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I’ve been Working From Home since March 20 until unknown (TBA later). During this I’m still working 9 to 5 like usually the difference is I don’t have to go to the office. I’m working by remotely at home.

During this time I watch a lot of korean drama haha especially kdrama with episode more than 50. Kdrama with episodes more than 50 used to be called sitcom, and typical story of family drama with many branches of the stories and mostly stories contains family relationship. The characters in the story really grow each episodes towards the end. And I realized I’ve been watching too much haha. I mostly watch KBS drama on their youtube channel, they post it officially on their channel, with complete english subs and HD quality.

1. Five Enough (2016) – 54 episodes

My rating : 4.5 /5

It is a really good family drama, I really enjoy this sitcom, it brings laugh and tears together and even some sweep off my feet romantic scene, a mature relationship and many funny moments. I used to think dramas with eps more than 20 will be really draggy, not fun to watch and wasting my time, but it turns out to be really enjoyable.

The story is about a widower with 3 kids and a widow with 2 kids who ended up falling for each other and how their in law relationship. How their kids get along each other etc. And many other branches stories along with the main leads which really fun and romantic to watch. I really recommended this sitcom. It’s a heart warming sitcom.

PS : My favourite couple is the main couple and Yeontae-Sangmin.

He the link if you wanna watch it on Youtube.

2. My Golden Life (2017) – 52 episodes

My Rating : 3 / 5

I watch this because it’s got a very high rating for a sitcom and they win many awards. But honestly it’s too much depressing for me. Not my cup of tea, the lead suffer too much from the start till the end, there’s is not much happy moment and doesn’t sound like the title, none of golden life.

Despite of it, the story is actually great life lesson for us, to love our parents dearly while we have times for it. It’s a very heartwarming stories, But still not my cup of tea because too many tears involved, I cried a lot. This sitcom isn’t predictable, not typical sitcom with noble idiocy, the character is literally strong and have guts. I manage to watch it till the end out of curiosity but I skipped many parts. This one is also watchable on KBS World Youtube Channel, they put English subs on it.

Here’s the link if you wanna watch it on Youtube.

3. My Daughter Lee Seo Young (2012) – 50 episodes

My rating : 3.5 / 5

This one is kinda depressing too like My golden life, it’s about lies and many misunderstandings, noble idiocy included. The leads suffering too much and many tears too.

But despite all of the typical family drama, it’s actually a good heart warming drama. it’s teaches us how to look something from another point of view, and stop judging people based on your standards.

Here’s the link if you wanna watch it on YouTube.

4. The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop (2016) – 54 episodes

My rating : 4 / 5

I enjoy this kdrama a lot, it’s more comedy than it seems to be, none of the characters who are twisted too much, they just bend a bit and then they find their way to the right path. The relationship of each other is also a good grow.

The story is a about an old Tailor Shop (100 years), with a very old handmade suit, and the people who work there. I find it fascinating seeing many man in suits, man in suits is the best eye candy for me muahaha.

I really recomended this drama because it’s light, it’s good for those who doesn’t like complicated story, because the story is more about understanding.

PS : My Favourite couple is Taeyang – Hyowon.

Here’s the link if you wanna watch it on YouTube.

5. The Best Hit / Hit The Top (2017) – 16 episodes

My rating 4 / 5

This one is a short kdrama with standard 16 episodes. The story contains time travel of 1 person who came from 1993. This drama produce by Cha Tae Hyun himself. I have a unique fond for this drama, even they got a huge plothole about the time loops, but strangely I’m not bored at all, that unique fond make up for it and made me rate it 4 of 5.

I watch this after I watch Lee Se Young in Gentlemen Wolgyesu Tailor Shop, and I’m glad I watch it. The OST is greatly linger in my ear. But so sad they had low budget about the idol successful upon the end, probably because of the low rating of this drama didn’t even made into biggest 20 rating.

I love Yoon Shi Yoon here, his character is really likable, and the chemistry with Lee Se Young is sizzling in the air, so I really enjoy watching their lovely scene together.

6. Hospital Playlist Season 1 (2020) – 12 episodes

My rating : 4 / 5

Hmm so sadly I’m gonna say that this one isnt my cup of tea. The story is flat without purpose. It’s like I’m watching documentary a life of a doctor in a sitcom. But strangly I’m not hating it too. It’s warm and understandable. I’m gonna tell you straightly, this is not a romance drama, so they got some romance going on but it’s not the highlight of the drama, the romance took part on it in a small portion as a seasonings.

The story is about slices of life of doctors in a hospital, they’re busy, they have heart too, they had a life, they can be sad, annoyed, tired and lovely too. It’s kinda bored me because the story is flat, no climax (for me who likes roller coasters kind of story which make you crazy wanting to press next episode button) this drama isn’t one of it.

But despite the love and the hate I mentioned above. I enjoy watching it till the very end. The detail about the story and how lovely their friendship and romance made me put 4 of 5.

PS: to the scriptwriter, thanks for making Chilbong had lovely end in this drama haha. I would hate it alot if you let him brokenhearted again like in reply 1994. hahah

This drama can be watch at Netflix.

7. The Crowned Clown (Currently watching)

Watching this sageuk for Lee Se Young.

I’m her new fan ^^

I’ll write the review after done watching this later.

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