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Today my press friend Andy1076 reminds me of one song, that I almost completely forgot…

“二人の気持| Futari no Kimochi” (two people’s feelings), this is one of the most lovely 2 minutes instrumental song I ever heard and was the OST of a quite old anime “Inuyasha”, who also having a time travel love story huhuhu.

Somehow when I hear this song, suddenly some scene of Queen In Hyun’s Man popped up in my head!! Not only because the time travel’s Nuance, but also the song which somekind sounds so peaceful, sad at the same time, wondering, and I think suit the drama hahaha.

I’m a big fan of Inuyasha, even until now, the poster Inuyasha still hanging on my bedroom wall! (I put it on my wall when I was junior high school…).

I’m watching the whole anime is really pain in ass, I spent my entire childhood to watch this anime every week! And there’s no sign of any closure to the end until (okay I admit it) I dropped it when I was graduated. But then year 2009 they make “InuYasha: The Final Act“, which ended at 26th episode!



I never watch it until it’s ending, but today I have just watched it. So it’s the girl, Kagome has finished her mission (to collect all pieces of the Shikon no Tama), so she has no reason to be there anymore and should go home. But the path she choose is leaving her modern world and living in the past, building a family with Inuyasha. She try to adapt herself there in the past.  Such a sweet story of the two of them. Actually I thought Takahashi sensei gonna make Inuyasha reincarnate or else hahaha, thank’s God it didn’t happen!

I hope Queen In Hyun’s Man will also have this kind of ending… of course the reverse version! *giggle*

PS : Sorry for jumping into my nonsense!!! xD

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I think this will be the 1st drama I’m dying for…

The magical thing is happening!

I think it will be unfair for my blog if I didn’t write anything about this drama. So … This is the 1st drama I’m dying for, I’m never being in this state before, I was like re-watching whole episode more than 5 times including the saeguk part! (sounds like freak huhuhuhu, as if I have nothing to do, in fact that I have a lot thing to do), and repeat more than 100 times for remarkable scenes hahaha, I’m so desperately waiting for the next episode each week, I also canceled all my appointment at Wednesday-Thursday to watch this drama at TvN. The other drama was just normal fangirling but this one is just so fantastic. I’m glad I’m jumping into this drama, and I’m officially dropped all currently airing drama right now. It was like the other drama is become so middle-average (hahaha…) and I have no desire to watch them, I’m stuck on this OTP so bad teehee~.

I’m sure I was under spelled of the talisman,
the talisman cast a spell on me, hahahaha hooked so bad ~x)

The Plus Point

Hey, don’t be startled when you watch this drama and find it’s saeguk,
because this drama is halfly saeguk, halfly modern!! xD

I’m glad that this drama didn’t treat as if the audience is a stupid viewers, they explain each scene in a logic way (except the talisman since it’s a magic thingy hehehee). It’s a time-traveling drama, but they keep the balance of the joseon time and modern time, that’s why this drama is so unique. They did bring us to joseon era with so many political thingy happen about the reinstatement of the Queen, and more breath taking action of fighting, but they make us have many breath taking lovely moment in modern era.

I’m a fan of Writer Song now, she really make an extraordinary story, with a fabulous cinematography of the PD-nim (if  you catch up the BTS scene, the PD-nim is really cute! 😉) and super chemistry of the OTP, plus the great supporting cast, they pack this drama together and turn it into a super-addictive drama in my life. Even their behind the scene is really pleasant to watch, they really filled this drama with happiness, maybe that’s why the drama is so lovely to watch. 😉

They do have some flaws if you watch the drama more detailed, but the amazing content make us don’t mind the flaw at all, let it all slide away~ nobody’s perfect xD


The First Encounter

I like how the fact that Choi Hee Jin is a nice girl who willing to talk to a stranger, she start a conversation with Kim Boong Do when he step on to this era (2012), she also offer him a donuts!

Welcome to 2012 Kim Boong Do!

The 2nd Encounter

Is this fate?

The most important part/thing in this drama, the talisman that act as time machine.

The True OTP

Tight your seat belt!

Because the chemistry between the main lead is sizzling all over the episodes (even if you count it, their meeting is not that much). I feel the love, the blushes, the embraces, the giggles, Oh I think love is really in the air, or I might just get OTP delusion hahahaha xD

Kim Boong Do & Choi Hee Jin

Kim Boong Do appears to be such a calm and smart guy, he also good in fighting. He’s a fast learner and a thinking kind of guy, it’s rare to see such a calm and lovely guy like this in dramas, most of them likes to yelling over something with ridiculously behavior hahaha while he will only turn his head down and smiling (uhuhuhuuu~ I love that gesture).

Choi Hee Jin appears to be a cute girl (for me), she’s brave (since she’s the one who start a conversation with stranger guy like Boong Do hehehe), honest, talkative and quite sassy, ah, she also naughty because she keeps teaching him weird things hahahaha, she doesn’t like complicated things, not really smart but not a stupid female lead either. She follows her heart, that’s the sweetest thing about her.

Both of them turning to be a great couple and the most perfect OTP I ever met.  They can turn us into muddle poo, or even melt me into unshaped liquid (LOL -exaggerated).

People call this couple In-Hyun couple (from the middle name of both main leads), or In Gwa Couple (since they keep talking about InGwa – cause effect) hehehe. Many fans also name their kiss like earplug kiss, library kiss, car kiss, tip toeing kiss. (so far the tip toeing kiss is my favourite one…xD)


asdlasjdalksdjalkjaflqwekrjlef lsdflKJFlfksdfjljgslfkslfjepfjwlkfmaldfams…

I have no word to say, so just watch it… It’s so amazing that no word can describe it… xD (I didnt’ put any screen shot about the kiss here, since I’m afraid anyone will faint LOL so just watch the drama ;p)

Out Of Topic…. (~.^) ~❤

From now on, Boong Do’s character is standing on “No. 1” on my Dream Guy in my Kdrama-Land:

  1. Kim Boong Do (Queen in Hyun’s Man)
  2. Yoon Hyong Chul (All About Eve Kdrama year 2000)
  3. Kim Do Yoon (Feast of The Gods)

Omo, why there’s a lot of “Kim” here? xD
All of them is a smart, less talk , corny and calm guy  <<  totally my type hahaa :))
but OH man, you beat them all up  Boong Do~~ ❤ :))

The Supporting Character

Ja Soo

He appears in joseon era same with Kim Boong Do, and I love how his character developed in each episode. He’s a loyal henchman (assassin) of Min Am. He’s a bad guy but I like this character so much hahaha.

Yoon Wol

The actress who cast this role looks really beautiful in hanbook, better than in the modern dress (She was one of the waiter in 49 Days if you watch). She has more charisma in hanbook hehehe. Yoon Wol is a slave who turn into gisaeng. She really good playing gayageum and a loyal to her master Kim Boong Do. She is one of important role for me since she was the one who gave him that magical talisman. I also love how her character developed in each episode.

She’s lovely, isn’t it? ^^

The King & The Queen

Hey I won’t forget about them! I think they’re the most great King & Queen figure in any sageuk I ever watch.  I’m glad this King Suk Jong and Queen In Hyun portrayed to be smart and have faith on their fellows! Because most of sageuk I ever watch, the king is easy to be controlled by other faction and kinda dumb. But this one just upright, and investigate through all events.

Han Dong Min

I like his childish character, and how honest he is. I never really hate him, but kinda disappointed a bit in later episode. But so far, I quite enjoy watching his scene hehehe. He’s an S-level actor (halyu star?), a bit arrogant, and he loves Hee Jin. He would be a rival of Kim Boong Do, but what should I say? He can never count as rival because Boong Do way too good hahaha..
(Oh, gosh here I go spazzing again xD)

Jo Soo Kyung

She’s the manager of the raising star Hee Jin, also her best friend and room mate. I love her voice, the intonation when she talk, and her body gesture 😀 she’s funny, and actually a good manager for Hee Jin.

Yoon Na Jung

At first due to some incident, I was kind of dislike her. But later I find her really funny. She’s not that bad, but sure her expression is really something. I think she’s a perfect match for Han Dong Min, but oh well, it’s all up to the Writer Song 😀

The Soundtrack

The song played in each scene was perfectly fit, perfectly made and perfectly sung by the singer. I just have no more words to describe this except “perfect” hahaha. I’m so in love with this drama. How they mix the traditional gayageum instrument into a nice background song that fit each scene, I’m really looking forward for the official OST CD/DVD both of the drama and OST!!


The Magic Spread #1 : Queen In Hyun’s Man

The Telephone Booth

I find this writer (Song Jae Jung) use telephone booth as a special property (in my opinion), even on her previous drama (Coffee House) she gave us a memorable kiss scene there *giggle*, and this phone booth will also be the prove of their love here~ (kyaaaa~). I think if I find the phone booth, I will remember this drama from now on, hahaha. They turn a normal phonebooth to be a magical lovely place. And if I find that phone booth (which used in the drama) I will take pics like this!!!  😀

Haha if i had to choose, I’ll be the one on the top !!

The Railways

Again, they turn a common railways into a lovely place, such a peaceful picture. Almost everyday I passed a railways like this and sometimes getting sick of it. BUT now, it’s not that bad anymore hahaha.  I’ll make sure to put this pose into my list wedding photography’s poses 🙂

The Symptom

Prepare yourself!!!

This drama is more than WORTH to watch! I can simply say that there are not many dramas with this kind of quality around. So you must watch it!! xD

You know so well the symptom you will get once you watch this drama; squealing around like crazy when the main lead being together, giggle ear to ear when something sweet happened between them (as if it happen to me…), screaming like crazy when something about the main lead happening, and river cry when the main lead in pain.

If you feel like you also getting this syndrome,

welcome to “Queen In Hyun’s Man” World!! hahaha
You should get treatment every Wednesday-Thursday 23:00 at TvN  😉


I really hope this drama have a happy ending… 😉

뭐?! Am I done spazzing here?
UH OH no wayy! I will continue the spazz on my twitter puahahaha~ :p

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Gosh, this drama is really killing me lovely (!!??)   o(≧▽≦)o
So the syndrome is squealing around like crazy when the main lead being together,
Giggle ear to ear when something sweet happened between them (as if it happen to me…)
Screaming like crazy when something about the main lead happening,
And river cry when the main lead in pain 😦

If you feel like you also getting this syndrome,

welcome to “Queen In Hyun’s Man” World!! hahaha
You should get treatment every Wednesday-Thursday 23:00 at TvN :p

If the syndrom still appear, please contact a Psychiatrist! ROFL xp

지금 만나러 갑니다 (Jigeum Mannareo Gamnida | Coming to See You)
Sung by : 덕환  (Duk Hwan)
OST 인현왕후의 남자 (Queen In Hyun’s Man) Part 1 (tvN 수목드라마)

Hangeul Lyrics

널 상상했던 널 그려왔던 내 꿈속에 너를
혼자간직했던 비밀스럽던 너를
내 작은 별에 내 작은 맘에 니가 들어와서
떨리는 난 정말 니앞에서 있었어

Reff :
내 상상속에 그려뒀던 내 꿈속에만 담아뒀던
널 이렇게 이렇게 만나게 됐어, 왜 가슴을 가슴을 떨리게 해서
차가웠던 바람마저 날 따뜻하게 만들어서
이렇게 너와단둘이 (둘이) 내 사랑을 너와나 둘이 forever

시 간이가고 시 간이가도 내 사랑은 오직
너만 바라보며 커져만가는 내모습들이
내 작은 별에 내 작은 맘에 니가 들어와서
떨리는 난 정말 니앞에서 있었어

*Back to Reff

꿈에서라도 널만날수있게
너 보다 먼저 내 마음이 니 앞에서 있어

*Back to Reff

Ohh~ 이렇게 너와단둘이~

Lyric Romanization

Neol sangsanghaetdeon neol geuryeowatdeon nae kkumsoge neoreul
Honja ganjikhaetdeon bimilseureobdeon neoreul
Nae jageun byeore nae jageun mame niga deureowaseo
Tteollineun nan jeongmal ni apeseo isseosseo

Reff :
Nae sangsangsoge geuryeodoetdeon nae kkumsogeman damadoetdeon
Neol ireohke ireohke mannage dwaesseo, Wae gaseumeul gaseumeul tteolligehaeseo
Chagawatdeon barammajeo nal ttatteuthage mandeureoseo
Ireohke neowana duri (duri) nae sarangeul neowana duri forever

Siganigago siganigado nae sarangeun ojik
Neoman barabomyeon keojyeomanganeun nae moseubdeuri
Nae jageun byeore nae jageun mame niga deureowaseo
Tteollineun nan jeongmal ni apeseo isseosseo

*Back to Reff

Kkumeseorado neolmannalsuitke
Neo boda meonjeo nae maeumi ni apeseo isseo

*Back to Reff

Ohh~ Ireohke neowana duri~

English Translation

I’ve imagine you, drawing you inside my dream
The you who I kept along dearly and secretly
You have come to my little star, my little heart
I’m so trembled being right in front of you

Reff :
You who I draw in my imagination and only remains in my dream
The way I met you like this, why my heart keep trembling?
You make me feels warm when the wind blows coldly
Just like this you and me together (two of us), my love-you and me together forever

Time flies, my love only you even the time flies
My love for you will just grow if I’m looking at you
You have come to my little star, my little heart
I’m so trembled being right in front of you

*Back to Reff

Even in dream so that I can meet you
My heart already come to you before you.

*Back to Reff

Just like this you and me ~

Hangeul lyrics : 뮤직 마스터 @ Daum
Romanization & English Translation : aikawaringo

The translation may not 100% accurate due to my lack, and sorry for my poor english. (>_<)

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