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昨年の祭は雨が降る。。。すごくに (╥_╥)
お願いします!!! (ノ>ο<)ノ

My hand made “Mr.Teru-Teru-Bouzu” xD~

Teru teru bouzu (てるてる坊主) is a Japanese tradition way to prevent “Rain”, somekind of amulet. Teru describes “Sunshine” and Bouzu is a “Monk”. So if you have an important day that should not rain, then you should hang it outside the window.  I believe in this kind of thing hehe 😉

Tomorrow, I’m going to a Matsuri. Last year’s matsuri, there’s a pouring rain, I’m all wet, bringing umbrella, and it less fun. So this year, I hope we got a good weather sunny day, that’s why tonight I made this doll amulet to prevent rain, so we can having a bon odori (It’s a traditional dance around the bonfire) and of course Hanabi (fireworks). This year will be fun with the help of Mr. Teru-Teru-Bouzu 😉

Tonight, there are thousands star shining in the sky. I saw it when I’m hanging Mr. Teru-Teru-Bouzu outside my window. I wish one of those stars is falling, so my wish can be granted *giggle*. (But I think I’m not that lucky to see a falling star >_<)

By the way, two days ago I lost my earrings (the right one), does it means something? I hope it’s not somekind of premonition, It’s just the sloppy of me. I’ve been searching all over the place, bathroom, on my bed, office, even in the lift. I can’t find it anywhere. So right now I don’t wear any earrings. 😦

Today, I watched X-Men : First Class and The Hangover Part 2 at the cinema, both of them such an AWESOME movie! It’s a must to watch!! xD~

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