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「Comparing Myself as If I’m One of 49 Days Travelers」

I think we could say that 「49일」  is a Human Drama, told us to treasure our life. Story about 2 difference life, the one who yearns to live, how she tried hard to get her life back, and the other who wish to die, how she tried hard to end her life. They packed the plot very well (despite of the ending part last episode, seems to be rushed). Many things I learn from this drama, such a wonderful drama…

Comparing myself to the drama, why?
Because I adore this drama lol.

2 points I’m comparing myself as If I’m being one of the 49 days travelers:

1.  I don’t think I could collect 3 순도 100% 눈물 (100% Pure Tears)
I’ve been living my life miserably, that’s why I know it without even trying (pessimistic). Maybe no one will shed 100% Pure Tears for me.

2.  I don’t think someone could acknowledge me if I possessed the other body.
Lol I think you will know right away whose I’m talking about, that’s right! It’s Han Kang! How I adore this drama is because the love Han Kang give to Ji Hyun. What a lovely Han Kang, he can notice it’s Ji Hyun possessing Yi Kyung’s body! I’m sure 99% for this that no one can notice me (still left 1% hope that someone could notice me if I’m possessing the others) lol. I wish I can be loved like this, being loved to the point he can acknowledge me if I’m a soul who possessed another body :))

Things I remember from the drama:

1. The Tear Necklace

Who don’t know this beautiful necklace, the item needed to collect Three “순도 100% 눈물” (100% pure tears) to accomplish the project for keep living hehehe…

2. The Ringtone (Voice of Scheduler)

Lol, perhaps you remember this, I always laughing when she got a call and the scheduler’s voice come up as ringtone, especially the ringtone always changing the way who’s calling *lmao*, not also the ringtone, but also the ringback tone, and his voice as the phone operator lol~

Someday I want make that kind of ringtone…

The Scheduler’s Ring Back Tone (The one Scheduler used)

「49일」  Ep 4 (47:40)
If you’re looking for The Scheduler’s Ringtone, I mean the one that we heard if we dial his number hehehhe…  click here to listen

Hangeul Lyrics :

요!! 기다려 기다려 기다려 기다려
난 저승사자가 아니야, 스케줄러 ~!!
전화를 못 받을땐 임무를 수행 중
이따 전화 할께, 지금 스케줄 소 화중! 아!

Lyrics Romanization :

Yo! Gidaryeo gidaryeo gidaryeo gidaryeo~
Nan jeoseungsaja ga aniya, seukejulleo~!
Jeonhwareul mot badeulttaen, immureul suhaeng jung
Itta jeonhwa halkke, chigeum Schedule su hwajung! AH!!

English Translation :

Yo! Wait, wait, wait, wait~
I am not a Grim Reaper, I’m a SCHEDULER!
When I don’t pick up the phone, please hang up.
I’ll call you back later, I’m in the middle of a schedule! AH!
Note: many people translate it wrong to be “a messenger”, let me explain korean “저승사자” (read: jeoseungsaja) means Grim Reaper/ Angel of Death / Shinigami(this one is in japanese lol), you can replay the 1st episode of 49일, when Ji Hyun call him “Grim Reaper” and the scheduler said it’s “old fashioned” lol, they pronounce it exactly “jeoseungsaja” 😉

Summary of the Voice of Scheduler’s ringtone (The One Ji Hyun used):

「49일」  Ep 9 (14:27) click here to listen
윤지순 한테 전화 와서~ (Yoon Ji sun hante jeonhwa waseo~)
(Yoon Ji Sun is calling)
윤지순 한테 전화 왔다고! (Yoon Ji Sun hante jeonhwa watdago!)
(Yoon Ji Sun is calling!)
윤지순 한테 전화 왔다니까!!! (Yoon Ji Sun hante jeonhwa watdanikka!)
(I said Yoon Ji Sun is calling you!)

「49일」 Ep 10 (34:28) click here to listen
강민호 전화 와서~ (Kang Min Ho jeonhwa waseo~)
(Kang Min Ho is calling!)
강민호 전화 왔다니까! (Kang Min Ho jeonhwa watdanikka!)
(I said Kang Min Ho is calling!)
강민호 전화 왔다고!!!! (Kang Min Ho jeonhwa watdago!)

「49일」 Ep 10 (35:15) & Ep 12 (22:05) click here to listen
전화 니 꺼져 있어,
삐 소리 이후 음성사서함으로 연결 뜨면
등화류가 부과 됩니다.

Jeonhwa ni kkeojyeo isseo
Bbi sori ihu eomseongsaseo hameuro yeongyeol tteumyeon
Deunghwaryu ga bugwa doemnida.

The Phone has been switched off.
Please leave your message after the “Beep”,
Charges apply for voice mail.

「49일」 Ep 11 (29:03) click here to listen
전화 왔다! 전화 받아! (Jeonhwa watda! Jeonhwa bada!)
You have a phone call! Answer the phone!
야~ 전화 받아! 전화 받아! (Ya~ jeonhwa bada! Jeonhwa bada!)
Hey, answer the phone, answer the phone!

「49일」 Ep 12 (42:07) click here to listen
신인정 전화 왔다! 신인중 전화 받으라고!
Shin In Jung Jeonhwa watda! Shin In Jung jeonhwa badeurago!
Shin In Jung is calling! Shin In Jung would like you to answer her call!!

「49일」 Ep 17 (43:49) click here to listen
등화 블은 등화 블은 등화 불가능
deunghwa beuleun, deunghwa beuleun, deunghwa bulganeung
Your call cannot be made.Your call cannot be made. Your call is impossible

「49일」 Ep 17 (44:12) click here to listen
010-491-4949 핸드폰 위치는
파라다이스 오피스텔 703 호 입니다
파라다이스 오피스텔 고지는 강민호 입니다

010-491-4949 (gong il gong, sa gu il-re, sa gu sa gu) haendeupon wichineun,
Paradaiseu Opistel 703(Chil baek sam) ho imnida.
Paradaiseu Opistel gojineun Kang Min Ho imnida.

010-491-4949 phone location is at,
Paradise Apartment unit No. 703.
The house owner is Kang Min Ho.

「49일」 Ep 18 (20:40) click here to listen
한강 전화 왔다! (Han Kang Jeonhwa watda)
Han Kang calling!
기다리고 기다리 넌, 한강 전화 왔다고!
(Gidarigo Gidari neon, Han Kang jeonhwa watdago)
The one that you’re waiting for, Han Kang is calling.

Yes, you’re right! to keep record all the scheduler ringtone, I push pause button many times muahahaha.
It’s kinda my habit to make quotes. ;D

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