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People Come And Go

Ever heard about this phrase, that people come and go? Yes, that’s right that people come and go.

You just need to grab their hand before they go.

Try stay in touch with your friend is not a bad thing to do. Perhaps sending a text saying “Hey how are you doing?” is also good. And if they didn’t grab back your hand, It’s okay, at least you have been reaching out your hand for them, life is go on. Make new friends. Make yourself available when they’re hangout. If they don’t ask you to hangout, why don’t you ask them to? by saying “hey there are midnight sale, let’s go shopping” or perhaps there’s a new restaurant open, ask them “Hey, let’s try the new restaurant near that corner street! Ladies night!”

I used to be alone, been single for 7 years, single for 7 years but not lonely because of them. I always try to be available when they asking for hangout, even I’m late. sitting down and chit chat with coffee or have a drink/two is fine. Even I don’t like gossiping, was trying so hard to listen to their gossip, and try laughing along with them, well I can keep it up, not everyday though. In fact, their presence are precious to me.

And remember don’t ditch your friend away once you hook with a guy. You’re dating and breakup. but friends always there. I’ve been through it, and me who can stay happy as I am right now is thanks to them. So make yourself equally available, so you don’t feel empty once you break up with your bf, because you still have your friend around, hugging you and said “It’s okay! Let’s have some fun.”. Life is not over yet, indeed.

Have a nice day!

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