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I think my life is like a drama.
Not only my life, but everyone in this world are the main lead of their own life drama.
Since it’s our life drama, why don’t you make it interesting?

The Drama Title : My Life
Genre : Human Drama (because I’m a human lol)
Episodes : TBA ( To Be Announced – depend on rating, going to extend it if the story interesting, and will cut-off it if got a crappy story, how to cut-off it? Suicide maybe?-lol)
Me (of course I’m the female lead),
the male lead still unknown atm).
Extended Cast : people around me (lol)
Script writer : God
Synopsis :
This is a documentary movie of a woman who was born in a small family in a small house. Nothing special since the plot still undone lol…

PS: I think no one would watch this kind of drama :))

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내 스물넷 선물!

어제의 3월18일는 내 생일이다!
그리고 오늘은 나 스물넷 선물 받다!

이 담요 진짜로 따뜻한다!!

이건는 가방이다! 너무 좋아서요!

고마워요 친구들! 그 선물 너무 좋아요!
올해 도 난 열심히 하게습니다!
내 생일을 기억해 주셔서 고맙다!

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だからお願い。。。don’t mess with me、
I can turn into white just in a sec、
but can turn into black in a sec too。

The most I like is being in Grey, why? Because I’m not that holy to be White, and I’m not that evil to be Black, so its better for me to stay in Grey. But to keep stay in Grey also absorb too much energy. I don’t know how long I can struggle in Grey without become Black, because the possibility to be White is only 1% out of 100%.

Do you know what Mother Teresa said?
“Even tough 99% of your life is miserable, if 1% is happy, your life turns to be happy”

But even though 99% Black, if the 1% is White, the color cannot turn into White, perhaps it would be a Dark Grey…

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