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When I put this picture as my profile pic, someone ask me,

The Guy : “You want a boyfriend like him?”
Lol! Who don’t want a guy like him to be boyfriend?! But my answer is…
Me : “Nope, I like their pose, it’s kinda sweet.”
The Guy : “Ahh, he’s not handsome enough for you?”
Ohh come on… If a guy like him being my boyfriend, that would be an extraordinary extras for me…!!!!
The Guy : “I think it’s easy to pose like that.”
Me : “Maybe it’s easy, but I don’t think the outcome will as great as this one, since I’m not that pretty.”
The Guy : “It’s okay, the guy will not be more handsome than him too, lol”
WTF…?! *speechless*
The Guy : “You have a boyfriend?”
Me : “Nope, not yet.”
The Guy : “Really?!”
Yeah, too bad, I’m still single, single for over these 2 years, Viva Single!!!

-Note: the “Guy” is old friend of mine-

I really like this poster’s pose, they smiling naturally and the background is very nature too. One word describe this pic, peaceful.
I want to have this kind of pose (even I know, it wouldn’t be great lol), I will definitely put this kind of pose in my Wedding Photos!!!!!

Not only this pose I want to imitate, there are many pose I want to imitate!!!

For example this one… (For this one, I think, no need a boyfriend to do this pose, you can drag one of your male friend, and force him to pose that!!!! muahahahah~)

And this one!!!!

But I think these kind of pose, I can imitate it, if -at least- I have a boyfriend, lol.

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