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I’ve been waiting for a very looong time to watch this movie, finally…
But God seems didn’t heard my wish, since I can’t watch it on theater,
Watched it on my little screen, what a waste…

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action

For you who born around year 70’s-80’s must be know this Nobuhiro Watsuki’s masterpiece “Rurouni Kenshin” (I don’t think kids nowadays know this manga/anime). This was my childhood manga. At that time, I always waiting in front of TV everytime the anime is going to aired as if I’m not willing to missed even a minute, and save up some money to buy the manga desperately. The story that I would never forget,each one name of the characters and the name of their skils in the story, I can recite it one by one, I can also sing all of the anime OST hahaha (I was a hardcore fan back then and still proud of it).

Last year they turn this masterpiece into a Live Action, with my Sato Takeru as the main lead (kekekekekkekek).

Who the heck is Sato Takeru?

If you’re a fan of Kamen Rider series, you will get to know him. He starts his acting career as Kamen Rider Den-O, and impress me in “Bloody Monday” though he’s not the main lead. Then he keep impressed me hehehehe, and I’m officially become his fan until now ;). He really fits Kenshin character. Kenshin is not a tall handsome guy like that always in romance manga (but he’s indeed a handsome character with lovely personality hahaha), and Sato Takeru portrait him very well, he can be funny and scary when it needed.

Rurouni Kenshin Live Action Charts

The cast was perfect. Actually I was a Takei Emi anti-fan when I watch “Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta“, I’m so dislike her character there haha (to be dislike for the character she acted means she’s a good actress), but after watch Kenshin, I love her! 😀

If you read the manga or maybe watched the anime, the story of this movie is following the story, it was started like that (though maybe you’ll find a bit difference). So to assume that there are a lot of important character which not appear yet in this movie, such as Shinomori Aoshi, Misao, Shishio, and Enishi. I’m wishing for a complete sequel, YOSHH !!!

My Reason to Watch this Movie

  1. I’m a big fan of this manga & anime
  2. Sato Takeru
  3. The setting is back then at Meiji Period, which means you will see a lot of kimonos/yukata and old japanese home!!
  4. The samurai art is an epic one.
  5. Curiosity
  6. Sato Takeru
  7. Sato Takeru
  8. Okay I’m just kidding about the last 2 ( =______= )

Quote of the Day – Learn Japanese from Movie Quote!

When Kenshin said :

分かったでござろう? 拙者が人斬りだったと…

Wakatta de gozarou? Sessha ga hitokiri datta to…

You get it don’t you, that I was an assasin…

Little Note :
“拙者 | Sessha” means I/me (male) used in the past by many samurai, it has the same meaning with “私 | watashi“.
“でござろう | de gozarou?“、 people nowadays say it by “でしょう | deshou” or “だろう | darou“.
de gozaru” itself actually stands for the informal way to say “de gozaimasu” used in the past (old time) by many samurai, then “de gozaru yo” would be “desu yo“. Kenshin use this word a lot since he’s a samurai:)

Then Kaoru warmly answered it :

誰にだって語りたくない過去の 一つや二つがある、でしょう?

Sonna no shiranai wa,
Watashi deatta no wa Kenshin to iu rurouni yo,
Dare ni datte katarikunai kako no hitotsu ya futatsu ga aru, deshou?

I don’t know who that is,
The person I met is a wanderer named Kenshin,
Everyone has a past that they don’t wish to talk about, right?

Little Note :
“一つや二つ | Hitotsu ya futatsu” means one or two.
Literally it was translated as “Everyone has one or two of their past that they don’t wish to talk about.

When Saitou said :


Hitokiri ga kirazushite dou yatte hito wo mamoru?

How does an assassin protect people without killing?

And Kenshin answered :

こんな刀で、 この目に留まる人々くらいなら何とか守る。

Konna katana de, kono me ni tomaru hitobito kurai nara nantoka mamoru.

With this kind of sword, at least I’m able to protect people around me.

Little Note :
“この目に留まる人々 | Kono me ni tomaru hitobito” literally means the people on my sight.

Final word is, thanks for reading and jumping around this page. And go watch this movie, it’s really worth to watch!! 🙂

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Today I watch another movie (seems all my live was cycling around movie -LOL). It’s Paradise Kiss based on manga with the same name, an awesome J-Movie 2011 about catching dream and love, such a meaningful movie for me, and has a sweet ending. Starring Kitagawa Keiko, Osamu Mukai (I watching this movie because of them) and Yamamoto Yusuke (I was surprised that he was here too xD a happy surprise!).

Okay, please don’t get pervert (*slap my forehead-LOL), even the title is Paradise Kiss, it’s not a kiss-kisses kind of movie (the movie do have some kisses … *blushhh*), but “Paradise Kiss” is a brand name in the movie. So it’s a story about a group of designer from an art university, they’re looking for  a person to be their model (for their last Fashion Show Graduation). Nice movie about catching their dream.

The Scene That Touch My Heart

(Erhmmm… the scene that actually, slap my cheek…)

Actually, several days (around 1 week from last Thursday), I’m struggling around this problem. When all the peoples are walking towards their dream, I’m stuck on the place where I’m standing right now, wondering what my dream is (Gaaahhhhh~ I’m a woman without dream…>_<), how to grab my dream. I’m quite down for it, and somehow lose my energy (super exaggerated xD). But this movie has some line which slaps me pretty hard, opened up my mind, and also give me more guts. It was like a sweet coincidence, when I really need an answer, the male lead gives me the answer through this movie.

The Encouragement

Quoted from the movie (we can learn japanese from movie~ 😉)

Yukari (The female lead) said;
(This is what I always ask myself…)

私なんかなれると思う? | Watashi nanka nareru to omou?
Do you think I can make it?
才能 あるかな? | Sainou aru ka na?
Do I have talent?

And this is the encouraging answer from Koizumi George (The male lead);
(This line is really slapped me, and also encourage me at the same time…)

だからお前は分かってないんだ。| Dakara omae wa wakattenainda.
You don’t get it, do you?
夢を掴むのは才能じゃない、 想いだ。| Yume wo tsukamu no wa sainou janai, omoi da.
To grab your dream, it’s not about talent, it’s desire.
お前の想いは本物なら、必ずなれる。| Omae no omoi wa honmono nara, kanarazu nareru.
If that’s what you really want, you can definitely do it.
自分の可能性失きゃ、何も始まらないよ。| Jibun no kanosei ushinakya, nanimo hajimaranai yo.
Nothing happen unless you believe in yourself.
何とかなる! | Nantoka naru!
It’ll work out somehow!

And then Yukari said;

ここから一人で頑張る。 | Koko kara hitori de ganbaru.
From now on, I’ll do my best alone.

(Yoshhhh~ I’ll do my best too, Yukari! xD 一緒に頑張ろう~!)

When I’m watching movies, sometimes I didn’t watched it only for fun. After I watched it, somehow I got something. I think that what a movie should have 😉

Now I’m thinking on a way to grab my dream, I want to take a step. A step towards my unknown dream.

でも… どこから始めればいいの?
But… Where should I start?

PS :
1. Wow, they’re filming in New York!! xD
2. This movie has 2 kissing scenes! (This is really not important at all, you can just ignore me xD~~)

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It’s strangely but it’s truth, that the first song that I translated is Japanese Song 『Time of Love 』by Crystal Kay, and the first drama I working on subbing squad (as spot translator) is  『Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011』, LOL, It’s all japanese xD Even if I counted it all, the number of korean song I translated is more than the Japanese ahahaha.

And this time I was assigned to be spot translator for lovely movie 『キミとボク』 (Kimi to Boku a.k.a You and I). This is why I love J-Movie and J-Drama, because they make an unusual story. It’s a movie about the pet (super cute cat) and the owner, no romance, no action, it’s purely about the pet and the master. We are going to provide the English subs for this 45 minutes Movie, the English subs is available now but the fansub’s site is currently down.

Lyrics & Translation of the ending song in the movie

Tegami / Letter (click here to listen)
Sung by Sakamoto Maaya

kimi to boku no suki datta mono popura to mikazuki
The things that you and I like is Poplar and crescent moon

natsu no kumo to ame agari no nioi
The Summer cloud and smells after rain

eien yori mo nagai aida
Longer than forever

futari wa soba ni ita
We were always together

tada hito koto kimi ni mata todoku no nara
If only this word still can reach you

ai wo arigatou
Thanks for the love

boku no kodoku ni sawattekureta hito
The person who moved my solitude

kimi to boku no suki datta mono poppera to mikazuki
The things that you and I like is Poplar and crescent moon

Kanji Lyrics, romanization & Translation : aikawaringo

PS: This lyric’s kanji and romanization was made by my hearing ability and my japanese knowledges, so it might not 100% accurate xD.

Here’s the cute cat, named “Gin’ougo”, he’s superrrrr cute, I’d like to squeeze my PC when I watch him on screen omygahhhh >_<

Mom, I want this cattttttt so badddd!!!
(my Mom didn’t allow me to raise kitten T__T)

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