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Today is Sunday May 8th 2011
I have to wake up early in the morning, because my niece Audrey, having her Baptism Ceremony at Church. As her 고모, of course I should attend the ceremony, even I’m not a catholic.

So I wake up at 8 o’clock but my eyes won’t open, I’m very sleepy at that time due to watching “The Legend” till late last night. I’m clearly wake up at 8:20, I’m nearly late, thanks God, I’m not late 🙂
There I take some pics and videos.
I’m not good at this, didn’t get any nice pics 😦

After done the ceremony, we are eating together, but my niece can’t eat anything lol, tomorrow (May 9th 2011) she turn into 4 months baby (♒˙⌣˙♒)

Then I’m going to a cosplayers gathering event, held on Piyarji. The ticket price only 1 USD. It’s pretty cheap. Having fun there, seeing many cosplayers with their customized costume. Too bad I’m didn’t take any cosplayer’s pic, because I didn’t bring my camera 😦 so I only memorize it with my eyes. They’re great.

I always want to cosplay my favorite anime “One Piece”, I want to cosplay with full member of One Piece, with full armor (means exactly same with the manga/anime) Luffy, Zorro, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Usop, Nico Robbin, Frankie, Brook, Ace, etc) but it means I need 10 members and they should have a similar the body posture (like Ace/Luffy, the costume is simple but they have a shaped body/six packs), I only have myself lol, so dream will just a dream, if I have any chance to find the other qualify member to cosplay with me (of course they’re a One Piece big fan too) I will grab the chance and make it real! If you’re the person, u can contact me xD~

In the middle having fun there, I felt my back hurt, so I’m just sitting down, watching their cabaret show and singer performance. Eat takoyaki, having kakigouri and drink green tea. My friend who brought DSLR camera, take some pic of me (I’m doing nami’s pose on her bounty hunter lmao).

Then after doing this and that there, the event is end around 7:30, I’m heading home.

I have a Cursed Sunday,
If on Sunday I’m not at home all day, usually when the Monday comes, I will fall sick…
I’m afraid of that, so without any 2nd thought.
I’m going home.

Too bad, that’s really happen,
10 PM … I got my nose running. I can’t sleep all the night because of my running nose, I catch a cold.
I can’t sleep all the night, but the morning already come, I’m sick and it’s monday, I decided to take a rest, so I didn’t go work.

The Tuesday come, and finding myself getting better, but still, I can’t go work, so I decided to having a doctor take care of my sickness.

That’s why I called it Cursed Sunday, why?
Because everytime I spend my Sunday by having an Activity. I always ended up getting sick on Monday. Maybe that due to a tired activity (not really) but my body cursed me if I didn’t rest on Sunday. This not happen only once. I hope, my body isn’t weak like this. I also want to have a fun Sunday 🙂
Many event happen in Sunday, I still want to have fun in Sunday, even after having fun, I got my body sick… (♒˙⌣˙♒)

So it’s a Gift for you all, for everyone who can spend your Sunday with a fun activity and didn’t get sick like me. You should precious your Sunday! ;D

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