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Finally oh Finally!!!!!! (LOL, I’m just about to repeat my previous post xD)
Another song that I’m waiting for, I really want to have!!! So glad my hope granted as I wish~
I’m A Flower Too OST Part 5 contains all the song I really really desperately want it!! *squealing*

Here’s the lyrics and translation~

지금 이대로 (Jigeum Idaero | The Way It Is Right Now)
Sung by
유해인 (Yoo Hae In)
나도 꽃 Part.5 (MBC 수목드라마)
Release Date : 2011.12.20

Hangeul Lyrics
난 두려워 어떻게 해야 할 지 모르는 내가 미웠어
난 괜찮아 그저 아무일 없는 것처럼 난 웃고 있어
다시 예전처럼 모른척하기에는 너무 늦어버린 걸까 난

지금 이대로 흘러가는 대로 그냥
지루했던 기억은 모두 털어버리고
원하는 대로 하고 싶은 대로 그냥한
번만이라도 떠나고 싶은 걸

안녕이란 어떻게 해야 할지 몰랐던 내가 싫어서
난 괜찮아 그저 아무일 없는 것처럼 난 웃고 있어
다른 사람처럼 모른척하기에는 너무 바보 같은 걸까 난

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이제 시작인거야

*Repeat Reff

지금 이대로~ yeah yeah~  yeah yeah~

Lyrics Romanization

Nan duryeowo, eotteohkehaeyahalji moreuneun, naega miwosseo
Nan gwaenchanha, geujeo amuil eobneun geon cheoreom, nan utgoisseo
Dashi yejeon cheoreom moreuncheokhagieneun neomu neujeobeorin geolkka nan~

Jigeum idaero heulleo ganeun daero geunyang
Jirohaetdeon giogeun modu teoreobeorigo
Wonhaneundaero hagosipeundaero geunyang
Hanbeonmanirado tteona beorigo sipeun geol

Annyeongiran eotteohke haeyahalji mollatdeon naega sirheoseo
Nan gwaenchanha geujeo amuil eobneun geon cheoreom, nan utgoisseo
Dareun saramcheoreom moreuncheokhagieneun neomu babo gateun geolkka nan

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Ije sijagingeoya

*Repeat Reff

Jigeum idaero~ yeah yeah~

English Translation

I’m afraid, I hate myself who don’t know what to do
I’m alright, I’m laughing like nothing happened
Just like before, is it too late to pretend don’t know anything?

The way it is right now, just let it flow away
Throw away all of the tire-some memories
Just like the way I want, just like the way I like to do
For once, I want to runaway

I hate myself who didn’t know how to say good bye
I’m alright, I’m laughing like nothing happened
Just like other people, Am I being so silly to pretend like didn’t know each other?

*Back to Reff

It’s just the beginning

*Repeat Reff

The way it is right now~ yeah yeah~ yeah yeah~

Hangeul Lyrics : Daum
Lyrics Romanization & English Translation : aikawaringo

Please give a proper credit if you going to use this anywhere. 😉
Thanks for jump jump around here~

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