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I feel so pissed off today…

Yesterday a friend of mine asks me if I want to go watch Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn with her or not. And I say, yeah I would like to. But then today 8 o’clock in the morning she was like calling me while I’m in a shower, I got 3 missed calls. Then I call her back and she asks me if I can watch the movie on 7 PM. She’s my friend for such a long time, how can she don’t know that I can’t watch movie on 7 PM, I got traffic at that time so I couldn’t make it. I can watch at 7:30 PM, and it’s only 30 minutes gap, but she prefer watch it at 7 PM with her other friends. The movie schedule has both 7 PM and 7:30 PM.

The question is… :
Did all of her friends will be dead if they watch this movie 30 minutes later?

I was being left behind today just because of those 30 minutes. She don’t even say sorry, after asking me to watch with her yesterday, suddenly cancelled everything this morning and she even break her promise. She was promised me to watch this movie together.

The way she did this makes me realize that I’m not even count to be one of her friends. Only 30 minutes she won’t wait and just left me aside. The point is not that I’m wanting so much to watch this movie, but the way she choose over that friend and me, and the gap 30 minutes. I also think that If she think of me as her friend, she wouldn’t do such a thing to me.

She makes me disappointed to the point that, if she ever needs me again, I don’t want to accompany her anymore, that I can just break this 10 years friendship. But I know it’s just the childish of me. Even I said so I couldn’t do that. I’m just in a state of furious now.

After some time passed, I’ll get myself back, and everything will be okay.

The point is, you might not realize that what you were did, what you were said, is hurting another person. You think it’s a normal thing, normal joke, when another person might be disappointed and sad like this, so you should be careful of everything you did.

Some people will only let this slide aside,

One of them might said that “We are human“, or “we cannot please anybody” as their alibi, their reason to prove that they’re doing a right thing. Do you know what’s the different “Won’t” and “Can’t”? If you said “we cannot please anybody”, then it should be at least you trying to please them but it didn’t work, it’s different if you are not even try to please them.

And some of them are different, they will just stay calm, whining on their blog (just like what I’m doing right now –LOL), and then pretend like they didn’t get hurt at all. In the other side, they actually remember each thing you did to them, hold grudge on you, and then when one day comes they will take revenge!!! MUAHAHAHAA~ (okay, okay, I’m just joking >xD)

I hope everyone who jump into this side, won’t do such a thing to their friend, it’s hurt, really. If you did, at least say “sorry” and ask for forgiveness, not to God! but to the person you hurt.

Most of my friends are male. They don’t really like such a Twilight Saga thingy. But they’re great friends, even they don’t really into this movie, they willing to watch it with me, so tonight I’m going to watch Breaking Dawn with 2 my male friends, they already bought the movie tickets now. Yayy~ 😉 Thanks guys!

Okay, I’m done whining today xD
There are still another some hours before tomorrow,
I hope I can turn this sad day into happy day. 😉
I’m sorry if you’re jumping to this post!

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