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애인 말고, 친구를 만든거, 그거 도 나쁘지 않아.
Aein malgo, chingureul mandeungeo, geugeo do nappeuji anha.
If you can’t be lovers, be friends, that’s not a bad thing.

마음 아파,그 사람을 같이 못하는거 앞아,
Maeum apa, geu sarameul katchi mothaneungeo apa,
It’s heart breaking, when you cannot have that person, it’s very painful

아파지만 다시 한 보는 거.
Apajiman dasi han boneun geo.
Even though it’s painfull, and you don’t want to see that person anymore.

그래서, 결국, 소중한 사람 잃은것, 더 아프잖아
Geuraseo, gyeolguk, sojunghan saram irheungeot, deo apeujanha
In the end, if you lose a precious person, that’s even more painful.

「Witch Yoo Hee」 Ep 14 (36:42)
Jhonny > Seung Mi

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