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The Amount of Sincerity

When this society is sick and all the sincerity is going to vanish.


Suddenly I remember one of my friend when I read this. She said that she only remember all the people who gave her wedding money (in red envelope) with a huge amount and judge people who gave less.

I didn’t say the person who had $200 but only give $20 means they didn’t sincere. But please to see even a $10 as a sincerity, and don’t look down on them.

When did such amount of money become a measure for people’s sincerity? I hope this society can be healed someday. And I hope this diary can slap me hard if I turn into one of them.

Have a nice day! 😀

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Where it goes wrong?

Today I’ve  been thinking…
if I should redo it, which part of my life?
then I think the answer is…
Perhaps I shouldn’t  have been born in the first place.

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