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Valentine’s Flower

I love flowers. This Sunflowers is the 2nd I ever got, the first one is roses, and I got a new hobby, I love to arrange my Flowers in a vase.

I always want to be given a bucket of flowers by somebody special, and I used to gift people flowers in any special occasion like open a business, or any other occasion requiring flowers.

But in my 3 years relationship I never got any. I have a heavy thought why he never gave me any. My head sometimes twisted so much, so one day I ask my boyfriend why he never bought me flowers (because I love flowers), and his answer is simply, he thought that buying a flower is a waste of money because the flower will wilt in no time. But then I told him that I love flowers, and will be very happy if he gift me flower instead of any other gift.

Thank God, He’s a boyfriend who listen, finally He gave me a bucket of roses out of blue, no occasion. And I have no vase to put, I eagerly search on the web how to keep those roses to extend their freshness to the longest. Since I have no vase, I put them in the my snack storage, fill it with fresh water and put them.


Roses in a Bucket

Everyday I send him the photos of “How’s the Roses doing today.” 😅😅 The roses last up to 6 days before they fully wilt. And those every single day, he got the roses picture. Actually I did that so he knows that I really love the flower he gave.

Today is the famous Valentine’s Day, and he gave me Sunflowers. I have my own vase now. So I put them in the vase.


Sunflowers in a vase, please ignore the messy arrangement haha. I’m a noob!

But too bad the vase is a way too small for all of them, I was thinking to buy another bigger vase, before knowing that he also gave me the vase when we have our dinner.


Bigger Vase, White Stone, Handmade Paper Quilt Art, Soap of Roses and little White Bear

The funny thing is how he remember I put my roses in my bucket (snack storage) so he bought the flower along with the vase, so I wouldn’t put them in that bucket anymore~🤣🤣

The sunflowers in the bigger vase.

I’m a Bear who love flowers and chocolate, hahaha. You know me so well

Thanks for the flowers,

Thanks for listen to me,

Thanks for finding me my new likes in life.

Thanks for the gifts,

Thanks for loving me this much.

Ate Mutilated Crab for our Valentine’s dinner this year.

This year I gift him a shaver, blanket, handmade card and Chocolate of course, it’s Valentine’s Day!

I made that card with paints, a poster color paints. I want to make a painting, like a real painting, because everything looks easy on Youtube, I bought all the ingredients, water color papers, all brushes style, 12 poster colors, Palette. I’m ready to go before finally I knew that I was not gifted for painting muahahaha. All messy, I cannot paint 😅😅. So I just decorate a plain watercolor paper to be a greeting card, with a small bucket of flower painting on the right down haha. It’s all I can do, my bad.



The value of life is not determined by how much love you has received, but by much love you give” – Epictetus


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

I hope you spent a fabulous night!

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