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The Rules – Are all guys always like this?

Have you ever watch “He’s Just Not That Into You?

It’s an 2009 American Romantic Comedy Film  (starring Ginnifer Goodwin and Justin Long), based on a bestseller book by Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo. I really likes this movie, one of my favourite.

Well, according the movie/book, there are some rules, like what Alex told Gigi :

the rule is this:

If a guy doesn’t call you,
he doesn’t wanna call you.

If a guy is treating you like he doesn’t give a shit…
…he genuinely doesn’t give a shit.

If a guy gives you his phone number
instead of taking yours, he’s not interested.

And also,
if a guy wants to see you,
believe me, he will see you.

If a guy wants to date you,
he will make it happen, okay? He will ask you out.

Actually, I think It’s true, but it’s really the opposite of me, I’m a person who wouldn’t call or even start a chat with the person who I liked, so if I’m start a chat or call a guy, it means I’m not attracted to him at all, why? Because I’m someone who wants to be approached first muaahhahaha…
but this is a bad habit, why?

Because Guys are stupid, they’re terrible at taking hints.

So even you give a thousand hints that you like him, he would probably don’t know that. Instead of giving a thousand hints, maybe it’s better if you tell him right away.

And after questioning some guys, there are some guys who like to approach a woman they likes and there are some of them who like to be approach first (I personally hate this kind of guy lol), but if you like this kind of guy, then you should gather all your strength to approach him!

But all Alex said are true, I also questioning some of my male friends and yeah It’s true, If a guy likes you, they will make it true, even a small reason just to meet you, so I think we need to note that on our mind.

Alex also said :

Why do women do this?
Build up this stuff in their minds…
…take each little thing a guy does,
and then twist it into something else?

Okay, this one is delusional, according to wikipedia then it means a belief that is either mistaken or not substantiated and is held with very strong feelings or opinions and expressed forcefully.

Sometimes, It’s true, some woman did what Alex said, built up some stuff in their mind and twist into something (lol),This is also not good, okay for all woman please stop built up something in mind, he’s just not that into you.

Even so, I think this one is not 100% the woman’s fault, as a Man, they shouldn’t make the woman confused too… I’m not really sure bout this, because it’s depend on each other personality too.

Well as a Woman, I think I know why woman built stuff in their mind,

For example :

The Guy is being too kind to her, or doing so much stuff for her,


The Man is really approach her at the beginning

why? because as what the book said about the rules, even a phone number he wouldn’t give you, even a call! How come a guy who  are not taking your call, willing to do this and that?  without any feelings? (Maybe he’s someone who is a very good boy), then I think it’s a bullshit.

Maybe they try to approach at first, but suddenly feels,

“Oh we are no match

so the guy stopped to approach her, and making an excuse by saying that’s the woman’s delusion, built up stuff on their mind, isn’t it? (LoL, did I sounds like a guy hater?), Since even a married couple can submit a divorce paper, how can a guy who just on a state “Approaching a woman” cannot change their mind? It’s pretty normal.

So the point is, if you are guy and had no feeling for the woman, please don’t be too nice, because you are just make her having a delusion, that’s a bad thing to do. And since you are the one who makes woman got delusion, then you should take the responsibility. How? Just make it clear by tell her the truth…

It’s different in the movie, who -in the end- Alex really did fall for Gigi and having a beautiful exception. 😉

Gigi : I’m the exception.
Alex : You are my exception.

Is this only happen on a drama?

I hope not…

I wish I can get that kind of exception too.

Thanks for jumping into my page 😀

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