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Sometimes I think that picking a love relationship is like…
picking the only one pair of beautiful shoes left in a shop.

So the story was like this:

First, you’re stepping into a shop, and looking around. Then you eyes are catching very beautiful shoes that match your needs, it’s beautifully designed, very comfortable to wear, and the color just fit your taste.

The 1st thing you do must be to check the price tag, whether the price is matching your wallet or not. “Oh, it’s pretty expensive”, but you still afford to buy it. After that you will try it on your feet, walk with it and looking at the mirror. Then suddenly you find a little scratch down on the toe, you ask for the available stock, but that’s the only one left.

Then you will wavering around, thinking; Should I buy this, or not? Is this the best shoes? Is there any other shoes out there will be better than this?

You think like that so after you bought this shoes, you wouldn’t get any regret since it’s pretty expensive. But when you busy with your thought, another woman come and took that shoes from the showcase, and bring it to the cashier. Congratulation Miss, you lost the shoes.

Picking a love relationship

First, you going somewhere, and looking around, and your eyes is catching a good looking guy, you met him, talk with him and find out that you have a strong chemistry with him, he has a great humor sense just fit in you, and you feel really comfort around him. Then the next thing you do must be checking whether he interest in you or not by going out with him a couple times, and find out that there are some things about him that didn’t really match with you (this is the little scratch), but yeah (let’s talk about the sweetest things), he’s into you and offer you a relationship.

But then you are wavering around because of his something that didn’t match you (the little scratch), and you looking around if there any other better guy who will fit you. When you are busy thinking about the probability of other perfect guy, don’t forget that he’s also not a bad guy, your eyes can catch him, doesn’t means that other women wouldn’t think the same way. Don’t be regret if you lost the chance for this relationship just because you still think about probably out there. There are still so many better guys, but none of them will give you satisfaction of 100% match your personality.

It’s not only happen to shoes, but also clothes and any other things. And it’s not only happen to woman, but also happen to any guy in this world (I got 1 male friend who doing these things, actually this post was made for him, but he don’t know my blog LOL).

There will always a little scratch…

Maybe you yourself, have a big scratch that you didn’t realized it yet 😉

Ahaha, actually I’m thinking to make a love novel titled “Being A Cupid”, it’s a story about a female who was chosen to be the 1 billion-th person in the world who is being a single from she was born until 25 years old (1/4 century) and never tasted any love relationship. And as a result, she will become a cupid. And this “picking a shoes” will be one of the problem in the story.

ahahah xD  I wonder if that kind of story can be sold to public~

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