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Office Gath (January 14th~15th  2011)

Today I’m having Office Gath (like an office reunion, we are 4 companies in 1 building), we have this gath every year on January. It was like office party, 2 days 1 night in a far away place. The employees are allowed to bring their relatives, for example: wife, son, mother, mother, sister, uncle, aunt, they can also bring all the entire family (I bring myself). So many people bring their kids, and Julia (my colleague) brings her Mom, dad, 2 sisters, 1 nephew and 1 niece. Last year she brings her hubby and sister, but her hubby was died on may last year 😦

This time we are going to a mountain (It was always mountain xD). We are going to have some fun! We gathered in front of the office in the morning 7 o’clock, they rent 3 busses. It takes around 3-4 hours to reach the inn, we arrived there at 12.

It was a really nice inn with swimming pool, so green because the trees are around the inn, so many grass, and very cold (I wear jacket, scarf and sock there). 12 is lunch time. After having lunch, we are doing outdoor games.

Outdoors’ Games!

 We are playing pretty much outdoor games.

1. Human Knot

All of us were asked to make a human circle, and then when they said “2!”, then we should find a partner from across the circle where we stood, into 2 persons each. When they said “Traffic light!”, then we should find 3 persons formed into a human-stairs, and act like a traffic light (LOL). When the arbiter said “family!”, then we should make a group with 4 people. No winners and no losers, It’s just a fun game. 😉

2. Guess Who’?!

It’s a game to make you know each other better. So the team should be split into 2 teams, and you should remember the name of each member in the opposite team, they will put 1 person on every behind a piece of cloth (pretty large to cover 1 person), the arbiter will open the cloth to let you guess, the person should shout the other party member’s name in front of you, the faster is the winner. It was so fun, because of this games, I get to know more people in other companies 🙂

 3. Caterpillar Race

This was has the same team from the previous game. Actually it’s a bit different with caterpillar race, where all of team should lining up, this time the arbiter told us to make a human-roll, and tie us with a rope. We are having a race with that position, LOL. My team loses on this game.

 4. Sliding Ball on Pipes

All of team members get a piece of pipe (being cut vertically into 2 parts). And the 12 of us should build a bridge for the ball to slide until the finish line. Within 10 minutes, the team who got more balls is the winner. My team wins this game with 4:3.

 5. Foot Tower (Water Game)

I passed this game since it’s a water game, I don’t want to get wet in a cold place like that >_< So each team members are lie down on the grass, they ask them to take off the shoes and become barefoot and make a tower with their feet each other, then on the peak of those feet, they will put a bucket of water. Then they will ask you to put your shoes on, without make that bucket of water spill out, there are so many people get wet on this game -LOL.

 6. Water balloons Volleyball (Water Game)

It’s just like volleyball, but the ball used here is water balloon. So each team will get table cloth, and pass the water balloon with that table cloth, each table cloth contains 4 member of team. so there are 3 table cloth each team. You should catch the ball with those tablecloth, otherwise, it will hit your head, and you’ll get wet muahahhaha >:)

The Banquet Dinner

The banquet start at 6:30 PM, It’s all set into a buffet with so many round tables, the food served there are very delicious (I ate a lot here 😀). There are 2 MC’s entertain us with 1 singer and 1 keyboardist. Although they are only 4 peoples, but they sure know how to entertain peoples. They are so funny (I think those 2 MCs are gay!). There’s a magic show, and the singer sings Katy Perry’s Fireworks xD~ (Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon~ moon~moon~ ), Jennifer Lopez’s On the Floor, and many other song.

The MC mention the door prize, I got the door prize twice in a row, the gadget I’m using now, a blackberry that I get on the gath year 2010, and a shopping voucher (worth for 230 USD) on the gath year 2011. Too bad this year, I didn’t get any door prize >_< (Mr. Christ got the door prize!)

Midnight at The Hot Spring (Onsen? –xD)

After done with the banquet at 11 PM, we’re heading to Hot Spring. It’s a bit different with Japanese Onsen, where people are nude and split the gender. We still wears swimwear or bikinis here, and they didn’t split the gender. So It’s all mixed up! I soaked all of my body into hot spring, It feels so good, so warm, feels like my tired all gone along with the steam. I was inside the water for 1 hour, until I realize my hands and feet get wrinkled, then I get out. I find out that Mr. Christ and some other people didn’t soaked on hot spring, I wonder why. Not long after get out, I get my body shivering because way too cold. we head back to the inn at 2 AM, and Sleep!

The night is so cold, I got my nose running, and my knees on pain (someone said that it sounds like bilateral arthritis of the knees, sounds really bad T___T), it’s really hard to sleep, I put some analgesic balm on my knees and some patch around my stomach, then get some sleep.

Wake up at 7 AM, thanks God there’s hot water for bath, I’m freezing. The air in the morning is fresh, the sun shining brightly, the tree and grass are sparkling. I’m walking through the grass for breakfast. I’m having a cup of coffee and fried rice for breakfast. The fried rice tasted awful =__=

Picking Strawberries

After done with the breakfast, We are walking to a strawberry farm.

Mr. Christ (the western guy from the previous post) is also come along with us to the strawberry farm . Since I’m totally feel stupid after ignore him two days ago. This time, I gather all my courage not to avoid him and try to talk to him. Here’s my conversation:

Me: Good morning, Mr. Christ! (I greet him)
Mr. Christ: Oh, good morning, beautiful girl! (I think I’m old enough to be called “girl”)
Me: So, you’re pilot school right? (I started to screwed the English >_<)
Mr. Christ: Yah. (I think he understand what I mean)
Me: Are you the student or the instructor, sir? (Okay, I was like doing an interview =.=)
Mr. Christ: Oh, I’m not a student; I’m a going-to-be-instructor (he smiles +_+)
Me: I thought you are student.
Mr. Christ: no, I’m not a student.
Me: It seems you can speak our language pretty good, huh?
Mr. Christ: Yeah, a bit. (he answer this with my mother language, LOL)
Me: Where did you learn that from?
Mr. Christ: Oh, my mom, she’s from here and my dad is from US. I was born here. (Then it means that he’s half.)
Me: Oh, so you were born here... are you fluent in English?
Mr. Christ: Yes, I am.
Me: Can you teach me English sir?
Mr. Christ: Sure, what do you want to learn? Grammar?
Me: Ukh, I screwed the grammar.
Mr. Christ: You screwed the grammar? (He is laughing)
Me: I want to learn pronunciation.
Mr. Christ: (he said something about pronunciation)
Me: I learn pronunciation from movies.
Mr. Christ: No, that’s not enough, because when you watch it you only hear it. (He said that I need to keep talking with English to improve my pronunciation.)
Me: it means that I should talk to you everyday then sir *giggle~*
Mr. Christ: Yeah, sure (he’s laughing).

Can this be considered as a good chat? -LOL
It’s not bad, really…
to gather all your strength and try 🙂

Picking strawberries is fun! I don’t pick too much since I should pay for it (Stingy Rinrin!!), I pick 7 strawberries. (I paid for it, it doesn’t even cost 1 buck!! muahaha) ;), I took some photos there and bought some snack for my parents. After done with the photo session and picking the strawberries, head back to the inn for check out. We got into bus around 10:30 AM for another destination (eat lunch – LOL). WE have lunch, and then watch a traditional show. Then we all go back to the city, arrived at the office at 7 PM. I reached my home at 8 PM. I feel so tired.

Time is not ticking, but running. It was so fast. the next day, I already sitting on the office desk, and doing my job like I usually do. Everything just like a dream, and slowly fade away. That’s the reason I shoot some photos and write this into my blog. Because when I’m writing this, I’m sure it’s not a dream. 😉

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