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I’m going to write my review here THIS CONTAIN SPOILER / SPOILER ALERT. This is the first french movie I ever watch. I’m learning french now. and After watch this movie, I think it’s really difficult hahah. But I will still learn it, it’s fun 🙂 I’m watching this is part of my self learning  xD

This movie is kinda dark romantic. or even not romantic at all, it’s more to a sad tragedy movie. The title is Jeux d’enfant, which is means Child’s Game, another English title is “Love me if you dare” with “La Vie en Rose” as the soundtrack. La vie en rose means “The life in pink“, it’s really a nice old love song in french. You can find many music box with this song lately, Christmas is coming to town.


The story start with the friendship between a young girl and young boy, through a dare game. So the rule is passing a cute can and say the thing you ask the person you pass the can, do they dare or not doing specific things, “cap ou pas cap?“, which literally means “are youimages capable or are you not capable?“, then if you take the challenge you will answer “GAME!“, then you will do the exact thing mentioned.

SO those little kids, are playing that game until they growing up without noticing that actually both of them are falling for each other, but too much ego to even realize their own feelings.


There are 2 time jump in this story. One is 4 years, and then 10 years.


Teenage Love

The girl is the one who realize her feeling first, but afraid to say. She couldn’t keep it and tell him, they share some kiss but he treat her like a game. The guy loses his chance once on their teenage time. He should be running and grab the girl when she walks away. They put the game 4 years not gonna see each other again, cap ou pas cap, and they game it. This is the part that I don’t actually understand, the really determined the game, 4 years mentioned and they really wait for 4 years… geez…


Image3After 4 years passed, the guy come to the girl. the girl  who still in love with him even after 4 years. Then again another childishness, he put another game to hurt her, just exactly like what she said 4 years ago. He actually show her that he could hurt her. And she revenge him by ruining his marriage on the church by passing the can to him right in front of the altar, “to say no, on the church

after the wedding incident, they put the 10 years not seeing each other again, and game it. (and they did not see each other for 10 years geez… what a waste of time.)


So the time jump to another 10 years later. Both of them are married to another person, the guy has 2 little kids and a beautiful wife. Living a normal life. But he doesn’t look happy. There’s no excitement in his life.

And the girl is married to a national football player, have a big house, rich and lovely husband, but just same as him. She doesn’t look happy either. Something is just missing in their normal life.

And she started the childish game again. The ending was kinda confusing because, in the end both of them ditching their own spouse just to get to be together and buried themselves in a cement for an eternal love.

It’s a weird ending indeed. In the end, they show us the probability of happiness if only they choose to throw their ego away, once is when they’re teenager, when she told him that she loves him. Another one when he showed up after 4 years, it could be a nice closure, if he didn’t childish put a proposing joke to her. But after 10 years, and all of them already married, it’s just too late to adjust anything.



This movie is showing us that we should cherish the right moment in this life. That your ego won’t do anything good. Be honest to your feelings is maybe the best thing, even if maybe it’s just an unrequited love.

I’m not on the shoes to say this because I actually a fox in sheep costume. I don’t want to ended up miserable like in the movie.


I wonder which part of this movie that goes wrong?

Maybe she shouldn’t tell him that she loves him? or maybe she shouldn’t fall for him in the first place? (as if she can undo it) But what can she do? Falling for him is against her own will too…

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