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It’s been 2 months for my new short haircut, and I’m start to thinking about make it into Bohemian wavy, also known as a medium curly hair or loose curl.

But in the next July (this year), I already planning my trip to Bali for 4 days 3 nights, so I need to save some money. That’s why, I can curl my hair into Bohemian wavy know, since I don’t have much money…

And the other problem is, I don’t know which beauty salon who can do Bohemian Wavy for short haircut. I don’t want to be wronged, after it’s done, and doesn’t satisfy me (>_<)
I hope I can find a pretty economical salon, who can do Bohemian Wavy perfectly ;D

Wish Me Luck!

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This is an old song (year 2005)
The first time I heard this song, when I’m playing dance online game named Audition.
But then I watched “Hello My Teacher” aka “Biscuit and Candy” (Kdrama 2005), and realized that this song is the Original Soundtrack of The Drama! This is a great song, the meaning too, I understand the song, but it’s hard for me to describe it into english translation (still trying hehehe).
Here the Romanized Lyrics:

Only You – Rose Thorn

별 하나를 살 순 없을까
Byeol hanareul salsun eobseul kka
오리들 손을 잡고 달아나서 안돌아오게
Urideul soneul jabgo dalanaseo andoraoge
거봐 너도 닫히 마음에 빛이 기다리잖아
Geobwa neo do Datchi maeume bichi gidarijanha
꿈처럼 다시 아물 수 있게
Kkum cheoreom dashi amulsu itke

가슴이 움직이나봐 난 너를 사랑하나봐
Gaseumi umjiginabwa nan neoreul saranghanabwa
어디든 너를 따라 나설 자신이 있어 Oh baby
Eodideul neoreul ttara naseol jashini isseo oh baby
지금 나에게 달려와 줄 순 없니
Jigeum naege dalryeowa julsun eobni
영원히 나와 함께 할 사람
Yeongwonhi nawa hamkke hal saram
그건 바로 너야 (그건 바로 너야)
Keugeon baro neoya (Keugeon baro neoya)

그렇게나 한숨 짓지마
Geureohge na hansum jitjima
이미 넌 머리부터 발 끝까지 내 눈을 덮어
Imi neon meori buteo pal kkeutkkaji nae nuneul deopeo
이젠 니 목소리 귓가에 달라 붙어 안 떠나
Ijen ni moksuri gwitkae dalla buteo antteona
뭐 하나 손에 안잡히는 걸
Mwo hana sone anjabhineun geol

가슴이 움직이나봐 난 너를 사랑하나봐
Gaseumi umjiginabwa nan neoreul saranghabwa
어디든 너를 따라 나설 자신이 있어 Oh baby
Eodideul neoreul ttara naseol jashini isseo oh baby
지금 나에게 달려와 줄 순 없니
Jigeum naege dalryeowa julsu eobni
영원히 나와 함께 할 사람 그건 바로 너야
Yongwonhi nawa hamkke hal saram keugeon baro neoya

너만 갖고 모두 버려도 좋아
Neoman kakku modu beoryeo do joha
나와 함께해 줄 오직 한사람
Nawa hamkkehae jul ojik hansaram
안아줘 말해줘 나를 사랑해줘 영원히 내 곁에서
Anajwo malhaejwo nareul saranghaejwo yongwonhi nae gyeoteseo

너만을 사랑하나봐 난 너를 좋아하나봐
Neomaneul saranghabwa nan neoreul johahanabwa
어디든 먼저 따라 나설 자신이 있어 Oh baby
Eodideul meonjeo ttara naseol jashini isseo oh baby
지금 나에게 달려와 줄 순 없니
Jigeum naege dalryeowa julsu eobni
영원히 나와 함께 할 사람
Yongwonhi nawa hamkke hal saram
그건 바로 너야 (그건 바로 너야)
Keugeon baro neoya (Keugeon baro neoya)

Lyrics Romanization by me (@aikawaringo)

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Ugh… Today is a bad day…
Errrr… Actually it was a good day, I bring my cake to my sis house, she make a wish, blow up the candle, cut the cake, and eat it(she said it was delicious).
I bring my gift from my trip last week for my niece too, and take come picture of her. (I bought her a doll)

But then, after having a great time there…
Now I’m having a bad time…
Why? Because while I’m watching an old drama “Hello, My Teacher!”, something error happen and then, my computer stop to working, showing these kind of error.

(I hate when my computer start to be eror, because it cost quite a lot of money to fix it)
Now, I shut down my computer(never shutdown computer at night, I usually let it turned on, so my download progress increasing) and then go sleep, I hope the error gone tomorrow when I’m wake up…

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Actually April 12th is my sis birthday,
and the day before (April 11th) after done with my work,
I’m going to a mart to buy the ingredient to make a black forest,
but too bad!
My mom didn’t put out the tools to make a cake
(the mixer and all the stuff included the oven),
that’s why this cake done today at April 16th
(It’s really late, I’m so sorry).

The Chocobar in the middle is broken,
and my handwriting is very awful *lmao*,
I don’t know how it tasted like,
because tomorrow I’m going to bring that black forest for my sis.
I hope I can learn from my mistakes before,
This one is my 2nd Black Forest I ever made.
The first one didn’t taste good.
That’s why I hope this one is delicious ;D

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April 15th 2011
Day 3 Knitting a Scarf…

Today I’m continuing my knitting progress,
but seeing that my yarn is going to an end,
i decided add a new yarn with a difference colour,
it’s a maroon red.
So the scarf will be ended with cream colour to each end.
I hope it turns out well hehe,
since this one is my first Knit!
Yes it took’s a long time to knit,
But until now I’m still enjoying it!

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At The Hospital

Right now, I’m at the hospital near my office. Just like my previous post that somethings wrong with my eyes, I’m not feeling well.

I have works that near my deadline, I need to overwork in front of computer for a long time, but my eyes just won’t do it, that’s why tonight I decided to go to hospital. Maybe I can find the answer behind my eyes *lol*

It’s very rare for me to step on a hospital, too bad there’s no any handsome doctor to see here (⌣́_⌣̀)

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Day 2 Knitting a Scarf

April 12th 2011
Day 2 Knitting a Scarf…

Today I felt really tired, especially my eyes, feel like I got headache everytime I get my eye on focus. Is it because I’ve work too much in front of computer? But I’m fine working in front of computer 18 hours a day.
This is the first time I’m feelig not well with my eyes. So I think I’m not going to continue my knit, maybe tomorrow, my eyes really hurt so much 😦
I’m going to get some rest, I hope my eyes will be okay tomorrow, so I can continue to knit longer.

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Day 1 Knitting a Scarf

April 11th 2011
Today I’m start to knit, I already bought all of the tools and thread needed.
Its been about 4 hours, I’ve been failed many times and re-knit it again *lol* (I’m a newbie anyway).
This is the picture my Day 1 of knitting.
I’m about to sleep now, already 2 AM.
I have to sleep, and wake up early morning for work… (⌣́_⌣̀)

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I’m on train now, this train is heading to a town next to my city. I’ve never gone to this Town before. I’m pretty excited for this trip. I hope it turns out to be a fun trip.

When got into this train, me and my friend, Betty, sit on a wrong seat number. And someone who belongs to the seat remind us. Aw that’s pretty embarrassing. I don’t put much attention on the ticket seat, maybe I was too excited, that’s why. Too bad on this first time for me to go to this town, I didn’t get seat near the window. Hope next time I can get seat next to the window.

This 3 hours to this town will be a pretty bored journey, because we didn’t sit next to each other, so we cannot have a chat 😦

This happen yesterday, I want to ride a train with 4 seat face to face. Its a business class, but because of my friend who was pointed to be the one who book the ticket but he didn’t ! So we ended up to book the executive class (we run out the business class tickets) . The seat was spread in the 2nd platform, so we can’t have a have to face seat 😦

Next time I will definitely take a face to face seat train!! Its ok to see the view backwards lol xD~ I think it will be more fun! ;D

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He is The Guy Who Can Took My Breath Away Just by Passing in Front of Me…

It’s been a very long time…
Suddenly I got string,
a string to be connected to him. (String of Fate? Lol)
I feel very happy, I even get my heart a spring, like every flower in my heart blooming (sorry if it sounds to be exaggerated lol)
The point is I’m so happy at that time!

The Story Starts Here…
Friday, April 1st 2011
I get in touch with my friends Lily, who is working on the same floor with him!
We have a long chat, it’s been 5 years ago (when I’m working on the same floor with her) I don’t know why, but suddenly we are talking about him, she said that while I’m gone (long time ago, maybe few years ago), he suddenly appear in front of Lily and ask her :
“You’re Rinrin’s friends, right?
Do you know where is she?
Do you have her contact?”
But unfortunately she doesn’t have my contact, so she answer that she don’t know and don’t have my contact, then he silent and go (ㅠ.ㅠ)

He even ask about me, does it means something???
But when we meet after I came back (about 1 year 3 months), we had a cross meet, but he didn’t ask me my contact…
Is it because he already had girlfriend at that time? (I had so much thought in my head, I keep wondering… When it’s -maybe- doesn’t mean anything).

Then I ask her to get his blackberry pin, so I can get in touch with him too, I even ask her if he’s married or having a girlfriend, and she said he’s still single (kyaaa~ *screaming*). Then I’m getting very excited.
My old friends, Lily, gave him my blackberry pin.

Then the next morning there’s a BBM notification, but strangely when I open my blackberry messenger, there’s no message even a invitation request! I thought it’s a bug, so I let it be. Lily send me message that he already send me a invitation request on blackberry messenger and ask her why I didn’t accept his request, Lily said that I’m the one who had the strongest desire to have his pin(it’s true! Lmao) but yet didn’t approve his request… It’s not like I don’t want to approve, but I didn’t get the invitation!!
Oh my God!! Why why why???
Why I didn’t get his request!!!! :((

I thought it’s a fate,
to be meet with him on a computer centre, after I come back from my long journey to other island for more than a year.
I thought it’s a fate,
that Gods wants me to meet him, that he’s the Guy!
I thought it’s a fate,
That suddenly can got a string to be keep in touch with him.
But then suddenly I thought it’s not,
Wondering why his request didn’t appear on my blackberry messenger, I already ask my friend with so much effort for him to invite me…
Does it means that we’re not meant each other?… ( Again, exaggerated!! xD~)

Saturday, April 2rd 2011
I’m visiting my bro’s house, meet up with my sister in law and my little niece “Audrey”, she’s cute as always!
I’m having a chat with my sister in law, and don’t know why too, suddenly I’m talking about him *lmao~~~*
Then my sister in law said, “Why don’t you search him on facebook? Its good for looking up someone who loose contact with you.”
I think I ever search it on facebook (pretty long time ago), it’s about 515 peoples who had the same name as him. So I don’t do it.

Tuesday, April 5th 2011
Today, I was browsing on my PC, then I try to search him on facebook, and you know what!? He’s on the first name!! (I had a mutual friend of him, that’s why his face is the first name!!! Kyaaaa xD~). I invite him on facebook, and send him a message, asking for his blackberry pin.
And shockingly, he answer my facebook message! (Again and again, happy over a very little thing… *slap my self* 정신 차려!!

Here’s the message:
Here’s my pin 255XXXXX
I got your pin from Lily, I already send you a request but you didn’t approve me, please approve my invitation”

Aw aw aw… I’m soooo happy
I was like giggling ear to ear!!! xD
He remember my name!
He ask me to approve his invitation!!
My heart is blooming~♡♡
Ohhh, I think there’s no other happiness except this at that time! (Lol again exaggerated~~~)

If you ask me the question on my previous post about “Two Kind of Love”,
This one is 「The Heartbeat Love」
Even a little thing can make me happy this much, I can’t imagine more than this, like having a lunch/dinner with him, or imagine he smiles to me, I think I will faint right away!! (>_<)

That night, we did chat on blackberry messenger. He ask me to meet up and have a chat with him, I’m sooo happyy!! (I even screenshot the conversation! Haha I’m on the state to be crazily over a little thing)

I hope this happiness everlasting forever…
And don’t disappear too quickly like bubbles…

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