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Look at this Lovely Couple of “Kaichou wa Maid-sama”!!!!

I called them Umi-Couple (stands for Usui x Misaki)

It’s been such a very long time since the last time I watched an anime. And then again, I’m hooked into this comedy-romance kind of anime. I usually not really watching love-kind of anime, for love-kind of anime I watched it after it become drama, such as “Itazura na Kiss”, and “Hana Yori Dango”. But this time, It’s totally different!!

I found this anime coincidentally when I was being asked by my Aunt, she want to watch romance anime, so I was googling it, and I found this anime, Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

The Story

It’s about a high school girl name Ayuzawa Misaki who is the Student Council President (a.k.a. kaichou)in a -80% boy and 20% girl- School named Seika High, this school surely lack of woman. And she seems to be a GUY-HATER. The school under her management is very strict, she wants to turn any guy to be looks like a nerd –lol-.

She’s an All Mighty Kaichou, but in real life she’s a poor, who is working a part-time job as a maid in a maid Café named “Maid Latte”. Even she’s working as a maid, she’s is the number one in study, smart, she’s a president with highest rank. She is a Hard Worker Freak.

Everything is okay, until one day, she bump each other with Usui Takumi, one of the Seika student. He’s the most handsome and smart guy in Seika, which is also a weird guy. His personality is kinda –don’t care about anything around him– makes him seems mysterious. And yes, everything starts here *giggle*.

After that day, the they the bump each other, he keep the secret and become the regular guest in the Café, He’s coming everyday, and looking at her with a strange face.

And even at school… he keep teasing her –LOL–

Usui starts getting interest to Misaki, she’s such a very hard worker freak, and very strong (she can do martial art Aikido). But in the other side, she’s also a soft-hearted, and kind.

Misaki : If all guys were like this, I might just acknowledge them
Usui : Like how?
Misaki : Like I said, being kind to girls, reliable, and gentlemanly.

I also have the sameway of thinking, mens nowadays is being in a poor quality >_< They’re unreliable, keep whining like shit, quarreling each other like girls, not gentleman at all, which adding up the minus point in woman point of view.

 For Misaki, who was left by his father and struggle in debt and being poor. Instead of whining, she’s working hard with his mother and sister to overcome this. But in the other side, her heart is hating all guys like her father, for being unreliable, and just left them three woman to survive and runaway don’t know where (hehehe, but Usui is not that kind of guy! *giggle*)

Usui is starting to like her, but Misaki such a ruthless girl, slow and kinda stupid (not in academic). She thinks he was only teasing her and make her confuse, since she don’t understand what her own true feelings. Usui didn’t force her to acknowledge his feeling, he just always take care of her by staying beside her, and popped-up whenever she needs help *kyaaaaa melt melt*

he kindly wait until she understand her feelings and come to him (maybe) ahahaha. This drama is not only about Love and Comedy, it’s also about friendship, and School Life. It’s good to get rid your stressed out. The anime is done for the Season 1 (26 Episodes), while the manga still ongoing (Volume 13 – Chapter 63). This is spoiler, but in the manga, there are more skinship –LOL- *pervert mode*. I’m sure there will be season 2. I will wait for it patiently 😉

The Character

This anime is very hilarious, with so many hilarious character.

 Usui Takumi (The Male Lead)

The Mysterious Guy in this story, got a special nickname for him from Misaki, she always called him変態宇宙人 (Hentai Uchuujin | Alien Pervert), because he always ask her to be his maid for one day.

His name, reminds me for somebody else, then finally I remember it was “Inui Takumi” the male lead of Kamen Rider Faiz –LOL–  Their name sound kinda alike. Well if you compare them, of course I will vote for Usui. 😉

He’s a mysterious guy because in the anime, even after watching the whole 26 episodes, you would never know who’s this guy, like what Misaki said before, maybe he’s a real alien from another planet,

  1. who even jumping from the roof of school he’s alright,
  2. he can arranged table manner for England kind of Evening Tea,
  3. he can play Chess perfectly,
  4. he even become the temporarily chef in Maid Latte because he can cooked very delicious and luxurious kind of food, and
  5. he’s very good on sports.

This is spoiler but all about himself was revealed in the manga Volume 10 Chapter 46. 😉

He’s someone who also have a bad background of family, he think dating or in a relationship is troublesome, I wonder how it would be, if the kaichou finally know her feelings towards him, but then find out that he’s someone who wants an open relationship, oh shittt!! >_<

Hinata Shintani

The other unique character, since this is a Comedy kind of anime, there are many interesting kind of character, including Shintani who is an eater. He likes to eat, easy to starve. And is the childhood friend of Misaki. Hehehe, Just like the other story, there will be always a Love Rival, or somekind of Love Triangle. This is the rival for Usui. But even I said so, he is no match to Usui… He has no chance since Misaki already fall for Usui before she realized it. Huhuhuhu.

The Three idiots (San Baka)

Haha, this story wouldn’t be perfect without the Three Idiots, contains :

  1. Naoya Shirakawa (nickname “Shiroyan“)
  2. Ikuto Sarashina (nickname “Ikkun”)
  3. Ryuunosuke Kurosaki (nickname “Kurotatsu“)

At first they are the Kaichou Hater. But then after they find out about the Maid thingy, they become her big fans and regular guest of Maid Latte –LOL

Sakura & Shizuko

They are the female lead best friends. Typically high school kind of anime, there will always be a nerd friend, and cute friend. 😉
Sakura is a big fan of  Umemishi

Umemishi is a indie high school band, Sakura is fall for the vocalist.

There are many other character like Yukimura, the Vice President Council, Aoi (the boy who always dressed up as a very cute young lady), Igarashii Kaichou (the President Council of Miyabigaoka Academy), and the maid friends in Maid Latte.

This anime is hilarious! 🙂

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