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Today I’m watching a Thailand Movie “Seven Something”. Actually I’m starting to watch many Thailand movie to learn their language, and their romantic-comedy starting to get my attention. It was really welldone, hillarious, meaningful, and their acting is really good. Only 1 thing that is lack,skinship (LOL- I’m just kidding xD).

This movie contains 3 separates story, each of story directed by a different Director, and the duration of each story is around 1 hour, so this movie is almost 3 hours. The story starts with the magical of number “7” in age, such as 7 years old, 14-21-28-35-42 years old.

The 1st story (14 years old) is the most hilarious story, the 2nd story (21-28 years old) is the most realistic & sweet, and the 3rd/last story (42 years old) is the most meaningful for me because it was like portrait the life of my friend, Julie >_<.If you’re curious about the movie, just watch it, it’s a good movie, but I’m not going to spoil anything here xD

After watch the movie, I got a chance to meet and greet with the co-star!! And they looks way more adorable in person than on screen . 😉

Sirin ‘Cris’ Horwang & Sunny Suwanmethanont

I also received their signature!! Haha, to be truth, this is the 1st time I watch their movie. Even though I’m not really their fans, but I tempted to own their signature. It’s totally unprepared and  even the paper I borrowed it from someone I don’t know… This is the 1st signature of actor/actress I ever received in my life. So this gonna be written in my history of life! xD

Signature of Cris & Sunny

Little Unimportant Story :

Actually a few days ago, when I decided to learn Thai, I was looking for a Thai people in my twitter, and then There’s a name appear in “Who-to-follow” box because this person was being followed by 2 my drama’s lover friends. The name written with Thai writings so I have no idea if this person i’s a guy or girl.

I click it and look at the tweets, most of it written with Thai’s writings, English, and some Hangeul. My thought ‘Ah, maybe this person is a Korean-lover‘, so I look into the pictures mostly posted by this person, the pic of a pretty handsome guy, but only one guy all over the tweets. I thought, ‘Ah, maybe she’s a huge fan of  this guy, somekind idol‘, but I don’t know who’s the guy in the pic since I’m not following the k-pop idol or anything except their dramas. Then I’m thinking to ask this person to teach Thai so I followed this person.

Later after I followed this person, I realize that the number of the followers is 1.4 million, this is not a number of normal people would get. I thought this person is a girl but in fact he’s a guy, one of 2 PM member  (Korean boyband) named Nickhun =..= his twitter ID is @Khunnie0624, and I have no idea it’s him. Fortunately, I haven’t sent any weird message to ask him teach me Thai -LOL-, or it would be really awkward! >_< He’s starring in this movie too, in the last story.

Catch the trailer!

PS : One of my bucket list accomplish again! Yosh!!

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It’s a sweet romantic comedy Thai-movie,
with a very simple (or even way too simple) ending.

Today I’m watching this movie with my friend. Just like the title it’s the story about decent woman named Ing (Ploy) –a photographer who has her own studio–  in her 30’s getting dumped by her first boyfriend after dating around 7 years and looking for her soul mate. With the help of her 2 BFF: Mint (Jeab Pijitra) and Yee (Tukki), and also the fortune teller (who sells delicious pork satay) Jued (Pea). There are many hilarious scenes, I really recommended this movie to watch so people will think twice before they become picky.

Catch Out The Trailer


ALERT : This may contain spoiler

The Scene That Catch My Heart

1. When the female lead going to a temple to pray.

The female lead (Ing) going to a temple with the male lead (Jued) accompany her. She mention so many wish, for a very very handsome guy, rich, hard-worker, smart, etc many others. When the male lead only said,

Jued : I want a woman who loves me.
Ing : That’s all?
Jued : Yeah, simple, right?

Yeah in fact that almost all women was like that, and I was really moved by his simple line,
Is a guy like that only happen on movies? *Ask the staaaaars!!* +_+

Actually if people ask me, what kind of guy I want, then I always answer the same thing with the male lead,

The Guy who loves me.

It’s just as simple as that line. But many people said “Bullshit” after I said that line.  ( -____- )

Let me explain then,
If he loves me, he wouldn’t hurt me, right?
If he loves me, he will makes me happy, right?
If he loves me, he will trust me, right?
If he really loves me, then he wouldn’t be penny-pinching, right? (-LOL xD)

Just the way he is, that is how I will treat the guy I loved. That’s why when people ask me I will just answer with that simple line.

Out of Topic! (You can just ignore this -LOL)

In this world, there are some guys who choose a woman by reviewing it as if woman is a long-term-investment, especially when they said that people married and stay forever, it’s not because of love but loyalty (Geeesh, loyalty is happen to a customer and the bank, or a dog with the master!). If you find this kind of guy, believe me, he never really love anyone before. They will realize that their philosophy is wrong when they finally fall in a true love.

2. Is this Fate?

When the female lead ask the male lead, if she didn’t get dumped by her former boyfriend, if she didn’t come looking for the old fortune teller, and if she doesn’t want to eat pork satay, will she ever met him. He answered,

“We will still meet, because if you didn’t come, I would come to you…”

Aw… I know it’s a bit cheesy but… T__________T (too much watching romantic drama is not good for the health of your brain, really… muahahahaha)

3. The Quote From the Ending Part

When the female lead says,

I’m busy looking for a pen, when even a pencil can do.

Ahaha such a sweet parable. It’s just a simple parable, but if you watch the movie, you’ll understand it better. I took it as we are looking for the perfect one, when actually someone beside you is enough. 😉

The Way Too Simple Ending

I wonder why every Thai-Movie I ever watched always have this kind of ending, no skinship, I mean no hugs no kisses (LOL, Do I sound like a pervert? xD). For Example the other romantic comedy “Hello Stranger”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, “Best of Time” (This one has a peck), my friend who watched “Loser Lover”, “Suck Seed” also said the same thing. But I salute Thai-movie for that things, they can keep us enjoy their movies, even without many fan-services, maybe that’s the charm 🙂

(But still I want skinshippp!!!) >_< >> Please nevermind this, really, I’m just out of my mind LOL~

But believe me, this movie is worth to watch!! xD

PS :
1. The male lead is really handsome!! (for me)
2. Both of me and my friend are 24+ Single On Sale (^^LOL).

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