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Winter has come.
I am lazy writing on my blog lately, since I’m don’t have much to write either because my life quite boring. What happen lately to myself I will just sum it to one post.

Nov 14th 2012 – I lost my Kaori no Bukuro

But then after several weeks, I found it, its come back to me. Someone ever said this :

“Love, if it’s go away from you then it’s not meant for you. But if it’s find its way back to you, then that love is yours.”

Then is it means that this Kaori no Bukuro meant for me? fufuffuuu… 😀

Nov 16th 2012 – Dumped A Guy

November is indeed a love month. You can’t even count how many couples choose this month to throw their wedding party. Exactly, it’s a lovely Autumn that fit almost everyone for their D’Day. And I can’t believe what I’m doing in this lovely month. I dump a good guy in this lovely November.

I never understand the way of a guy thinking in his brain. For me, for sure :

never offer a relationship to a guy/girl when they’re not in love with you, unless you want to get dumped.”

But in reality, things not going that way for several people. I really afraid that I will get a punishment for doing this thing… you know what I mean, reject someone’s heart is not an easy thing to do.

Nov 23th-29th 2012 – Trip to Thailand

I’m having a holiday for one week at Thailand. Traveling to Bangkok, Pattaya and Chiang Mai. It was very fun to the point that I wish I could spend the rest of my life like this. I will post the detailed of the trip later huhuhu.  And it was tired like hell.

Dec 2nd 2012 – My One-sided Crush Totally Ended Here

I have one crush, this one is last quite a long time. I have never really talk to him, and he’s not even my friend. This is a kind of crush that just by looking from a far away place, and find him charming the way he is. I got this crush on my 10th grade. I met him on the 1st class I attend when I’m still registering to enter the high school. I know it’s weird, I find him very attractive when all my friend didn’t think so. Sometimes I think maybe he’s someone important in my previous life hahaha.

It’s totally ended today because, he’s married today. Of course with someone he loves. The end.

Dec 15th 2012 – Bought A New LED Monitor

After having a holiday for one week abroad the country. I found my monitor (for computer) deceased without any reason. Even my PASOKON (the name of my CPU) is hard to start up. After investigate it my self, I find that my monitor is not working anymore. So I’ve been living without computer for 3 weeks. How can I survive? Of course thanks to my tablet. I can survive 3 weeks until today I bought a new LED monitor (I named it LADY!). That’s why I’m not posting anything for almost 2 months.

I put my LADY, and still not working until I found out that the chipset is not working too. I put it on another Chipset and it’s working. Then I realized that, I lost my graphic card too, My GE-Force undetected. GOSH! Why should everything deceased at time like this. When I’m broke enough after my trip *sigh*. Now, PASOKON is not working with GE-force as his graphic card, he use internal Graphic card VGA. As long as I’m not gaming, it’s quite fine… *deep-exhale*

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