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A Piece of Birthday Pudding

Today, I’m having another birthday party, with a Pudding.
Of course it’s not my birthday.

In the middle hole of the pudding, there’s a shortcake to put the candle.

December 17th (the day after we watched Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol) is the birthday of Diana, my friend. Actually her birthday is not today, but we celebrate it today by having a lunch together. Just like always we doing birthday ritual (sing birthday song, make a wish, blow up the candle, and cut the cake). But the different is we are not having a birthday cake, instead of cake, we got pudding here. Eating pudding instead of cake is a good idea, because after having lunch we all already full, so eating pudding was like a dessert for us. 😉

I’ve been busy lately, Why? Of course because Chrismas is coming, so I have to buy some christmas gift. It took me several days, to bought all of the gift (Ukhh.. I’m broke till pay day). Even I’m not a Christian or Catholic, but Christmas more like a Valentine or Thanks Giving for me. A day to celebrate with peoples I loved. 😉

And the worst thing is, nearly Christmas, there are so many SALE, and I got a limited money!! Goshhhh… I really need to restrain myself. But that sale is really drooling me up. Such a big temptation. ( = __ = )

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