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I’m on train now, this train is heading to a town next to my city. I’ve never gone to this Town before. I’m pretty excited for this trip. I hope it turns out to be a fun trip.

When got into this train, me and my friend, Betty, sit on a wrong seat number. And someone who belongs to the seat remind us. Aw that’s pretty embarrassing. I don’t put much attention on the ticket seat, maybe I was too excited, that’s why. Too bad on this first time for me to go to this town, I didn’t get seat near the window. Hope next time I can get seat next to the window.

This 3 hours to this town will be a pretty bored journey, because we didn’t sit next to each other, so we cannot have a chat 😦

This happen yesterday, I want to ride a train with 4 seat face to face. Its a business class, but because of my friend who was pointed to be the one who book the ticket but he didn’t ! So we ended up to book the executive class (we run out the business class tickets) . The seat was spread in the 2nd platform, so we can’t have a have to face seat 😦

Next time I will definitely take a face to face seat train!! Its ok to see the view backwards lol xD~ I think it will be more fun! ;D

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