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Something You Need

A bright smile to lighten up your day 🙂


This picture got an auto-smile feature for me, by just looking at those smile makes me want to smile along with them. Do you?

Sometimes we need something like this in our life, a bright innocence smile. Looking at them was like this world actually can be as peaceful as it can be. But some part of this world wasn’t like to bring smile like them to their generation by keeping the war as hot as it can be :|. And how great it would be for a kids to play under the sky running with their friends, not just sitting in front of a computer during the day.

So put your book down, keep you gadget in your pocket, turn off your lappie, open the door and walk out, We live in this world not for a long time, so enjoy the breeze and the blue sky that was served for you hehehe.

And oh, the star in the night is the desert! yummy sky right? xD

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