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とびっきりのHAPPY endingは良いねぇ~
私もこんなとびっきりのHappy Endingが欲しいなぁ ~ (^▽^)
愛されたいって幸せだな ;D
神様 、 願いはひとつだけ、私と家族のみんなさま、幸せになりますように!!


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This Event is repeat of our last year Christmas Event. We eat an “All You Can Eat” Buffet, but the rule is Everyone should using a Santa Hat, and of course using a red colour cloth (that’s last year event rule). But this time totally different and all messed up. Some of them taking their ldover with and go show off (my gosh) they even do feed up each other. (It’s not normal for that kind of situation).

I’m glad meeting this friend, we talked so much while waiting for another friend. After my other friend came, we grab a taxi, and head to the appointment. Eating the buffet, and then we go to KTV for noraebang around 2 hours.

Then we go taking photo around LP.

After we all got tired, then we go home!

But I got something good today, that sometimes what we think not always the wise one. I clearly, think that for woman not supposed to be too friendly to the man she doesn’t love. Because you only left him in a fake hope.

So, for me, a good woman, didn’t hang up a man in this kind of situation, woman should clearly said “Let’s be friends” or “I have no attention to date you”, well at least both of them didn’t hold a fake hope.
Am I wrong thinking this way?
If something really happen after saying this, We can let the fate lead the way, isn’t it?

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Christmas Eve

Actually I’m planning to spend my christmas eve by watching “Kim Tak Goo” at home, but suddenly a friend of mine, ask me out to find some sandals, because I want to buy an iron curling (hair equipment for my desire to have a wavy hair) so I go to the shopping center.

It’s quite late, I arrive there arround 4:30 pm, almost the time to close the shop, but after walking around. My friend finds his sandals, and me too, got an iron curling hair equipment. After got the item, my friend suggest to see the tallest Christmas Tree in my country and Fireworks. So we went to Central Park.

It’s really a nice view. We do some photoshots there, and watch a wonderful fireworks right up on my head.

After tired walking around, we decided to go home. And you know what happen? A terribly crowded for the way out from parking area. CO2 smoke is around everywhere, and we spend about 1 hour for our turn to pay the park fee and go out.

Tomorrow we are going to do our annual christmas Celebration. I hope Tomorrow event is going well 🙂

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感謝している。 (-^^-)

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December 18th 2010

Today, I gone to someone’s Birthday Party, well I only accompany my friend because he have no partner to go there, despite I can eat delicious food for free, so without any hesitating, I’m “ok” it right away lol~

He pick me up at lobby of GT, and
we head to the restaurant named Furama, location in HW. It’s a nice Chinese Restaurant, elder will like this kind of family restaurant.

We are late, late about 1 and a half hours, but even we are late, they haven’t start to eat, the food hasn’t come out. So we sit and enjoy their birthday party before they serve the food.

Seeing this kind of party, I wondering “Can I celebrate my parents birthday party like this when they reach 60?”, I hope I can, at least once in their life time, having a great birthday party must be a dream of every human living. For me, I never had such a birthday party. I always enjoy my birthday silently…
I think it feels great it someone, celebrate our birthday. It means they precious us right? Well maybe that’s only happen in drama, I watched too much drama, which makes my life feels flat.

After the birthday party is over, we went to pick up another friend to go watch TRON midnight 00:15 AM at LP. I reach home at 3:30 AM and go sleep right away! Because tomorrow I held a concert in Limelight with some high school’s old friends 🙂

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Do you know what kind of soda is Gumiho Favourite Soda?

If you watch the drama “My Girlfriend is Gumiho”, you will find so much scenes when they’re drinking soda deliciously until you feel “Ahhh~ I want some!” (LOL, It’s me! I want to drink it! How bout you??) xD~

in korean they said it as “사이다”  reads “saida” (refer to cider), somekind of soda drink.

So? What Kind of Soda is it?

Well, unfortunately they wrapped the can with a printed paper written “사이다” LOL, but i think we can guess by just seeing their printed layout, It’s “질성사이다” >> “Chilsung Cider” product of Lotte Chilsung, so if you want to taste it, now go to Convenience Store or Supermarket and bought some ;D

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Thanks for reading 😉

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Have just watch “Marry Me Mary!” Episode 3, I stunt when Meri cleared up the misunderstanding with the actress Seo Jun, she said “We’ll have to see each other frequently at the office, so I hope we won’t have any uncomfortable situations happening.”
Well I also have that kind of situation with my working partner, but because I’m such a coward, I pretend to be “let it flow” and never want to make it up right with that partner, I know its not a right way to solve a problem (especially this kind of misunderstanding personality judgement), that I should clear it up like what Mary did, but I don’t know how(and yes Mary have show me the way to clear it up). Well its true that some of that partner personality I don’t like, but its not a right thing to have an uncomfortable situation everytime we met or talks, something’s wrong here. But just… No one want to make it clear.
I still should study many things in this life, this one too, sooner or later I should make it straight, maybe not now but someday…

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