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Actualy, when I watch “Scent of Woman”, I really like it when the phone ringing, for Lee Yeon Jae or even Kang Ji Wook, because both ringtone sounds good, then I wonder (did you?), what was the song of their ringtones, well I’m a person with high curiosity, you can see on my right panel, the curiosity rate is the highest by 19% -LOL- I’m going to use it as my ringtone lalalala~ 🙂

The Ringtone used in the Drama “Scent of A Woman”

The song that Lee Yeon Jae used as ringtone is “Hawaiian Couple” by Humming Urban Stereo  (Click here to listen).

I found this song when I’m searching by writing down the hangeul lyrics (from what I heard in the drama) in Daum Music Site, and right away after that, I found this song! and also It’s an original soundtrack of Korean Movie “내 사랑  a.k.a. My Love” (2007). It’s a very sweet movie, starring many famous actors and actresses, such as Uhm Tae Woong, Jung Il Woo, Lee Yeon Hee, and Choi Kang Hee who is now starring SBS drama “Protect The Boss” with Ji Sung (one of drama that I “hooked into” now hehehe). I’ll watch it immediately!!! 지금 당장!! xD

And the song that Kang Ji Wook used as ringtone is “Another Day” by Buckshot LeFonque (Click here to listen). I really like this song, one of my favourite! 😀

-Added September 7th 2011 : After I watched Episode 14 of Scent of Woman-
I find out that Lee Yeon Jae changed her ringtone hehee…
The ringtone is the cut version of song titled “없는게 메리트”업 (Eobneunge Meriteu | Having nothing is Merit) sung by 옥상달빛 (Oksang Dalbit aka Dalmoon) click here to listen 😉
I’ve made the romanization and english translation for this song (click here for lyrics).

Additional Info :
Cell phone model used by the main characters is Samsung Galaxy S2.
Lee Yeon Jae used the white one, and Kang Ji Wook used the black one.
This phone also used in SBS Drama “Lie To Me” and “Spy Myung Wol” 😉

Hope you find what you’re looking for, and
Thanks for jump jump around here 😉

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Yeah, recently I’m crazy over a Tango thingy, because of a Korean drama “Scent of A Woman” (Starring : Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah).

Actually there is an American movie with the same title in 1992 (which is also a remake of Italian Movie “Profumo di donna” in 1974). But the drama don’t have any relation with those movie, the same thing only the “Tango” and the  Bucket List.

If you watch it carefully, you will found Kang Ji Wook (the male lead of the drama) watching TV (Scent of A Woman : Episode 7 – 00:18:05 HANrel), it’s a scene where Al Pacino (the male lead of the movie) dance Tango with music “Por Una Cabeza” (which is become the soundtrack of the drama too hehehe) ;D

The drama is about a woman who has cancer, then decided to live her life with the fullest within the 6 months remains. Even though the synopsis sound a very sad story, but they wrapped up the drama totally different, it’s sweet, lovely, classic, romantic, touchy, and full of meaning, very recommended to watch! Maybe because they got an OTP with superb chemistry 😉

In the drama (Episode 4), Lee Yeon Jae make a Bucket List (contains 20 things she wants to do before she died). And the number 3 of those 20 is “Learn Tango”.

연재의 버킷리스트 :
죽기전에 꼭 하고 싶은 20 가지。。。
「3. 탱고 배우기」

And I recently learning the basic 8 move, (which is in the drama Kang Ji Wook do it around 20 times until he can master it, lol).

Tango is a dance, Art of Seduction
Begins in the eyes.
The breathing is deep and unheard.

Basic Steps Woman’s Role:
1. Left foot forward
2. Right foot to the side
3. Left foot back
4. Right foot back
5. Cross with the left
6. Right foot back
7.Left foot opens with pivot
8. Together with the right

-Source: TangoCity-

Again… thanks for jumping into my nonsense 😀

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