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The miserable thing is when you know the thing you bought is unreasonable but you still buy it.

Tempted, that’s the right word to describe my feelings when I bought this lotion. I was walking in a Shopping mall and passing this shop, they sell this limited edition of body lotion and I tempted to buy it, even I know for sure that I don’t really need this. To be truth I hate myself for being like this, but even I hate it, I have problem getting rid of from it.

Yeah that kind of feeling, the regret after spent 15 bucks for this, just because you were tempted for a moment. >_< A woman is only a woman in the end, their eyes burning when they saw “SALE” on the shop muahahahahhahaa~

I’m on my way getting out from this “Tempted” feelings. Trying hardly…

==================added after I use the lotion===================

I really like the fragrance, too bad it’s a limited edition, means that if I wanna buy this lotion again in future, there a high possibility this item wouldn’t be around. 😦

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