) she didn’t afraid of him. Gosh… poor Santa… we can’t undress Santa…

Mom scolds us (me and Dad), we are prohibited to buy any dolls for Audrey (since she seems doesn’t like it). So just like the lie I made last year about my gig bag (I bought it and lying that I borrowed it from a friend, even until now she never ask that).

The Lies

After bought the Pororo, I’m thinking so hard how to put Pororo as if I’m not buying this but I got this somewhere freely. Here I go tell lies, that someone in my office bought a lego on a kidshop for her nephew, and got a Russian Roulette doorprize “Pororo’s doll”, and that her nephew is a 6 years old boy who doesn’t play a doll so she gave me the Pororo. Wow, what a lies, but Mom believes it, ukhhh feel really terrible 😐
The reason I tell lies is simple just as I’m just trying to prevent any bickering among us, we are old enough for that, or maybe I’m just running away from the problem?

The Famous Little Penguin – PORORO !!

 I never knew that Pororo has become so famous, many children and even adults loves this penguin and his friends, Including Audrey.Pororo & Friends

Audrey likes the Pororo very much. The moment she saw Pororo sits there, she shout his name loudly and Hug Pororo hahaha, so cute, I’m so happy for that hehehe… (psssttt… Audrey can recite all of Pororo’s friend heheheh, maybe I should start looking for the others 😉)

Pororo for Audrey

My Valentine’s Day


This year just like another year without boyfriend, but this year maybe better than last year since I spend my Valentine’s Day with my friend who also a single fighter like me hehehhe. We are out for dinner. All over the table was filled with couples, but then we still enjoy our time by talking many things, well we both love dramas and many things in common. The two couples who sit next to us are barely talks, or maybe we’re talking too loudly and way too excited hahaha…

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, hope you are enjoying this lovely day too!

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