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Today I’m having a chat with Kazu-senpai (that’s what I called him). For me he’s my senpai, he knows a lot of things that I don’t know and a good senpai who kindly explain me even when I asking silly stuff (Lol), he even understand my poor English when I’m having a chat with him (I keep screwing the grammars and using weird vocabs/sentences -lol-). We are gamer (He still and I was) but in a different genre of game I think, he likes Dead Space and Mass Effect. After I google it, it seems a very interesting game, I’m desperately want to play the game, but I don’t think my PC can run this game (my PC is pretty old bleh =__=). We having a chat after along time and I’m glad he’s doing okay.

And again, I’m asking people about “Dream Job” (whoa, I’ve been asking a lot of peoples about this thing -LOL-). It’s different between “Dream” and “Dream Job”. “Dream” is something you want to achieve, while “Dream Job” is something you want to keep doing it. Of course dream job is something that you really like to do. I’m glad we share a same dream job.

To be a writer …

He told me about his writing’s synopsis, in English. It’s such a very interesting story. I imagine it in my head with a high-tech CG +_+ (I can’t revealed the story here since it’s not my property).

I want to be a writer of a story which is being loved by many readers, and made into movie. I know it’s not easy at all that’s why it’s my dream job (wait!, “to be a kindergarten teacher” is also my dream job! -lol- I got too many dream job~).

I always having a hard time since I need a reviewer for my script, I ask some of my friends to read it, I mailed it to them, but they didn’t read it at all, maybe they don’t have so much time to read it or maybe the story is way too high-imagination so it didn’t appeal to them. I’m thinking to stop writing if I got a negative review, since my script already reached the 88th page. So I ask kazu-senpai how to get reviewer, he said that he would like to read it and review it, but too bad we have a different language (T__T), so he told me to let my friend read it and ask them personally to review it. Then I twit it on my local twitter :

I need a reviewer who can give me a quality feedback for my unfinished 90 pages novel.

And yeah! My friend gave a reply!

I would love to read it, Send it to me…

Pyo is My First Reviewer and Editor.

Let’s call her “Pyo”, she is my BFF, we met on 1st year High School, I called her “pyo” because I always remember when she laugh “pyo pyo pyo” imitate Pyokora’s laugh.:D

Pyokora is left one with yellow-hair, the right one is Dejiko
She used to be a bad-girl but in comedy way -LOL-

Pyo is also a gamer, and anime lover so I think it will be easy for her to imagine my script.

My script is a fantasy-adventure story, in a different world, with many races such as Elf, Dark Elf, Orc, Nymph, Siren, and many more. This script got many influence from Norse and Greek mythology. It’s already reached it’s 88th page but still untitled. She read it right away, finished up those 88 pages in one day, and gave me a positive respond and some feedback,

It’s awesome, the script can revealed my imagination about fantasy novel.

I’m so happy to hear this, she said that the story is exciting, she encourage me to finish the story, and that she’s my -unfinished untitled- script’s first fan. xD

Actually, I think that my script won’t be appeal so much for some people who didn’t play games or don’t like watching any fantasy movie. It will be a bit difficult to imagine it.

There are so many feedback from her too (I noted it), she said that

  1. I’m lacking in details, like how I describing a beautiful the village, background setting (I admit it that I’m not good in describing background).
  2. Scene jumping, lack scene’s detail, and that I need to make Prologue.
  3. Many inappropriate words (I also bad in my mother language lol),
  4. I’m creating too much character that can make people who read it pretty confused. I think I got influenced by Oda-sensei, he’s my fave mangaka who created One Piece, One Piece is an adventure pirate story with so many fellows, interesting character, strong friendship and amazing story +_+.

She even correct it with red colour and make so much “Comment” in the script. She looks like a professional editor, her comments are really precious feedback for me, thank you very much my dear friend. 😉

Thanks for jumping here, even I know you accidentally dropped here~ 😉

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昨年の祭は雨が降る。。。すごくに (╥_╥)
お願いします!!! (ノ>ο<)ノ

My hand made “Mr.Teru-Teru-Bouzu” xD~

Teru teru bouzu (てるてる坊主) is a Japanese tradition way to prevent “Rain”, somekind of amulet. Teru describes “Sunshine” and Bouzu is a “Monk”. So if you have an important day that should not rain, then you should hang it outside the window.  I believe in this kind of thing hehe 😉

Tomorrow, I’m going to a Matsuri. Last year’s matsuri, there’s a pouring rain, I’m all wet, bringing umbrella, and it less fun. So this year, I hope we got a good weather sunny day, that’s why tonight I made this doll amulet to prevent rain, so we can having a bon odori (It’s a traditional dance around the bonfire) and of course Hanabi (fireworks). This year will be fun with the help of Mr. Teru-Teru-Bouzu 😉

Tonight, there are thousands star shining in the sky. I saw it when I’m hanging Mr. Teru-Teru-Bouzu outside my window. I wish one of those stars is falling, so my wish can be granted *giggle*. (But I think I’m not that lucky to see a falling star >_<)

By the way, two days ago I lost my earrings (the right one), does it means something? I hope it’s not somekind of premonition, It’s just the sloppy of me. I’ve been searching all over the place, bathroom, on my bed, office, even in the lift. I can’t find it anywhere. So right now I don’t wear any earrings. 😦

Today, I watched X-Men : First Class and The Hangover Part 2 at the cinema, both of them such an AWESOME movie! It’s a must to watch!! xD~

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I always attracted to a folded sleeve!

I also don’t know why, but that appeals to me so much >_<

Like… if a guy wearing a V-neck T-shirt, covered it with a men’s blazer, then folding the the sleeve like the pictures below, somehow will be look gorgeous in my eyes (+_+). ちょうかっこい!!!

The Many Stages of the Sleeve Roll

Guide how to Roll Up Shirt’s Sleeve

Among those three, I like the number 3 so much, number 2 is okay too. 😀
But just not number one…

I also like to see, when a guy folding his shirt’s sleeve …

But the weird thing is… I don’t like to fold my own sleeve …
It’s kinda bothersome…  ( =__= )

Usui also folding his sleeves !

Ahahaa… Am I strange? >_<

Sorry for jumping into my nonsense! 😉

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Look at this Lovely Couple of “Kaichou wa Maid-sama”!!!!

I called them Umi-Couple (stands for Usui x Misaki)

It’s been such a very long time since the last time I watched an anime. And then again, I’m hooked into this comedy-romance kind of anime. I usually not really watching love-kind of anime, for love-kind of anime I watched it after it become drama, such as “Itazura na Kiss”, and “Hana Yori Dango”. But this time, It’s totally different!!

I found this anime coincidentally when I was being asked by my Aunt, she want to watch romance anime, so I was googling it, and I found this anime, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

The Story

It’s about a high school girl name Ayuzawa Misaki who is the Student Council President (a.k.a. kaichou)in a -80% boy and 20% girl- School named Seika High, this school surely lack of woman. And she seems to be a GUY-HATER. The school under her management is very strict, she wants to turn any guy to be looks like a nerd –lol-.

She’s an All Mighty Kaichou, but in real life she’s a poor, who is working a part-time job as a maid in a maid Café named “Maid Latte”. Even she’s working as a maid, she’s is the number one in study, smart, she’s a president with highest rank. She is a Hard Worker Freak.

Everything is okay, until one day, she bump each other with Usui Takumi, one of the Seika student. He’s the most handsome and smart guy in Seika, which is also a weird guy. His personality is kinda –don’t care about anything around him– makes him seems mysterious. And yes, everything starts here *giggle*.

After that day, the they the bump each other, he keep the secret and become the regular guest in the Café, He’s coming everyday, and looking at her with a strange face.

And even at school… he keep teasing her –LOL–

Usui starts getting interest to Misaki, she’s such a very hard worker freak, and very strong (she can do martial art Aikido). But in the other side, she’s also a soft-hearted, and kind.

Misaki : If all guys were like this, I might just acknowledge them
Usui : Like how?
Misaki : Like I said, being kind to girls, reliable, and gentlemanly.

I also have the sameway of thinking, mens nowadays is being in a poor quality >_< They’re unreliable, keep whining like shit, quarreling each other like girls, not gentleman at all, which adding up the minus point in woman point of view.

 For Misaki, who was left by his father and struggle in debt and being poor. Instead of whining, she’s working hard with his mother and sister to overcome this. But in the other side, her heart is hating all guys like her father, for being unreliable, and just left them three woman to survive and runaway don’t know where (hehehe, but Usui is not that kind of guy! *giggle*)

Usui is starting to like her, but Misaki such a ruthless girl, slow and kinda stupid (not in academic). She thinks he was only teasing her and make her confuse, since she don’t understand what her own true feelings. Usui didn’t force her to acknowledge his feeling, he just always take care of her by staying beside her, and popped-up whenever she needs help *kyaaaaa melt melt*

he kindly wait until she understand her feelings and come to him (maybe) ahahaha. This drama is not only about Love and Comedy, it’s also about friendship, and School Life. It’s good to get rid your stressed out. The anime is done for the Season 1 (26 Episodes), while the manga still ongoing (Volume 13 – Chapter 63). This is spoiler, but in the manga, there are more skinship –LOL- *pervert mode*. I’m sure there will be season 2. I will wait for it patiently 😉

The Character

This anime is very hilarious, with so many hilarious character.

 Usui Takumi (The Male Lead)

The Mysterious Guy in this story, got a special nickname for him from Misaki, she always called him変態宇宙人 (Hentai Uchuujin | Alien Pervert), because he always ask her to be his maid for one day.

His name, reminds me for somebody else, then finally I remember it was “Inui Takumi” the male lead of Kamen Rider Faiz –LOL–  Their name sound kinda alike. Well if you compare them, of course I will vote for Usui. 😉

He’s a mysterious guy because in the anime, even after watching the whole 26 episodes, you would never know who’s this guy, like what Misaki said before, maybe he’s a real alien from another planet,

  1. who even jumping from the roof of school he’s alright,
  2. he can arranged table manner for England kind of Evening Tea,
  3. he can play Chess perfectly,
  4. he even become the temporarily chef in Maid Latte because he can cooked very delicious and luxurious kind of food, and
  5. he’s very good on sports.

This is spoiler but all about himself was revealed in the manga Volume 10 Chapter 46. 😉

He’s someone who also have a bad background of family, he think dating or in a relationship is troublesome, I wonder how it would be, if the kaichou finally know her feelings towards him, but then find out that he’s someone who wants an open relationship, oh shittt!! >_<

Hinata Shintani

The other unique character, since this is a Comedy kind of anime, there are many interesting kind of character, including Shintani who is an eater. He likes to eat, easy to starve. And is the childhood friend of Misaki. Hehehe, Just like the other story, there will be always a Love Rival, or somekind of Love Triangle. This is the rival for Usui. But even I said so, he is no match to Usui… He has no chance since Misaki already fall for Usui before she realized it. Huhuhuhu.

The Three idiots (San Baka)

Haha, this story wouldn’t be perfect without the Three Idiots, contains :

  1. Naoya Shirakawa (nickname “Shiroyan“)
  2. Ikuto Sarashina (nickname “Ikkun”)
  3. Ryuunosuke Kurosaki (nickname “Kurotatsu“)

At first they are the Kaichou Hater. But then after they find out about the Maid thingy, they become her big fans and regular guest of Maid Latte –LOL

Sakura & Shizuko

They are the female lead best friends. Typically high school kind of anime, there will always be a nerd friend, and cute friend. 😉
Sakura is a big fan of  Umemishi

Umemishi is a indie high school band, Sakura is fall for the vocalist.

There are many other character like Yukimura, the Vice President Council, Aoi (the boy who always dressed up as a very cute young lady), Igarashii Kaichou (the President Council of Miyabigaoka Academy), and the maid friends in Maid Latte.

This anime is hilarious! 🙂

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September 21th 2011

Yesterday night, I was sleep at 3 AM, and chat with someone *giggle*. And I decided to follow him going to church in the morning around 8:30 AM, meet at the point. So I sleep right away. Wake up around 7 AM, I’m so sleepy… (-__-) I try to sleep again, and being late…

Going to The Church – Roman Catholic Cathedral

It’s an old Lovely Church, such a Great Church. It’s a Roman Catholic Cathedral. Beautifully built up, classically decorated since it was one of historical building and there are so many cute little birds inside the Church. The cute little birds was flying over inside the Church and beautifully tweeting, ahhh~ what a peaceful place. That would be great if I can throw a wedding ceremony here (add it up to my life bucket list *giggle*)

I’m not a catholic, I have no religion (yet), and it’s been a very loo~oong time since the last time I came to a Church. Kinda missed this moment too 😉

The Topic : New Testament-Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard

The priest was talking about Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

For the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is an householder, which went out early in the morning to hire labourers into his vineyard. And when he had agreed with the labourers for a penny a day, he sent them into his vineyard. And he went out about the third hour, and saw others standing idle in the marketplace, And said unto them; Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I will give you. And they went their way. Again he went out about the sixth and ninth hour, and did likewise. And about the eleventh hour he went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle? They say unto him, Because no man hath hired us. He saith unto them, Go ye also into the vineyard; and whatsoever is right, that shall ye receive. So when even was come, the lord of the vineyard saith unto his steward, Call the labourers, and give them their hire, beginning from the last unto the first. And when they came that were hired about the eleventh hour, they received every man a penny. But when the first came, they supposed that they should have received more; and they likewise received every man a penny. And when they had received it, they murmured against the goodman of the house, Saying, These last have wrought but one hour, and thou hast made them equal unto us, which have borne the burden and heat of the day. But he answered one of them, and said, Friend, I do thee no wrong: didst not thou agree with me for a penny? Take that thine is, and go thy way: I will give unto this last, even as unto thee. Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with mine own? Is thine eye evil, because I am good? So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

Matthew 20:1–16

Okay, It’s not that I’m become religious after going to a Church once, it’s just I’m kinda got slapped right on my cheek by God because of this story. I’m going to admit it, that I ever felt what the workers feels just like on the story. Maybe this is the way of God to tell me that I might be gone to a wrong path, I’ll take the positive things. I’ll try not to feel jealousy, envious, I’ll get rid of them, even it seems not easy at all. >_< 열심히하고!

Visit Someone’s Mom in the Hospital

Did I forget to say? that today I was going with Mr. J *giggle*. After done with the Church thingy (it’s around 10 AM), so before we head to the next destination, we are having a breakfast first.

Mr. J is going to visit his friend’s mom who is being hospitalized due to having a tumor on her small intestine. I’m just following him around like what I did the last time (LOL). He go bought some fruits, and head to the hospital. I never really likes the smells of the hospital, it’s smells like a medicine, bitter and not sweet at all.

We found the room, and his friend’s brother was there and the mom is sleeping. He told us that her mom have just got into surgery to get rid the tumor last night, and the surgery was successful, she is in her recovery state. For the time being, she can’t eat any food, and got infusion of nutrients.

Looking at him, he was a great son who looking after his mom for 7 days by staying at the hospital and sleep right beside his mom. The mommy will be very proud for having such a lovely son. 😉 The Mom, I hope you will get well soon, and give the brightest smile of yours to your son.

오래 오래 잘살아,
오래 오래 그 아이 옆에 있어
잘 먹어 잘 살아, 행복하기

Having Lunch – Toast Bread

Ahahaha, I always want to try this toast bread, and finally I ate them! 😉
He said that this was only a snack -LOL-

Charles & Keith’s Shoes

I’m not easily for me to fall for a stuff, but the bad thing is, if I fall for one, I will root into them, I will dream about it tonight and keep thinking about that things. It’s not that great, just simple shoes with my fave color, but the heels is just too high, around 10 centimeters, but it was a lovely shoes for me *hehe* (I’m sure that would be suffer enough for wearing that kind of shoes all day). That shoes price is around 28 bucks, I think I will grab it later, next month maybe. I’ll wait until it’s on SALE!!! Hope that no one bought that shoes yet -LOL-.

Dinner – Domino’s Pizza

What a day, today I having 3 meals that I never taste it before. This is a great thing, I mean trying something new 😉 But Mr. J just bought it too much, and ask me to take all leftover to home, so I just feed them to my mom and dad, I think I will have that pizza for my breakfast tomorrow hehehe…

Eat Fruit Ice Pops on the Road

Yay, we’re getting a free Fruit Ice Pops just by Liking their page on facebook on the counter. xD We ate it on the way to the parking area. I always like this kind of date, I mean walking outdoor, feels the wind feels the stars (LOL what an old fashioned of me), but well there’s not much outdoor place for a walk here.

PS :
Mr. J, thank you for today, I’m having such a great time.

사실은, 그 사람은 이 블로그 알고있다
나는 어떻게 해야되요? 그는 이것을 읽어 봤나?
만약에 그 사람 이 블로그 읽으면?
오와~~~ 상상 도 못해!!
난 이제 제대로 쓰고서요…

이 두번째 데이트 난 너무 너무 행복해…

그 사람을 만나고, 나랑 같이 있어 하루종일,
아침,  점심, 저녁 도 같이 먹어서…
난 오늘 너무 행복해
이거 꿈 아니겠지?
그러니까,나는 이 블로그 쓰고있다,
나 지금 너무 행복하니까…

Oh nooo…. I owe 200 times sit-up for 5 days being lazy >_<
But just not tonight, I’m tired *faint*
Ukhhh… God, please don’t let me having The Cursed Sunday >_<

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オードリーの色々活動 (Audrey’s Various Activity)

Audrey is at her 8th month now… Let’s see what she can do 😉

  1. She can eat Vegetables now (and even fruits!)

  2. She can Swim on her bed 😀

  3. She can sleep anywhere with any style!

  4. She can Standing Proudly!

  5. She has a strong desire over a gadget thingy!

She will crawling right away whenever she saw a gadget.

Today, I was visiting her on my bro’s home, she is a big fan of “Sesame Street” and “Justin Bieber”. She’s only 8 months but she really likes to hear JB’s song “Baby” (And yeah she’s still a baby) -LOL-

I’m so look into her next progress hehehe, Love you my niece 😉

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I’m not from China, but my family celebrate a Moon Festival on a Full Moon Day (People in Korea also celebrate this event, they called this event 추석 / Chuseok). This festival was being celebrated every year, originally to celebrate harvest moon, and this year the festival held on tomorrow (September 12th 2011). I’m not Korean, so we have a different culture to celebrate this event. Our tradition food on that day is Mooncake. But we never eat mooncake on the Moon Festival Day… My family didn’t afford to buy it before the Moon Day because the price is way too expensive. We usually bought it after the Festival, because the price will drop cheaper (pretty much cheaper). And sometimes, if we are lucky, we got the fresh one, but if we are bad luck we got the rotten one, so we would throw it away, but since it’s cheap, it’s not a big deal… It’s just because the price gap between before and after the Moon Festival is really different, so we prefer eat it the next day. I wonder if that way of thinking… Is this poverty? I actually think, what the use to eat it after the festival, we missed the point isn’t it. But I think being able to eat it is also something grateful.

The most I like is mooncake with mung bean and egg yolk

I love moon, everyday I always looking at the moon on my way home from office. I’m taking a bus and walking around 30 minutes everday, so I have 30 minutes to staring at the moon, and sometimes the sky of night is very beautiful with the moon and stars on it. 😉

There’s a night without moon and any star (It’s usually a gloomy night with many dark cloud covered the sky). If you didn’t see any stars at night, then it means that night is going to rain, so don’t forget to bring your umbrella. And,

There’s a night with a very beautiful moon and thousands stars shining, and if you see many stars shining at the night, then it’s means the rain wouldn’t come that night. I usually pray for Saturday night to have many stars on it, I love rains, but just not at saturday night hehehe 🙂

I’m glad that I still able to see the Moon and Stars everyday, I’m lucky! 😉

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The song is “It Must Be Love” by Madness ~Lovely Song~

Well, I do really want this phone, but in this post I’m not talking about the phone -LOL-

I found this CF coincidentally on youtube, this 30 seconds’CF is about what the husband did for their Anniversary (with the help of the smart phone). He woke up early morning, go buy flowers and balloons, cook pancakes, spread the rose petals on the floor, and surprise the wife when she wake up. Such a lovely husband.

I want this kind of hubby!
Where I can find one?!
I think it’s pretty rare… 😦
Usually a man will only take the woman to a restaurant and feed her, give her a present, and done!

Even I haven’t married right now so I don’t have hubby (right now), but if I got one someday, I really want him to be like this +_+ He don’t have to take me to any restaurant, at home just like this CF is great too, then doing tango after eat the supper will be perfect 😉

Someday… surely… muahahaha… too much drama ~_~

Sorry for jumping into my nonsense! 😀

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Another ringtone of Lee Yeon Jae, the female lead of SBS drama “Scent of A Woman”!!
I find out that Lee Yeon Jae changed her ringtone at Episode 14 hehee…
The ringtone is the cut version of this song. Uniquely, unlike the other song which is all about love, this song is not about love. This song is about youthful, about life for young people to face it, such a lovely song with a lovely melody, I like jazz kind of music(click here to listen). 😉

없는게 메리트 (Eobneunge Meriteu | Having nothing is Merit)
Sung by : 옥상달빛 (Oksang Dalbit | Dalmoon)

Hangeul Lyrics

Reff :

없는게 메리트라네 난
있는게 젊음이라네 난
두 팔을 벌려 세상을 다 껴안고
난 달려갈꺼야

나는 가진게 없어 손해 볼게 없다네 난
정말 괜찮아요 그리 슬프지 않아요
주머니 속에 용기를 꺼내보고
오늘도 웃는다

*Back to Reff

어제 밤도 생각해봤어
어쩌면 나는 벌써 겁내는거라고
오늘은 나, 눈물을 참고 힘을 내야지
포기하기엔 아직은 나의 젊음이 찬란해

*Back to Reff

난 달려갈꺼야~
난 없는게 메리트~

Lyrics Romanization

Eobneunge meriteurane nan
Inneunge  jeolmeumirane nan
Du pareul beolryeo sesangeul da kkyeoanko
Nan dalryeogalkkeoya

Naneun gajinge eobseo sonhae bolge eobdane nan
Jeongmar gwaenchanhayo geuri seulpeuji anhayo
Jumeoni soge yonggireul kkeonaebogo
Oneuldo unneunda

*Back to Reff

Eoje bamdo saenggakhaebwasseo
Eojjeomyeon naneun beolsseo geomnaeneun georago
Oneureun na, nunmureul chamgo himeul naeyaji
Pogihagien ajigeun naeui jeolmeumi chanranhae

*Back to Reff

Nan dalryeogalkkeoya~
Nan eobneunge meriteu~

English Translation

Having nothing is my merit
I’m a person who have youth
With my two wings wide open I’ll hold all the world
I will move on

I have nothing so I wouldn’t get hurt
It’s alright so don’t be sad
Let’s awaken the courage inside the pocket
and smiling today

*Back to Reff

I’ve think about it last night
Perhaps I’m already scared
Today I’ll hold the tears and gain more strength
It’s too early to give up my youth

*Back to Reff

I will move on
Having nothing is merit

Hangeul Lyrics : Daum
Lyrics Romanization & English Translation: aikawaringo
The translation may not 100% due to my lacking…
Please give a proper credit if you are going to use it somewhere.
Thanks for Jumping into my page 😉

Additional Info :

옥상달빛 (Dalmoon) Album “Dalmoon-28” released in April 26th 2011, this song is on track number 3. Please support the artist by buying their CD 😉

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