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나 한테 올 때, 이거 신 고 와요
날 좋은날… 예쁘게…

When you come to me, wear these
On a good day, prettily…

You know there are dozens rule in a couple’s guide book, such as don’t give handkerchief  as a gift, don’t give a watch as a gift, and many other, you can read more about that taboo gift for couple on culture note.

And “SHOES!” is one of them, they believe that if giving new shoes to each other the guy/girl will run away with these new shoes on and that will lead to their breakup.

This is how Kim Eun Sook (Script Writer) in her drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity” break the couple’s rules! Actually it’s not really break the rules since they’re not couple yet at that time. But she turned something taboo like that into a nice romance touch. She twist the negative point of that and turned it into positive point on it.

So on that scene, he’s not only gave her a shoes but also time, he let her choose to come to him or not. He put the shoes there, told her to come to him with that shoes. I find this kind of method is really fresh and sweet. Yeah, he did give her the shoes, and according the folklore she gonna run, but run to him ^^ sometimes miracle did happen. You know woman is really easy to be moved, all you guys have to do is only being sincere and faithful, that’s all, we are easy to melt hahaha 😉

Who said that only guys who have to do many things?

This time is the girl’s turn!! 😀

Love is not only about receiving, but also giving.
(That’s what I told Audrey on her 1st birthday, I’m trying to be a good Auntie ;p).

So the conclusion… are you still put shoes out of your gift list? xD

If only there’s a guy doing this to me hahaha~ *daydreaming* (psst pssst….  Let me tell you, my Crocs’ size is “5” xD~ ROFL)

WARNING : watching too much drama is not so good for your brain =..=

PS : Sorry for jumping into my nonsense xD~

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