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The most thing I like is eating meat like this with friends.

I love meats, and today I have samgyeopsal, bulgogi and yukgaejang for lunch (served with many other korean side-dish).  It’s really delicious!!

Alcohol Allergy – Oh NOOO… Soju too??!! 😦

I never thought that I have an Alcohol Allergy. Once I ever have a beer (only a can of beer), and the next morning I got hives spread all over my arms (both my arms, and only on my arms), it was sooo itchy like hell!! I thought that something might be wrong with the beer.

Today, I was convinced that my body have a bad tolerance for alcohol. I only drink 2 glass (that little glass) of Soju and I get drunk right away. My heart racing (all I can hear is my own heartbeat), my face red up and burning, but I feel happy, I keep smiling (I think now I know why people like to get drunk when their heart broken – LOL), my head feels lighten but my step feels heavier, a bit sleepy, dizzy and nausea (I even go to bathroom because I thought that I was going to vomit, but it did not happen).

The next day, I got hives spread all over my arms, once it appears on my left arms, I put analgesic balm on it because it’s really itchy and I can’t scratch it because the moment I scratch it, those rash will spread wider, and join together with another rash to form a big rash. Dad gave me some medicine for allergies, the itchy effect is gone and the hives slowly gone, but only for a moment, then suddenly it appears again on my right arm and gone after several hours. The -sudden-come-and-sudden-gone-hives happens for the next 4 days.

And one day, if someone ever ask me to go drink Soju/Beer, maybe I’ll think twice/thrice, those symptom (especially the hives) feels really not good. But the weird thing is, Those reaction doesn’t happen when I drink Wine and Martini (Haven’t try Tequila and Vodka yet).

After drinking 2 glass of Soju, me and my friends go to cinema to watch “The Expendables 2”. All of them was fine, I’m the only 1 out of those 5 women who getting this symptom. I fell asleep several time in the cinema, not because the movie, but because the dizziness in the dark. I’m sober up for the last 30 minutes of the movie, and go shopping till night LOL ~

PS : Don’t drink in the afternoon, not good at all >_<

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June 4th 2011

Today’s Lunch is Grilled Beef Ribs!

Hehe, this is the continue of my last journey to a Korean Restaurant named “겅산” (read : Gangsan), last time my post, I said that I want to try another menu’s there, especially their “갈비” (read: galbi | means : grilled beef ribs). But before having the Galbi, we got the side-dishes first.

This is a traditional way of Korean Restaurant to have a 반찬 (read : banchan | means: side-dishes)  before the main course. So, of course I having the side-dishes first, there are so many side-dishes, I only the a few pic of them.

And this one is 육개장(read : Yukgaejang), it’s a Korean spicy soup with sliced beef, it’s really delicious (for me hehehe…)


Finally, the time for “갈비” (read: galbi | means : grilled beef ribs), It’s about around 20 USD per serve, and after it’s ready to eat, only 15 pieces of meat (so if you calculate it, it’s around 1.3 USD each sliced of meat…너무 비싸 다…).

There’s a way to eat Galbi, when you ordered Galbi, they will provide you with some vegetables (contains: cucumber, carrot, onion, garlic, lettuce, etc). well, if you watch many drama I think you would know what to do with these vegetables lol. Yeah, that’s right! It’s to wrapped it out, first, you take a lettuce, then put some garlic, onion (or any vegetables that fit your taste), put the meat and eat it up with one shot into your mouthhh!!

You can eat it with a bowl of 밥 (Read: bap | means: Rice), Oh I like that bowl!

너무 너무 맛있어!! Especially when you eat them up with a bottle of 소주 (read: soju).


All was delicious, but I don’t think I can eat this kind of cuisine as much as I want to, that’s pretty expensive for me (unless I let my wallet to dry out xD), lol.

Thanks for jumping into my page 😀

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May 7th, 2011
「오늘은 점심 식사 자짱면 잘 먹고서!」

Today, after done my work at office, I’m going to a restaurant of Korean food named 강산 (read: Gangsan). Saturday my work hour is only untill noon at 12AM.

We (me and my friends) are heading there to eat 자짱면(read: jajjangmyeon). I think everyone who loves to watch drama will know this korean dish, its a blackbean paste noodle with some veggie. And looks very delicious if you watch the main lead eating it :))

But before the Jajjangmyeon come out, they serve us with a FREE side dish, there are so many side dish we can choose, so we choose several side dish (which is looks delicious).

We are eating the sidedish while waiting for the jajjangmyeon, and finally! Here’s the Jajjangmyeon!

The Jajjangmyeon served with turnip pickles and raw onion!

That’s really delicious dish, and we’re really full, lol that’s a lot of food for merely 2 woman xD~

So the lunch Jajjangmyeon, some side dish and 3 bottle of cola cost approximately 20 USD.
And next month I’m going to try their Galbi and a bottle of Soju 참이술 (this time will be verry expensive D:)

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