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The Internist For My Hips!

If someone ask me what am I doing these days? The answer is :

“I’m taking a good care of my hips.”

So 2 weeks have been flies, and my hips getting worse day to day…  The climax of this pain is last night. When I find my self can’t even get up from my chair, I’m hardly get up from my bed, I’m hardly walking down the stairs in my home,  my hips just ache so bad, it’s like my hipbone is off of its hinges, I can’t describe how painful it is, but I don’t want to feel that kind of pain anymore.But everything is okay while I’m lie down.

My body remembered the pain, so it’s automatically it’s avoid some movement, such as picking something dropped, doing Japanese gesture (90 degree’s bow),  half-up, I can’t even sitting with my leg crossed!! It’s aches like hell!  But through this, I know that there are many things I can’t do if my hip’s hurts. So guys and gals, take care of your HIPS! It’s really an important part of body!

Today, early 8 AM in the morning, I go to hospital to get some treatment. I want to know what happen with my hips for the last 2 week (since the bike to work). Just for your information, if you got your hips hurting, then you go to the doctor of internal medicine (also known as Internist), since it’s somekind related to Rheumatology which is deal with joint and muscles.

The Funny Internist

The doctor (Internist) who handle me is an old guy (so old, he probably already has a grandson). The first question he asked me is “How long it’s been being that painful”, it’s 2 week and told him that I’m doing biking and asked if that’s the reason for this pain, he laughed at me and said that he biking 23 kilometers per day (even with that age) and fine, but that’s probably the reason if you’re rarely exercise, he asked me if I’ve been lifting a heavy things that beyond my hips, and that high heels can also the cause if you wear it too much.  So, gals, high heel is not good for health! (But what should I do? It’s good for fashion, I love high heels Dx).

He asked me to lie down, and told me to get up, for God sake, I cannot do that… I can only lift my body 35-45 degree with the help of my both hands, the nurse trying to help me get up, but that’s the limit, 90 degree will be ache so bad. The doc asking the nurse to rontgen, but then he changed his mind. He gave me some meds for the next 5 days, and see if it’s reduce the pain, but if it’s not, the Next Monday morning 9 AM, I must go to rontgen my hips. What kind of meds is it? He said that it’s meds to loosen up muscles, probably my muscles just get some tension. Hope so, so that I don’t need to do any rontgen, it’s creep me out! >_<

He writes some meds on paper, and ask me:

Doc : So, Your boyfriend bring you here?
Me : Nope, I have no boyfriend.

He surprised (like what the others always do and said)

Doc : HOW COME?!
Me : I don’t know, There are many eyes on me whenever I’m walking, but none of them dare to take a step and introduce themselves.
Doc : When your eyes bumped with their eyes on you, Smile like this *he smiles so cutely*, don’t grin like this *he grins creepily*, smileeee like this~!! I’m sure they would feel welcome and approach you.
Me : Ok doc, I’ll try it next time -LOL 😀

Then he mention something about “Threetion” (3-tion) :
1. Collection, to have (at least) 4 lover, could be boyfriend or girlfriend.
2. Selection, to select (at least) one of them is someone you’re going to marry.
3. Reception, I think this one means “Wedding reception”, to marry the one you select, LOL.

Doc : I told you this, never date a guy who’s good with talks. A guy who good with talks are jerk.
Me : Hey doc, you’re someone who good with talk.
Doc : Yes I am, I’m a jerk when I was young (LOL)

Me : Ah, btw Doc, How did you date 4 girl at the same time?
Doc : It’s easy. There’s a trick for this, “how to get a girlfriend easily”. If you have a friend -not a close friend- who’s about to breakup with their girlfriend. All you have to do is “Be there for her every time”. The moment she break-up, she was on confuse state, sad and fragile, confuse for “don’t know who to talk to”, it’s an embarrassing to share it to her friends bout what happened, and it’s not something for her to tell her families, so “you” will be the ear to listen to her, and it’s a good thing for her having someone on her side if she bumped with her ex somewhere. She will have no one beside her when a new movie out, so you can ask her out to watch the new movie. She will have no one for her to go eat when a new restaurant opened, so you can have a dinner with her. All you have to do is fill the blank. You will make her depend on you slowly, and slowly you will get her.

Me: But Doc, that’s not love, you just the one who fill the blank.

Doc: It’s true, but I have nothing to lose, it’s okay even just become someone who fill the blank. I have 4 girlfriends, I just have to keep the right one till the end. 😉

(I think he’s a true player when he was young LOL)

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Haha, so there are two things I had to celebrate today,

Audrey is Out of Hospital!

The Doctor said that she can go home now.
Even though she’s crying a lot, but she can smile now.
정말 다행이다~ 😉

Finally after spending 5  days for being hospitalized due to diarrhea, she can go home. So the symptom was started two days before she was hospitalized, she keep vomiting, throw up just after her mom feed her any food of drink, so it’s causes dehydration, which lead her to loose liquid, that’s why the nurses give her an injection (okay, that’s my sort explanation). The doctor said that if we find her vomiting, we should just took her to the hospital immediately, not waiting until 2 days vomiting. Well, we didn’t know that, we will note it up in our mind now, thanks Mrs. Doctor 😉 I hope Audrey can recovery fast!!!

Mr. Denny’s Birthday

데니 씨 생일 축하해~
선물 뭘 갖고 싶은데??
오늘은 축하 파티 기다릴께요~

This is the reason why I can’t see Audrey discharged from the hospital is because Mr. Denny’s birthday. Short explanation 2011 December 13th (it’s 11-12-13!!it’s a pretty cool numbers, isn’t it?) is his birthday, he’s my friend, and for his birthday, we are gathering up. He treat us “Happy Feet Two” at cinema and of course dinner. We did some sort birthday’s ritual, like bring a quite big birthday cake (quite big for 6 people, we share half of the cake for the the waiters), singing “Happy Birthday” song, make a wish, blow up the candle, cut the cake, reminisce some old days, and laughing together. That’s really a pleasant memory, I really hope that our friendship for the next 10 – 20 -30 years from now on, will last forever, friends…

Actually, I supposed to be the one who make the birthday cake for him, but this year I can’t do it because the day before, I’m busy going to hospital to visit Audrey. Next time okay, dude 😉

Next Friday, 2011 December 16th, we are going to watch “Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol” at cinema. That’s gonna be a great movie, I love action!!

Little knowledge

Do you know that Friday is stand for “Frigg’s Day?”
Frigg is Odin The Godfather’s Wife in Norse Myth. She’s the ideal portrait for a wife and a mother. The Ancient Greek called it Venus’s Day 😉 FYI she’s the stepmother of Thor The God of Thunder (have you watch the movie yet?) Thor has a weapon named mjolnir, it’s somekind of hammer/axe/club. In Greek Myth Thor is resembles to Zeus who also using the same kind of weapon, and both of them are God of Thunder.  (I love to learn myth. and for some reason I’m kinda mixed the Greek and Norse Myth, ahaha my bad, because both of them seems related~ xD)

Have a great day! 😀

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At The Hospital

Right now, I’m at the hospital near my office. Just like my previous post that somethings wrong with my eyes, I’m not feeling well.

I have works that near my deadline, I need to overwork in front of computer for a long time, but my eyes just won’t do it, that’s why tonight I decided to go to hospital. Maybe I can find the answer behind my eyes *lol*

It’s very rare for me to step on a hospital, too bad there’s no any handsome doctor to see here (⌣́_⌣̀)

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